Sunday Best Outfits
BTDO $44

Sister's pretty dress has embroidery and puffed sleeves. Finish her outfit with cream tights, pink shoes, and a wreath of ribbons and fabric flowers. Brother has a checked polo shirt, linen pants, a handsome green blazer, socks, and shoes. Read the book to see how the twins find ways to play even when they're all dressed up!

Released Spring 2004
Retired 2005

Fall Frolic Outfits
BTFO $44

Sisters dress has a chenille flower on the front and a flower print hood. Matching tights keep her toes warm in faux-suede boots. Brother wears a fleece pullover with a chenille car design, car-print pants and hat,white socks, and shoes. Includes a scrunchie for her hair, and a book to share.

Released Spring 2004
Retired Fall 2005

$28 BTT

It takes two to have loads of fun on this adorable teeter-totter! One seat is decorated with a flower, and the other sports a car. As the Twins go up and down, you’ll hear a special sound—just like a rainstick! W: 18", H: 9", D: 6 1/2".

Released Spring 2004

Playdate Outfits
$44 BTNO

Her embroidered sweater matches her skirt, daisy tights, Mary Janes, and hair scrunchie. His ribbed sweater and jeans look cute with green socks and orange high-tops. Both can wear the reversible vest. Their hardcover book tells a playful Bitty Twins story.

Released Fall 2004

Bitty Twins Wagon
$42 BTWG

Take the Twins around the block in this sturdy plastic wagon! The door swings open and closed, and the pretend taillights and license plate are darling accents. W: 16 1/2", H: 10", D: 11 1/2". Handle 15" long.

Released Fall 2004

Festive Plaid Outfits
$44 BTKO

Sister wears a sweater dress with a tree appliqué, red boots, and plaid tights, purse, and hairbow. Brother’s appliquéd sweater, plaid knickers, and green socks and boots are oh-so-sweet. The hardcover book The Bitty Twins’ Christmas Cookies tells about their holiday fun!

Released Holiday 2004