Addy: 1864
Addy Walker is a courageous, strong girl growing up in 1864, during the Civil War. Addy’s stories tell of her daring escape with her mother from slavery, and the challenges they face afterward as they try to reunite their family. But Addy’s stories are about much more than hardship. They are full of the love and hope that help her get through the worst of times and keep her dreams alive.




Your Addy doll has beautiful brown eyes that sparkle and shine as they open and close. She has lots of hair you’ll love to brush and braid. Sweep it all back with a silky blue ribbon to show the golden earrings she always wears. In 1864, many young girls—even babies—wore them as a proud reminder of their African heritage. Her soft body is very huggable and her head arms, and legs pose so she can sit, stand, and hold the delightful accessories in her collection.
When you first meet Addy, she’ll be wearing a striped dress of old-fashioned “cinnamon pink” given to her by Miss Caroline, who helped Addy and Momma escape to freedom. Addy’s drawers are edged in eyelet and peek out beneath her skirt. Pull her stretchy black stockings up over her knees and lace up her cap-toed boots so she’s ready for the adventures ahead.

$87 Addy Doll & Paperback Book
$92 Addy Doll & Hardcover Book
$150 Addy Doll & Hardcover Book Set
$110 Addy Doll & Paperback Book Set

Addy was introduced to the American Girls Collection in 1993
(See appendix)

Courageous Addy Walker has deep-brown eyes that open and close, golden hoop earrings, and thick black hair. She comes in an authentic 1864 outfit: A royal-blue print dress trimmed with black ribbon, with black bows atop short bell sleeves. Lacy white pantalettes. White stockings. Black boots. Two blue ribbons for her hair. The 18" Addy doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Includes the paperback book Finding Freedom, the first novel-length volume of Addy's classic series.
Addy® Doll & Paperback Book Item# CMY63 $115

Includes the boxed set of Addy's paperback novels, Finding Freedom: An Addy Classic 1, A Heart Full of Hope: An Addy Classic 2, and A New Beginning: My Journey with Addy.
Addy® Doll & 3-Book Boxed Set Item# BKJ16 $135

Released August 2013

Addy® Mini Doll Item# 47483

This 6-inch doll brings Addy's world to life on a smaller scale. She arrives dressed in an outfit reminiscent of the Civil War era. Plus, she comes with Meet Addy, an abridged miniature version of the book that tells Addy's story of growing up in 1864 Philadelphia.

Addy® Mini Doll & Book
Item# BKF93 $25

The 6.5" (16.5 cm) Addy mini doll has deep-brown painted eyes and thick black hair. Her smooth vinyl limbs are posable. She arrives in a tiny version of Addy's authentic 1864 outfit featuring a blue dress with black ribbon trim, and has little golden hoop earrings in her ears. Includes a mini abridged version of the book Finding Freedom.

Released August 2014



School Suit & Blouse
Item# ASO $22
Retired 2006

Inspired by Civil War uniforms of the day, Addy’s blue suit has a white blouse, a flared skirt, and a fitted jacket lined with fabric scraps from Mrs. Ford’s shop, where Momma worked. Polish up the medal Addy won in the spelling match and pin it proudly to her jacket. It says “Millions for freedom, not one cent for slavery.”

Tartan Plaid ChristmasDress
Item# ACO $22
Item# D1937 $24

Addy worked hard making deliveries for Mrs. Ford’s shop during the busy holiday season. To thank her for her help, Mrs. Ford gave her the gorgeous taffeta dress that Isabella Howell had outgrown! It’s trimmed with black satin bows and shiny buttons, and is tied with a lovely sash that ends in elegant fringe. Addy wore it with a bright green ribbon for her hair when she went to church on Christmas Day.

Addy’s Nightgown
Item# ADO $18
Item# D1967 $24

Cold winds blew through the crack in the window of the tiny garret where Momma and Addy lived. Bundle Addy off to bed in a cozy flannel nightgown trimmed in delicate lace and dotted with tiny white buttons.

Birthday Pinafore & Snood
Item# ABO $20
Item# D1904 $28

The day Addy chose as her birthday was a special one, and so was the outfit she wore to celebrate! Dress Addy up in her best ecru blouse with double puffed sleeves, rickrack trim, and a trio of tiny buttons. Add the chocolate-and-cream-checked pinafore and fancy knit stockings. For a finishing touch, tuck her hair back in a fashionable snood trimmed with a satin ribbon and two yellow feathers, compliments of Sunny!

Work Dress & Apron
Item# AXO $20 -Released 1995

Addy always took special care to keep her good clothes neat and tidy for school and for church on Sunday. So when it was time to help with cleaning and laundry, she changed to a pale blue dress of cotton chambray that was practical for household chores. Over it she wore a crisp plaid apron with a little pocket for carrying 3 clothes pins.

Patriotic Party Dress
Item# APO $20 -Released 1995
Retired 2005

Pretty, proud, and patriotic—that’s how Addy looked and felt in the dress Momma made for her to wear to the Emancipation Celebration party! Dotted in white and trimmed in eyelet, Addy’s deep red dress is topped with a grand sash of blue and white grosgrain ribbon. The decorative rosette frames a tiny portrait of Abraham Lincoln. Unroll Addy’s scroll and help her rehearse a passage from the historic Emancipation Proclamation.

Addy’s Stilting Outfit
Item# ALO $28- Released 1997

When the circus came to Philadelphia, everyone gathered to see the parade. Addy’s favorite part was the performer who walked on tall, slender stilts. Poppa used scraps of wood to make stilts that were just Addy’s size and painted them deep red. When Sam saw her practicing he named her Addy “stilt” Walker!
Put on Addy’s Purple plaid dress with long puffed sleeves and green plaid trim. It’s perfect for her new pastime because it has a pair of matching bloomers for modesty!

Summer Dress & Straw Hat
Item# AAO $22
Item# D1838 $28


Addy could hardly wait for the day of the church fair to arrive! She wore a charming summer dress sprinkled with a field full of tiny flowers, and a narrow-brimmed straw hat. There’s a brooch of little berries to pin at Addy’s collar. Berry pretty, indeed !

Addy’s Undies
Item# AWAU $16
Retired 2006

Getting dressed was quite a chore with underwear as elaborate as Addy’s! Help her into the hoped skirt called a crinoline that gives her dresses their fashionable flair. Then add a white chemise and a ruffled red petticoat for even more fullness.

Addy’s Striped Dress
Item# AHOS $25-Released 1999
Retired 2006

Addy’s best school dress features three different fabrics that were once leftover scraps from Mrs. Ford’s dress shop: a crisp stripe, a gingham check, and a hint of dark sage green. Don’t forget to add the green hairbow!

Addy’s Cape Island Dress
Item# AJOS $26-Released 2003
Retired 2005

Momma sewed this pink dress for Addy to wear on her first simmer vacation ever—a train trip to Cape Island, New Jersey, to visit Poppa. With her new curls tied up in a pretty hairbow, Addy feels grown-up indeed!

Addy’s Kite-Flying Outfit
Item# AKO $24 -Released 2004
Retired 2005

Addy’s mother made her this stylish summer dress with tucks she can let down as she grows. Tie her hair in a gingham hair ribbon, and help her fly her kite! Addy made it with fabric scraps Momma saved from Mrs. Ford’s dress shop. Includes four Addy trading cards.

Addy’s Flower-Picking Outfit
Item# AKOR $24-Released 2005

Addy’s mother made her this stylish summer dress with tucks she can let down as she grows. Tie her hair in a gingham hair ribbon, and help her hold her bouquet!

Winter Coat
Item# AWO $18

Addy’s winter coat of forest green wool is trimmed with plaid flannel at the cuffs, and closes with shiny black buttons. A fringed plaid scarf is sewn right to the front of the coat, a style that was popular in 1864.

African Dance Outfit of Today
Item# $28 AZO- Released 2004

Addy would be proud to see girls today dancing to traditional African music. Your doll can dance to the beat in her leotard and vibrant skirt inspired by African kente (KEN-tay) cloth. Help her put on her headband, a golden cuff bracelet, and a choker and ankle bracelet made with pretend cowrie shells. Includes an anklet for you, and trading cards.

Addy's Sunday Best
Item# F8471 $28

On special occasions, Addy is sure to choose this beautiful dress. Handmade by Momma with love, it features a full skirt with ribbon trim and puffed sleeves. For the finishing touch, Momma decorates Addy’s hat with fabric flowers and a piece of ribbon she saved from Mrs. Ford’s dress shop.

Addy's Plaid Summer Set
Item# T6700 $32- Released Jan 2011

Addy’s momma made this pretty outfit for summer days in Philadelphia:
• A lightweight plaid dress with a wide, banded collar and a full skirt
• A crisp white pinafore with front pockets and ruffled details
• A grosgrain hairbow to tie back her hair
• Two-tone boots that lace up on the inside

Addy's Classic Outfit
Item# DFR80 $36
- Released August 2014

Bring home Addy's classic outfit from 1864 Philadelphia! It includes: A cinnamon-pink dress with white stripes and faux buttons on the front. Lacy white pantalettes. Knee-length black stockings. Cap-toed lace-up boots.

Addy's Outfit
Item# BKF22 $36-
Released August 2014

Addy adores this beautiful blue dress—the first dress she ever owned after she and Momma took their freedom! This authentic 1864 outfit features: A royal-blue print dress trimmed with black ribbon and black bows atop the short bell sleeves. Lacy white pantalettes. Soft white stockings. Black boots with shiny black pretend buttons up the side.

Addy's School Outfit
Item# BKF79 $34
-Released August 2014

Momma made this beautiful outfit for Addy's spelling bee at school. It includes: A sky-blue peplum jacket with bell sleeves and a white Peter Pan collar. A bell skirt with black trim to match the jacket. A pair of matching black velvet ribbons on hair combs.

Crinoline & Chemise
Item# BKH96 $24
- Released August 2014

In Addy's day, girls wore these undergarments under their dresses: A double-hoop crinoline to add fullness to skirts. A ruffled chemise, worn under the crinoline for comfort.


Addy’s Accessories I
Item # AMA $20
Item# D2563 $24

When Addy and Momma escaped to freedom, they could only take a few possessions with them. Use Addy's kerchief to make a bundle for her to carry. Tuck her water gourd and the half dime from Uncle Solomon inside—it’s only money she and Momma had. Tie the calico ribbon of her straw bonnet beneath her chin. Then, most important, hang the cowrie shell around Addy’s neck. It belonged to her great-grandmother, who brought it all the way from Africa, and it’s Addy’s most precious treasure.

(the real water gourd was replaced by a plastic gourd in 1998)

Addy's Accessories II
Item# D2563 $24-Released 1998

When Addy and Momma decide to escape to freedom in Philadelphia, they have to carry everything they want to keep. This set includes all of Addy's most prized possessions: A straw bonnet with a blue calico ribbon to tie beneath her chin. A faux cowrie shell necklace to hang around her neck—it belonged to her great-grandmother, who brought it from Africa. A faux water gourd with a replica half dime from Uncle Solomon inside—the only money she and Momma have. A kerchief to make a bundle for her to carry.

Addy's Accessories III
Item# BKF23 $24
-Released August 2014

When Addy goes out walking in Philadelphia, she always makes sure to bring her favorite accessories: A bonnet with a black-and-white gingham ribbon. A patchwork-print bag. A faux cowrie shell necklace brought from Africa by her great-grandmother.

Ida Bean Doll
Item# ACAD $15
Item# D1926 $18

Momma’s Christmas gift to Addy was this darling rag doll with a sunny, hand-stitched face, a dainty purple dress, and tiny gold earrings. Addy named her “Ida Bean” because she really was full of beans!

Sweet Potato Pudding Kit
Item# ACAC $16

Addy and Momma took sweet potato pudding to the potluck supper at church on Christmas Day. You can make it, too, by following the traditional recipe that their family made for generations. Mix up the ingredients in the yellowware bowl with a wooden spoon. Pour the batter into the cast-iron skillet. It’s called a “spider” because it stands up on three little legs. Pop the pudding in the oven, and decorate it with a sprig of holly when it’s done. Yummy!

Needlework Kit & Lamp
Item# ACAG $18

Mrs. Ford gave Addy a needle book and hoop so she could help with the sewing. Addy’s first project was an apron on which she practiced making straight seams with tiny stitches. You can embroider the charming floral trim on the hem and bodice for Addy. A make-believe kerosene lamp to light their dark and drafty garret was a Christmas surprise for Addy and Momma—a glowing reminder to “let your little light shine” all year long.

Tin Pail Lunch I
Item# ASAL $18- Released 1993
Retired 2007

Momma packed Addy’s lunch in a tin pail with a lid on top to keep it fresh. She tied a scrap of dotted fabric to the handle so Addy would know which lunch was hers. Spread out the cheery red-checked napkin and lay out Addy’s lunch. There’s a savory meat pie, a bunch of juicy grapes, and four little cookies shaped into letters that spell out a sweet message!

Addy's Lunch Pail II
Item# BKF81 $28
-Released August 2014

Momma packs Addy a special lunch for school, including: A pretend bunch of juicy grapes. A make-believe meat pie. A pretend cookie that spells out "LOVE". A pretty checked napkin to spread out under her meal. A metal pail with a removable lid to carry it all.

Satchel & Supplies
Item# ASAB $18

Addy’s striped satchel has everything you’ll need to help her practice the “three R’s”—reading, ’riting, and ’rithmetic! Her Union Reader is a miniature version of a real schoolbook used in northern schools in the 1860’s. If you have good eyes, you can really read it! Addy learned to write with a slated pencil and a big double slate. The yarn binding around the slate’s edges kept if from scraping against her desktop and disturbing her desk partner. Addy used a wooden abacus, or “numeral frame,” to learn arithmetic. Slide the little beads back and forth to help her add and subtract.

Songbird & Sweets
Items# ABAA $18

Addy’s gift from M’dear was a lovely tin box painted with morning glories and tied with a satin ribbon. Nestled inside were a note and six benne candies made of sesame seeds. They’re make-believe, of course. But the best treat of all came from Sunny, M’dear’s bright yellow canary who lived in a birdcage. His special song seemed to burst with hope and gladness—a reminder to Addy to always “let her own spirit sing out.”

Ironstone Compote Set
Item# ABAC $54

Momma and Mrs. Golden planned a grand party at the boarding house to celebrate two glorious occasions in one: the end of the war, and Addy’s tenth birthday!
You can set Addy’s birthday table with two ironstone compotes that have a crackle finish, two lavender tumblers, a copper pitcher, three crocheted lace doilies, and two forks and spoons. Tuck the linen napkins into the napkin rings—they’re etched with little numbers just as they were in the boarding house so you and Addy will remember whose napkin is whose!

Addy’s Party Treats
Item# ABAP $29

Addy couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the party that awaited her at the boarding house. A big bouquet of beautiful flowers bloomed from a glass milk bottle. A pie plate was heaped high with yummy cherry pie crisscrossed with a lattice crust. Use the pie server to help Addy to and extra-large slice, and add a big scoop of Poppa’s homemade ice cream. A patriotic banner of freedom and paper lantern are the perfect mementos of Addy’s almost-perfect day!

Ice Cream Freezer
Item# ABAN $22

You can make a delicious, doll-sized batch of ice cream just like Poppa made for Addy’s birthday with an old-fashioned ice cream freezer that really, really works! Use the recipe to mix your own ingredients, then pour them into the metal canister. Pack ice and salt in the wooden bucket, and then turn the paddle, called a “dasher.” Soon you and Addy can lick the dasher and share a scrumptious treat!

Addy's Ice Cream Set
Item# F8473 $68

Addy’s tenth birthday will be extra-special with this set. When it’s time for a celebration, Addy can share tasty treats with her family:
A pretend cherry pie in a metal pie pan
2 pretend pieces of pie and ice cream
A wooden ice cream maker with a paddle
A ceramic vase filled with fabric flowers
3 crocheted doilies
2 ceramic bowls and two silver-colored forks
A metal spatula

Lace-Up Boots
Item # AAOB $8
Item# D1840

Addy’s stylish canvas boots have shinny patent leather toes and heels, and they lace up on the insides.

Gardening Supplies
Item# AAAN $22
Retired 2006

When summer came, the Walker family raised vegetables to earn extra money so Poppa could go south to look for Sam and Esther. Addy used a hoe to keep the garden rows neat and tidy, and a watering can to sprinkle the seedlings as they grew. At harvest time, Addy would heap her basket high and imagine that each ripe vegetable brought her family one step closer together. There’s a bumper crop for Addy to take to market—a bright green cabbage and two plump eggplants, a red tomato, a turnip, and a whole bunch of carrots!

Church Fair Fun
Item# AAAS $22

Addy collected empty spools from Mrs. Ford’s shop to make wooden puppets, and got Poppa to build a special stage. Then she and Sarah put on puppet shows and sold spool puppets to raise money at the church fair!
You can put on puppet shows just like Addy did. Your theater comes with a wooden stage, two spool puppets of a soldier and a dog, and two backdrops so you can change the scenery. One of the backdrops is already painted, the other is for you to create. The slide whistle that Poppa made of spools helped Addy save the day!

Derby, Mittens & Knee Warmers
Item# AXOA $18
Item# AWOA $18

Chase the winter chills away with a derby of deep blue plush, and cozy hand-knit knee warmers. Pull the long knit cord of Addy’s mittens through her coat sleeves.

Winter Fun
Item# AWAF $18

When winter days were cold and dreary, Addy found ways to have fun indoors. She challenged Sam to mancala, a game with tiny beans as markers, and she serenaded Momma with tunes on the sansa, an African “thumb piano.” When she was alone, she played with a myriorama puzzle. You can create a variety of scenes by changing the order of the pieces!

Item# AWAL $16

Pack Addy’s treasures on the 1860’s version of a suitcase, a wooden bandbox covered with pretty wallpaper and lined with newspaper. There’s even a leather strap for easy toting when she travels.

Family Album Quilt
Item# ADAQ $18
Item# D1949 $20
Moved to Bed Set

Addy’s colorful quilt is like a family album made out of fabric! Inspired by an authentic quilt from the 1800’s, each of the nine squares depicts the faces, places, and everyday treasures dear to the quilt-maker’s heart.

Nighttime Necessities
Item# ADA $18

Help Addy get tidied up before you tuck her in. She has a pitcher and bowl in the traditional ironstone wheat pattern, and a cotton huckaback towel to dry off with. Her bedtime book is Mother Goose in Hieroglyphics. It has words and pictures called “rebuses,” which were lots of fun then and now.

Heartwarmer & Slippers
Item# ANO $15
Item# D2611 $15

Addy needed a snuggly hand-knit “heartwarmer” to drape over her shoulders and tie around her waist, and matching hand-knit slippers to keep her toasty right down to her toes.

Addy’s Shoes & Socks
Item# AXOA $12-Released 1995
Item# D2703

Addy’s feet will look fancy, indeed, in navy blue lace-up boots and three pair of knit socks, one each in black, white, and cream.

Ribbons for Addy
Item# AXOH $5
Item# D2707

Trim Addy’s locks with lovely hair ribbons, one each in white grosgrain, berry red grosgrain, emerald green satin, and plaid taffeta.

Addy’s Work Shoes
Item# AXOB $8-Released 1995


Lace up Addy’s sturdy black shoes when she’s ready to tackle her after-school chores.

Addy's Hairstyling Set
Item# F9461 $22
-Released Feb 2014

Your girl can create a fancy hairstyle for Addy with this set! It includes: A snood that fits perfectly over her hair. A pink cameo & bow. A double-braid hairpiece for the finishing touch.


Addy’s Double Desk
Item# ASFR $70

A school desk built for two! Addy and a classmate can site side by side on the roomy bench, and write on the double slate with chalk. There’s a lift-up compartment on the desktop for slate pencils and the shelf underneath is perfect for storing books. This double desk meant double trouble for Addy when she found out that snobby Harriet was her desk partner.

(after the Satchel & Supplies were discontinued the slate and slate pencil were included with the desk, the price remained the same)
Lazy Susan Table & Chairs
Item# AF $75
Item# D1990 $90

Addy and her family gathered for meals at a round table with a revolving tray in the center that turned so diners could serve themselves. Your wooden table is an authentic reproduction of a style from the 1800’s. it’s buttermilk red with a mottled finish that resembles vinegar painting, a technique that was popular then. Addy’s wooden chairs are painted black and have sturdy woven seats. This style of chair is called “ladder back” because the rungs on the back look just like a stepladder!

Cutter Sled
Item# AWAS $35
Retired 2006

Addy’s elegant cutter sled was lovingly handcrafted and painted by Poppa. This style of sled, with its graceful curved runners, was created especially for girls. There’s even a bell for Addy to ring as she dashes through the snow.

Rope Bed
Item# AB $45
Moved To Set

When Addy and her family moved to the boarding house, Addy had a bed of her own for the first time. It has a plump pillow and a comfy muslin mattress that rests on ropes instead of springs. The bed’s authentic “fly-speckled” finish gives it a charming antiqued look.

Addy's Bed & Bedding
Item# V3757 $70

Once Addy and her family move into the boarding house, she has a bed of her own for the first time. Tuck her in each night under her family album quilt so she can dream about the days when her whole family will be together forever. It features: A sturdy wooden bedframe that has an authentic "fly-specked" finish for a charming antique look. A muslin mattress that's supported by woven rope instead of bedsprings, as was typical in Addy's day, plus a plump pillow. A beautifully detailed fabric quilt—inspired by a Civil War-era design—with nine squares depicts Addy's family album.

Addy’s Washstand
Item# ADF $32

Addy’s wooden washstand has a speckled finish that matches her bed. There’s a towel bar on either side—even a drawer for her bedtime book!

Addy’s Trunk
Item# AT $155

Keep Addy along with all her clothes and accessories in this beautiful wooden trunk trimmed with sturdy black hobnails and finished with bentwood handles. It’s line inside with reproductions of Civil War newspapers. Your Addy doll fits in the removable tray on top. There’s lots of storage space in the bottom—even a secret compartment where you can hide Addy’s most special treasures! A true keepsake for today, tomorrow, and always.
Addy’s Trunk
Item# F7609 $159-Released 2007

Girls can protect their Addy doll, her clothes, and accessories inside this beautiful wooden trunk trimmed with sturdy black hobnails and finished with bentwood handles. Addy's trunk is lined with reproductions of Civil War newspapers and includes a secret compartment to hide special treasures. The lid conveniently lifts off to access the removable tray and the ample storage space located at the bottom.
W: 23" x H: 12" x D: 11"

2007: Trunk revision making the lid lift off instead of hinged.

Scenes & Settings
AW $55
W: 58” H: 24”


Extras for Girls

Ribbon Trim Sundress for Girls
Item# BKG64 $42

This pretty sundress is inspired by Addy. The royal-blue print dress has a black waistband and trim, and cute black bows on the shoulders. It has a gathered bodice, and hidden pockets at the side seams of the full skirt. Above-knee length. Cotton. Imported. Blue. Sizes 6-16.

Released August 2014

Addy's Nightie for Girls
Item# D2708 $38

Like the one Addy wore in Civil War-era Philadelphia, this flannel nightgown has a pointed yoke, dropped shoulders, lace trim, and pearly, etched buttons. Flame-resistant polyester. White. Sizes XS (6), S (7-8), M (10-12), L (14-16).



Series 5 Beforever
Paperback: $9.99
Released August 2014

Series 4 covers
Paperback book $6.95 / Box Set $39.95
Hardcover book $12.95/ Box Set $74.95

Series 3 Covers
Paperback book $5.95 / Box Set $34.95
Hardcover book $12.95 / Box Set $74.95

Series 1 and 2 Covers

2001 Addy's Wedding Quilt $3.95, 2003 Addy's Summer Place $4.95,
2002 Addy Studies Freedom $4.95
2000 Addy's Little Brother $3.95, 1999 High Hopes for Addy $3.95

Addy's Short Story Collection
illustrated by Dahl Taylor, Philip Hood, Renee Graef, Susan McAliley, Gabriela Dellosso, and John Thompson

This keepsake anthology contains all five of Addy’s short stories: Addy Studies Freedom, Addy’s Wedding Quilt, Addy’s Little Brother, High Hopes for Addy, and Addy’s Summer Place!
The Civil War is over, and Addy Walker is growing up in freedom. She’s overjoyed when her family reunites in Philadelphia after being separated for more than a year. Life in the city is much better than it was on the plantation, yet Addy discovers that freedom doesn't always mean fair treatment. Despite hardships, she learns through her adventures that she must hold on to hope.

Hard Cover $12.95
Available August 2006

Hooked Rug Kit $14

Addy’s Patterns $18

Hard Cover

Hard Cover

Paper Back $6.95
Hard Cover $10.95

Magnatic Mini-Worlds

Addy's Reading Poster

Meet Addy Poster

Addy’s Paper Dolls II

Stationary Set

Theater Kit

Paper Dolls I

Cook Book

Craft Book

Story Collection 2

Puzzle Frames

Addy 3-Book Boxed Set V
Item# BKF29


Original pantelettes that come with the Addy Doll in her "Meet" outfit.