Caroline Abbott : 1812
As the War of 1812 begins, so does the story of Caroline Abbott's bravery. She loves sailing with her father, but when he's captured, Caroline must help keep the family's shipyard running. When she sees a chance to rescue her father, Caroline discovers that she must use her mind and heart to guide her decisions. 




For Girls






Doll & Paperback Book
Item# F1386 $105

Cécile Doll & Paperback Boxed Set
Item# F1388 $128

Caroline opens up a whole world of imaginative play, and comes with authentic styles from 1812: A soft pink empire-waist dress with a woven floral sash and ruffle trim, details common in her era Lacy pantalettes and ribbed-knit stockings to keep her proper Pink shoes to match. The Caroline doll is 18" tall, has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. She has light aquamarine eyes that open and close. Her golden-blond hair tumbles in curls, all the way down to her waist! Includes the Meet Caroline book, the first story of this brave, adventurous girl.

Released September 2012

Caroline® Doll & Paperback Book
Item# BKF06 $115

Caroline® Doll & 3-Book Boxed Set
Item# BKJ08 $135

Heroic Caroline Abbott has light aquamarine eyes that open and close and long golden-blond curls. She comes in an authentic 1812 outfit: A soft-pink empire-waist dress with a woven floral sash and ruffle trim. Lacy pantalettes. Ribbed-knit stockings. Matching pink shoes. The 18" Caroline doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl.

Released August 2014

Caroine Mini Doll
Item# F0538
$24 - Released September 2012

This 6-inch doll brings Caroline's world to life on a smaller scale. She arrives dressed in an outfit authentic to her era. Plus, she comes with Meet Caroline, a mini abridged version of her first book.

Caroline® Mini Doll & Book
Item# BKF85 $25 - Released August 2014

The 6.5" (16.5 cm) Caroline mini doll has light aquamarine painted eyes and golden-blond curls. Her smooth vinyl limbs are posable. She arrives in a tiny version of Caroline's authentic 1812 outfit featuring a soft pink dress with a floral sash. Includes a mini abridged version of the book. Captain of the Ship.




Caroline's Birthday Dress
Item# F1318 $28 - Released September 2012

Caroline loves to sew—she made this fancy dress herself! Pale blue to complement her eyes, it features sweet puffed sleeves, an empire waist, and a lacy floral print. Includes two-tone shoes with white bows to match.

Carolines Holiday Gown
Item# F1360 $36
- Released September 2012

Caroline wears her finest gown on Christmas Day. Make sure she's festive and fancy in this outfit, which features: A gown that would fit right in at a party set in 1812—it has jacquard stripe in shades of purple, floral detailing, a lavender ruched neckline, and a decorative buckle at the empire waist. A braided hairpiece trimmed in gold to sweep back her long curls. Elegant white gloves and embroidered shoes to complete her festive look.

Caroline's Nightgown for Dolls
Item# F1312 $24
- Released September 2012

When the sun sets over Lake Ontario, Caroline says farewell to another adventurous day. Dress her for bed in this outfit, which features: A nightgown with embroidered flowers at the chest and two rows of blue ribbon, woven through lacework on the front and finished off with a bow. Sweet blue slippers to keep her feet warm on cool nights.

Caroline's Spencer and Hat
Item# F1326 $24 - Released September 2012

When the lake wind starts to blow, Caroline wears this wool-blend spencer jacket—it features a cropped silhouette, a popular style in the early 1800s; button details; and intricate decorations at the shoulders. She shades her eyes with a wide-brimmed felt hat adorned with a striped ribbon bow.

Caroline's Travel Outfit
Item# F1322 $28 - Released September 2012

Caroline wears this coral dress when she journeys across Lake Ontario to rescue Papa. It features a gathered bodice, ribbon trim, and dainty floral print. Red boots that lace up on the insides to match.

Carolines Winter Coat and Cap
Item# F1364 $32
- Released September 2012

Caroline loves to play outdoors in frosty winter weather. She bundles up in this wool-blend coat, featuring a furry white collar, velveteen accents, and bright brass-tone buttons. A matching cap with a velveteen bow and a wide brim keep her warm from toes to top!

Caroline's Work Dress
Item# F2718 $32
- Released February 2013

Caroline chooses this outfit when she helps Uncle Aaron on the farm: A stylish-yet-practical cotton dress printed with chains of flowers and featuring puffed sleeves, lace on the bodice, and pink trim peeking out at the hem. A cap tied at the chin with white ribbon and trimmed at the top with pink ribbon. Tan boots that are just right for lending a hand in the vegetable garden.

Caroline's Party Gown
Item# BKF69
$36 - Released August 2014

Caroline can't wait to celebrate in this elegant outfit—the fanciest one she's ever owned! It includes: An ice-blue empire-waist gown with a gathered bodice and skirt, sheer puff sleeves, and an intricate lace hem. A headband adorned with a pretty fabric rosette and faux pearl. Long white gloves. Satin shoes with crisscross ankle straps.




Caroline's Accessories
Item# F1308 $24 - Released September 2012

If the sun shines too brightly while she's sailing with Papa in the skiff, Caroline can shade her eyes with this pretty faux-straw bonnet, featuring pink fabric flowers and a striped ribbon that ties under her chin. She carries essentials in a colorful drawstring purse with her name woven into the pattern, and when she wants to pass the time and have fun, she plays with her little wooden top that really spins!

Caroline's Cat, Inkpot
Item# F1338 $22 - Released September 2012

Caroline has loved her pet cat, Inkpot, since Papa brought him home as a tiny kitten. Inkpot has big green eyes, a gray nose, a plush body, and soft black fur with a white patch on his chest.

Caroline's Ice Skating Set
Item# F1378 $22 - Released September 2012

Caroline loves to fly across the frozen lake in wintertime! Help her glide gracefully with this set that features: Special ice skates that were made true to her time period, featuring metal "blades" and red straps to hold them securely in place. Sturdy canvas boots that fit perfectly into the skates. Thick knit mittens to keep her hands toasty warm while she plays outdoors.

Caroline's Party Set
Item# F1330 $68
- Released September 2012

Caroline celebrates her tenth birthday with family and friends as they enjoy a tableful of homemade treats! Your girl can host a similar party with: A pretend applesauce cake. A ceramic pitcher, painted with an image of a majestic ship. A bouquet of faux wildflowers. Two lacy napkins. Three metal plates for serving. Two each metal forks, knives, and cups that are reminiscent of actual items from her era!

Caroline's Travel Basket
Item# F1344 $32
- Released September 2012

When Caroline sets off on her journey to find Papa, she packs everything she'll need for the trip. Your girl can re-create the moment today with this set, including: Five faux gingerbread cakes and two pretend apples. A cloth napkin, special gift from Caroline to Papa—a map of Lake Ontario that hides a secret message! A woven basket to hold it all.

Caroline's Calf, Garnet
Item# F2722 $28
- Released February 2013

Caroline names this adorable calf after the jewel in her grandmother's ring. Garnet is soft and cuddly, with a deep red coat and sleepy eyes. The calf wears a rope halter to help her get used to being led to the pasture.

Caroline's Hairstyling Set
Item# F9457
$18 - Released Februaury 2014

Your girl can create a fancy hairstyle for Caroline with everything in this set, authentic to the styles of her day! It includes a hairpiece adorned with faux pearls to give her a classic updo, plus a shell-shaped comb to style her long, loose curls.




Caroline's Bed & Bedding
Item# F1348 $125
- Released September 2012

Caroline can sweetly slumber in her elegant wooden bed. It features: Four turned posts and a lacy white canopy, popular styles in her day A butter-yellow, wool-blend bedspread is embroidered with a delicate floral pattern. A tufted mattress and soft pillow rest on ropes instead of springs. If the ropes loosened, Caroline would have pulled them to "sleep tight"!

W: 21 1/2" x H: 23" x D: 11 1/4"

Caroline's Parlor
Item# F1368 $300 - Released September 2012

Caroline's family spends time together in their elegant parlor, featuring a built-in bookshelf, fireplace, and window overlooking the bay.
This set features a fancy scene your girl can set up different ways for different playtimes: Three wooden walls that can be arranged any way your girl chooses. A window seat that hinges open for storage space. A paned window with a lacy curtain frames a view of Lake Ontario. She can slide in the illustrated window scene—different images on each side let her choose the season! The center wall features a mantle and a make-believe fireplace that really lights up. A built-in wall shelf features pull-out drawers, plus a hutch that's perfect for displaying Caroline's treasures. A model ship with real cloth sails. A painted horse figurine and a metal candlestick. A "sailor's valentine"—a two-piece wooden frame with a collection of faux shells inside. An embroidered fireplace screen that she can adjust, just like the real thing! Caroline would have used it to soften the glow from the hearth and shield her face from the heat. A framed mirror can be hung above the mantle for the finishing touch—or turned around to reveal a nautical painting!

Finished dimensions: W: 43 1/2" x H: 23 1/2" x D: 6 1/2"

Caroline's Skiff
Item# F1356 $175 - Released September 2012

Papa built this beautiful wooden skiff at the family's shipyard—Caroline loves to go sailing with him on Lake Ontario. Papa even named the boat "Miss Caroline" after her—and painted it right on the side! True to her era, it features: Two seats to fit a pair of dolls, plus a mast with a canvas sail. A pair of wooden oars Caroline can row with.

Dimensions: W: 28" x H: 22 1/2" x D: 8 1/2"

Caroline's Table & Chairs
Item# F1352 $140
- Released September 2012

Caroline's wooden table is the perfect setting for a family meal. It features: Working drawers with brass-tone pulls at either end. A decorative golden bellflower motif—a popular American design from her time. Two matching shield-back chairs with shiny blue brocade seats.

W: 14 1/2" x H: 9 1/4" x D: 11"

Caroline's Table and Treats
Item# BKF97 $150 - Released August 2014

Times are tough during the War of 1812, so Caroline is extra grateful to celebrate special occasions with her family's finest treats and table settings: A sturdy wooden table, designed just like the ones made in Caroline's time. A white fitted tablecloth with ruched ribbon trim and floral embroidery. A silvery metal tiered tray. Pretend goodies, including: cookies with jelly centers, muffins, fancy cakes, cream puffs, and fruit. A fruit bowl with a pretty ship graphic. A white pedestal. A ceramic tureen with a blue floral pattern and removable lid. A silvery metal ladle. A pair of white bowls with decorative blue trim.



Extra's for Girls

Caroline's Nightgown for Girls
Item# F1382 $62 - Released September 2012
This pretty nightgown is just like the one Caroline wears! It features a square neckline trimmed in lace, cap sleeves, a trio of embroidered flowers at the chest, and two sky-blue ribbons woven through lacework on the front. Flame-resistant polyester. Imported. Ivory. XS (6), S (7-8), M (10-12), L (14-16), XL (18-20)

Silver Sparkle Jacket for Girls Item# BKG60 $48 - Released August 2014

Touches of nautical styling in this sparkle-knit jacket hint at Caroline's love of sailing. It's double-breasted and long-sleeved, and features metal shank buttons on each side with stamped icons. Plus, your girl can roll up each wrist to show the ribbon-trim detail inside. Cotton. Imported. Gray. Sizes 6-16.

Lacy Ribbon Top for Girls Item# BKK14 $32 - Released August 2014

Inspired by Caroline, this breezy top features a pretty pink embroidered waistband, spaghetti straps, a gathered yoke, and crocheted trim at the hem. Linen/cotton. Imported. White.

Cuffed Jeggings for Girls
Item# BKK15 $38
- Released August 2014

These pretty, comfy pink jeggings have jean styling with faux front pockets and belt loops. The back pockets feature bows. Plus, the inside hem on each ankle has a pretty ribbon trim that peeks out when rolled up. Rayon/nylon/spandex. Imported. Pink. Sizes 6-16.



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Series 1 Covers:
Paper Back: $6.95
Released September 2012

Series II Beforever
Paperback: $9.99
Released August 2014



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Caroline Play Scenes & Paper Dolls

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Caroline 3-Book Boxed Set II
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