Elizabeth : 1774
Elizabeth Cole is a girl growing up in colonial Virginia. Elizabeth Cole, an English girl from a prominent Loyalist family. She and her best friend, Felicity Merriman, are “the merriest girls in Virginia”—at least that’s what Felicity’s father calls them. The two girls meet at Miss Manderly’s, where they take lessons in dancing, penmanship, stitchery, and serving tea. The girls’ favorite pastime is teasing Elizabeth's annoying sister, Annabelle.
Although the politics of the American Revolution threaten to divide them, Felicity and Elizabeth™ manage to stay loyal to one another. Elizabeth is a merry and faithful friend.


Your Elizabeth™ doll arrives dressed in a coral pink taffeta gown. Underneath, she wears a white shift, stockings, and shoes. Brush her long blond hair and gather it with a satin ribbon. Elizabeth is 18 inches tall and has a soft, huggable body with arms and legs you can pose. She has pierced ears with pretty earring posts.

Elizabeth doll and paperback book $87
Elizabeth doll and hardcover book $92

Introduced to the American Girls Collection in 2005
Elizabeth’s Accessories

Elizabeth’s dainty pinner cap is trimmed with grosgrain ribbon and lace, and the earring posts and drops will look lovely in her pierced ears. Her faux-pearl choker has a magnetic clasp, and her fancy fan opens and closes.

$20 XMA2
Released Fall 2005

Elizabeth’s Holiday Gown

Elizabeth’s best gown is printed with flowers and trimmed in satin ribbon, piping, and lace. A sweet faux petticoat peeks out from the pleated skirt. Slip on her ribbon headband, braided choker, and slippers, and she’s ready to dance!

$28 XCOR
Released Fall 2005
2007 ReCode F4675

**Note that original code was XCO but a revision of the dress needed to be made because of defects in the fit of the sleeves.**

Elizabeth’s Quilted Cloak

Green velveteen cloak has a roomy hood to keep snow from falling on her hair, and a hook closure underneath the pretty ribbon bow.

$20 XCOA
Released Fall 2005
2007 ReCode F2952

Elizabeth’s Fashion Doll

Elizabeth’s doll, Charlotte, is dressed in the day’s elegant fashions. Dolls like this showed colonial women what stylish ladies in England were wearing, so they could copy them!

$18 XCAD
Released Fall 2005

2-Doll Colonial Carriage

Felicity and Elizabeth look as elegant as can be when they ride together in this wooden carriage with velvet tie-back curtains and candle lanterns. Lift off the fabric roof to seat the dolls on the quilted bench—it even has a storage compartment underneath. Slip the bridle over your horse’s head, attach the reins and carriage poles, and off they go!

$175 XCAC
Released Fall 2005

Elizabeth’s Tea Lesson Gown

When it’s time for her lesson at Miss Manderly’s, Elizabeth can slip into this light blue gown with a ribbon rosette and attached apron, a lace mob cap, and satin slippers.

$28 XROR
Released Fall 2005
**Note that this code is revised. there may have been an original release of XRO**

Elizabeth’s Riding Outfit

Styled after the latest fashions of the time, Elizabeth’s pink riding jacket with shiny gold buttons tops her matching lace-trimmed skirt and cream underskirt. Her riding hat features gold cording and a feather!

$28 XPO
Released Fall 2005

Elizabeth’s Night Shift

Dress Elizabeth for bed in her white square-neck night shift and coordinating ruffled cap that feature pink ribbon bows. Her pink mule slippers have pretty flower embroidery.

$22 XDO
Released Fall 2005

Elizabeth’s Bed & Bedding

A blue pillow and quilt with Cluny lace, a fringed valance with attached floral print bed hangings, and a fringed bed skirt cover Elizabeth’s four-poster hardwood bed and mattress. Adult assembly required.

$118 XB
Released Fall 2005

Elizabeth’s Bedding Only

A blue pillow and quilt with Cluny lace, a fringed valance with attached floral print bed hangings, and a fringed bed skirt.

$42 XDAB
Released Fall 2005

2-Doll Clothes Press

Colonial homes didn’t have closets, so people often stored clothes in a clothes press. This wooden cabinet features elegant brass hardware, and can hold up to two dolls inside. Store clothing and accessories with the three hooks and two toilé boxes. W: 15", H: 26", D: 8".

$175 XT
Released Fall 2005

Colonial Dressing Table

Handy to have at the side of her bed, this wooden dressing table coordinates well with the other furniture in Felicity’s or Elizabeth’s bedchamber. The table has a rich, dark finish and bright brass accents. There’s a lower shelf with a lovely scalloped edge, and a handy pullout drawer, too.

$36 EDF
Released Fall 2005
**This is the same item as Felicity’s old retired dressing table**

Elizabeth’s Dressing Table Accessories

A dressing table mirror like this one was quite a luxury in colonial times, and the pattern on the porcelain powder container (which contains a powder puff) was very popular. The real ceramic vase holds a bouquet of flowers, and the tablecloth is trimmed in lace.

$28 XDAT
Released Fall 2005

Elizabeth’s Summer Outfit

Even in the warmth of a Williamsburg summer, Elizabeth stays cool in a satin gown with a quilted mock petticoat peeking out from under her skirt. Tie her satin-covered hat underneath her ponytail, and then help her step into her heeled slippers for an afternoon stroll in the colonial countryside.

$28 XAO
Released Spring 2005

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