Emily: 1944
Emily Bennett®, is an English girl who comes to stay with Molly McIntire’s family to escape the bombing of London during World War Two. Although they are from very different worlds, lively Molly and sweet, shy Emily soon discover that they have a lot in common. Both girls are fascinated by the English princesses, both girls love dogs, and both girls worry about loved ones in England. When misunderstandings lead to trouble, Emily and Molly finally realize that true friendship comes from being brave enough to be honest.


Emily Doll & Book

Your Emily™ doll arrives in a dress printed with cherry blossoms and tied with a red dotted sash. Underneath, she wears knickers, cherry-red ankle socks, and shiny T-strap shoes. Brush her gingery-red hair that falls to her shoulders, and keep it out of her blue eyes with a cherry-blossom headband. Emily is 18 inches tall and has a soft, huggable body with arms and legs you can pose. She comes with a Brave Emily paperback or hardcover book.

$87 UDPY Emily Doll & Paperback Book
$92 UDHY Emily Doll & Hardcover Book

Released August 5th 2006

Emily’s Accessories
$20 UMA

Emily’s cardigan sweater is a gift from her Aunt Primrose—just like her cherry-blossom dress. Emily treasures her grandfather’s World War One dog tags, which remind her to be a brave soldier for England, and an English three-pence coin. Her scrapbook holds pictures of her family and the English princesses. Emily even keeps her British ration book—with a special message from Mum—in her scrapbook. Includes trading cards for you.

Emily’s Tap Costume
$28 UTO

Your Emily doll can brush, step, and tap along with Molly and her other new girlfriends—what fun! Cover her sequin-trimmed, sleeveless dress with the sparkling cape that is accented with holographic stars. Position her pom-pon hat just right, slip on her socks and shiny tap shoes with red bows, and she’s ready to dance her heart out! Includes trading cards.

Emily’s Snowsuit
Item# F5178 $26

Snowsuits with pants were just becoming popular for girls in the 1940s. Dress Emily for an afternoon of sledding and snow angels in her bib-style snow pants and belted jacket with faux-fur trim around the hood. Zip up her snow boots, pull on her knitted mittens, and send her out to play! Includes trading cards.

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Emily’s Wooden Sled

What fun Emily will have swooshing down a snowy hill on her sled! Once the war started, metal and wood were rationed, so Emily made do with one of the McIntyre’s old sleds. Features a pull rope, red metal runners, and a steering column that moves back and forth. Includes trading cards for you. W: 8 3/4”, L” 18”, D: 3 1/4”.

$40 UWA

Emily’s Pajamas
Item# F5174 $20

Just before “lights out” for Emily and Molly—who get to share a room!—dress Emily in her warm flannel pajamas. Pull on her pajama pants and button her lace-trimmed top, then send her off to sleep with a bedtime story. Includes trading cards.

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Emily’s Robe & Slippers
Item# F5176 $22

Emily will be as snug as a bug in a rug in her fashionable chenille robe and fuzzy-wuzzy slippers. Includes trading cards.

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Emily’s Dog, Yank
$18 UBAA

Yank is Emily’s dog, a terrier pup named in honor of the Americans who have welcomed her. He wears a red ribbon collar with a “Y” dog tag attached. Terriers were a popular breed in the 1930s and 1940s—President and Mrs. Roosevelt had a well-known Scottish Terrier named Fala! Includes trading cards.

Emily’s Holiday Outfit
Item# F5098 $24

With wartime rationing, Emily would be happy with any new clothes. But this frilly outfit is soooo beautiful! Her purple party dress has a full skirt, flower appliqué, and ribbon sash and comes with lace ankle socks. Gently put the drop-pearl necklace around her neck and tie back her hair with the ribbon flower bow. Includes trading cards.

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Emily’s Flutophone Accessories
Item# F5800 $20

When Emily’s practice card shows she’s practiced more than anyone in her third-grade class, Miss Campbell picks her to do a solo on her flutophone at the spring concert.
Emily gets ready for her spotlight performance with this set:
* A pretend Flutophone with a box to carry and store it
* An adjustable music stand on which to place her music book

Emily’s Recital Outfit
Item# F5708 $24

When Emily is asked to play a Flutophone solo in front of the entire school and the PTA, Mrs. Gilford helps Emily find the perfect outfit. With the spotlight on her, Emily is ready to perform in this special outfit, featuring:
* A mint green dress with a Peter Pan collar, sheer bodice and sleeves, and a tiered skirt with gathered lace
* Shiny white T-strap shoes
* Two lace-covered barrettes to sweep the hair away from her face as she plays

Emily’s 2-Piece Swimsuit
Item# F5712 $24

During World War Two, it was considered patriotic to use less fabric for clothes, so two-piece swimsuits like this one for Emily became popular. Emily’s swimsuit set features:
* A two-piece swimsuit in a periwinkle gingham check with yellow rickrack accents
* A straw hat trimmed with yellow daisies
* White canvas sandals to protect Emily's feet from the hot sand