Josefina: 1824
Josefina Montoya® is a girl growing up in New Mexico in 1824. Ever since Mamá died, Josefina® and her sisters have bravely met the challenges of the rancho without her. As they watch the new americano traders arrive from the East, they struggle to hold on to the old ways their beloved mother taught them. Josefina dreams of becoming a healer like her Tía Magdalena. Hopeful and caring, she is the star of her story.





For Girls





Your Josefina doll has warm brown eyes that glimmer as they open and close. Brush her long, mahogany brown hair and plait it in a thick braid over her shoulder. Tie it with a blue satin ribbon, and tuck in a tiny sprig of evening primroses—a flower that reminds her of Mamá. Josefina’s body is soft and huggable, and her head, arms, and legs pose so she can sit, stand, and hold some of the accessories in her collection.
When Josefina arrives she’ll be wearing golden earrings and a traditional outfit that’s pretty and practical for life on the rancho. Her crisp white camisa—a long, lace-edged blouse—hangs nearly down to her knees. Over it she wears a deep red skirt dotted with tiny flowers, and a dark woven sash. She has white drawers underneath and soft leather moccasins on her feet!

$87 Josefina Doll & Paperback Book
$92 Josefina Doll & Hardcover Book
$110 Josefina Doll & Paperback Book Set
$150 Josefina Doll & Hardcover Book Set

Josefina was introduced to the American Girls Collection in 1997

Gentle Josefina Montoya has warm brown eyes that open and close, golden hoop earrings, and long, shiny mahogany-colored hair. She comes in an authentic 1824 outfit: A white camisa edged with lace. A colorful border-print skirt. A blue woven belt. White drawers. Faux-leather moccasins. A little sprig of yellow primroses tied with a blue ribbon in her hair. The 18" Josefina doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Includes the paperback book Sunlight and Shadows, the first novel-length volume of Josefina's classic series.

Josefina Doll & Book Item# BKL02 $115

*Released August 2014-Josefina did not get a third Beforever book or a 3 book set collection*

Josefina® Mini Doll
Item# 47485 $24

This 6-inch doll brings Josefina's (ho-seh-FEE-nah) world to life on a smaller scale. She arrives dressed in a traditional New Mexican outfit. Plus, she comes with Meet Josefina, a miniature version of the book that tells Josefina's story of growing up in 1824.

Josefina® Mini Doll
DMF38 $24.99
Released August 2015

The 6.5" Josefina mini doll has warm brown painted eyes and long mahogany-colored hair. Her smooth vinyl limbs are posable. She arrives in a tiny version of Josefina's authentic 1824 outfit featuring a white camisa edged with lace, plus a colorful skirt. Includes a mini abridged version of the book Sunlight and Shadows: A Josefina Classic 1.



Indigo Skirt & Camisa
Item# JSO $22

Item# D6041 $24

On the rancho, the day’s work began before dawn and ended when the sun went down. Clothing had to be sturdy and comfortable, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t colorful! Josefina’s lace-edged camisa is bright, snowy white, and her skirt is a rich shade of indigo blue. Her deep red sash might have been dyed with cochineal, a dye made from insects that live on the prickly pear cactus.

Christmas Dress & Mantilla
Item# JCO $22
Item# D5932
$32 - Released 2007

Josefina saved her very best dress for the most blessed night of the year, la Noche Buena—Christmas Eve. Tía Dolores provided the elegant striped fabric. But Josefina chose the stylish pattern and sewed every stitch herself by hand! With it she wore ruffled pantalettes, white stockings, black slippers, and a fine lace mantilla, a veil held on with a fancy comb.

(See appendix)
Feast Day Finery
Item# JBO $22
Item# D5906 - Released 2007

Instead of celebrating her birthday, Josefina celebrated the feast day of San José, the saint for whom she was named. Dress Josefina in her finest for the festivities: a crisp, white camisa edged with rows of ruffles, a brilliant turquoise skirt with a swirl of appliqué at the hem, and a wide orange sash. The fancy slippers of turquoise satin were a surprise gift from Clara! Weave the red ribbons in Josefina’s hair so she’ll look as elegant as she feels.

Summer Riding Dress & Hat
Item# $22 JAO
Item# D5882 $28 - Released 2007

Josefina could hardly wait to get her first look at American traders and the things they had to sell. Dress her for the trip to Santa Fe in a ruffled calico riding dress and tooled leather vest. Add a straw hat with braided trim, and tighten the leather strap to shade her eyes from the New Mexico sun.

Josefina’s Night Shift
$20 JDO
Item# D5955 $24 - Released 2007

Before she said her prayers and snuggled into her bed, Josefina put on this pretty white shadow-striped night shift. It has full, puffy sleeves and a berry-red ribbon threaded around the neck. ¡Buenas noches, Josefina!

Josefina’s Harvest Outfit
Item# JHO $22 -Released 1999

Josefina wore comfortable clothing to help out at harvest time: an embroidered camisa with long sleeves, a sage green skirt with lace trim, a wide burgundy sash, and a green hair ribbon with a sprig of flowers to trim her braid.

Party Dress & Spencer Jacket
Item# JXO $22 - Released 1999

Josefina's Party Outfit
Item# D6068 $28

Josefina’s party dress was inspired by the fashions of women who visited from Mexico City wearing the latest European styles. It’s made of pale pink calico with a raised Empire waist and tabbed trim. Her fitted black spencer jacket is as flattering as it is fashionable.

Josefina’s Weaving Outfit
Item# JJO $24 - Released 2003

Retired 2006

Josefina wears her flowered skirt, woven striped sash, and embroidered camisa to weave blankets with her sisters. Add her rebozo to keep her warm when she goes out to gather roots and berries for dyes.

Josefina’s Herb-Gathering Outfit
Item# JASO $24 - Released 2006

Josefina’s aunt, Tía Magdalena, teaches her to use herbs for healing. When it’s time for Josefina to explore the hills near her home, wrap her rebozo, or shawl, around her head to protect her from the wind and sun. Place an herb bunch into her gathering basket, and pretend to grind the aster with the metal mortar and pestle to make medicine. Includes a bird flute necklace.

Josefina’s Fiesta Dress
Item# F8467 $28

Item# F8467 $32- as of 2015

When it’s time for a fiesta, or party, Josefina chooses this special outfit:
A dress made of vibrant fabric with a ruffled collar, a raised empire waist, puffed sleeves, and ribbon accents
White cotton stockings and a pair of black shoes

Josefina's Dress & Vest
Item# T6702

Josefina wears this fancy outfit for summertime fiestas:
• A one-piece dress with three rows of embroidered ribbon on the skirt and an attached sash
• A fitted velveteen vest that's perfect for parties
• A pair of black shoes to match

Josefina's Outfit
Item# BKL03 $36
- Released August 2014

Josefina greets each beautiful morning and dresses for a day of baking, gardening, and learning to make medicines. This authentic 1824 New Mexican outfit features: A white camisa edged in lace. A bright-red skirt printed with a sprinkling of tiny blue wildflowers. A beautiful blue woven sash. Soft white drawers. Faux-leather moccasins with laces.

Josefina's Classic Outfit
Item# DFR81
$36 - Released to Web August 2014

Bring home Josefina's classic outfit from 1824 New Mexico! It includes: A white camisa. A deep red skirt with a floral print and scalloped trim. A brown woven belt .White drawers. Lace-up faux-leather moccasins.


Josefina’s Accessories
Item # $20 JMA
Item # F7641 $24 - Released 2007

Wrap Josefina’s long, fringed shawl around her shoulders. It’s called a rebozo, and in 1824 girls wore one everywhere for added warmth or to protect their faces from the summer sun. Fasten the garnet pendant around her neck—it came all the way from Mexico City. Her leather pouch is the perfect place to tuck and embroidered hanky, a jola coin, and any primroses she might pick. But watch out for Florecita, the flower-gobbling goat!

Books & Supplies
Item # JSAB $14
Retired- Items added to JSF

Tía Dolores brought books and writing supplies from Mexico City—a speller called a silabario, a ledger, a quill pen, a glass inkwell—and gave Josefina lessons. You can help Josefina read the cuaderno, a leather notebook filled with poems, proverbs, songs, and sayings that Tía Dolores had learned from Mamá.
Picnic Lunch
Item # $18 JSAL

When Josefina went to pick herbs and berries for making wool dyes, she packed a hearty picnic lunch. Fill the pottery canteen with water, and load the checked wool bag with a home-grown feast: a bright cloth to spread on the ground, two corn tortillas, a yellow squash, a bunch of onions, fresh goat cheese, and a plump ripe plum. Yum!

Niña Doll
Item # JCAD $15

Mamá made this precious doll, named Niña, to be passed down in a beautiful new dress to each of the sisters on her eighth Christmas. But when Mamá died, Clara was too sad to part with Niña. Still, Josefina hoped that one day Niña would be hers to treasure.

Christmas Eve Set
Item# JCAG $20

Papá lit the way of the Las Posadas procession with a wooden lantern that had windows made from a mineral called mica. Ana carried a silver tray piled high with bizcochito cookies. You can bake real bizcochitos using the simple recipe included with the pretend cookies. Help Josefina make beautiful paper flowers called ramilletes to decorate the church altar for Christmas Eve—a complete ramillete kit is included.

(Lantern added to set JCACR after retirement)

Chicken & Chiles
Item# JCAC $15
Christmas Accessories Item# JCACR $18

A few weeks before Christmas, Josefina and her sisters went into the village to help with holiday preparations. They took two bright ristras, or strings of red chiles, to Señora Sánchez to flavor her famous stew. In return, she gave the girls a special gift—a plump chicken nestled in a bentwood cage. The plucky little hen had already laid two tiny speckled eggs!

(Wooden lantern was added to this set after the Christmas Eve set was retired and this set was renamed )

Heirloom Accessories
Item # $12 JBOA
Item # D5908 $18 - Released 2007

Drape the embroidered gold shawl, or mantón, around Josefina’s shoulders and slip the delicate black fan into her hand. Both were treasures of Mamá’s that Josefina and her sisters saved for special days. Fasten the elegant choker around her neck as a final fashionable flourish.

Sombrita the Baby Goat
Item # $15 JBAA
Item # D5892 $20 - Released 2007

When mean old Florecita died and left a tiny orphan behind, Josefina was determined to raise her. The frisky black and white goat was called Sombrita, “little shadow,” because she followed Josefina everywhere. She even has a silver bell around her neck so you can keep track of her!

Birthday Dishes & Party Treats
Item # $54 JBAC

Set a pretty party table for Josefina’s saint’s day celebration! Start with an embroidered table runner, and add the Montoya family’s very best dishes. Your service includes two hand-painted plates and a pitcher with a poppy design much like the Mexican majolica that was prized in 1824. There are two green glass tumblers, and two knives and forks.
For this special saint’s day celebration, the food was as festive as the table decorations. Tía Dolores baked a fancy loaf of bread, and Josefina’s friend Mariana brought a juicy treat—a melon that had been buried in the sand all winter to keep it fresh! The pottery redware jar holds an apricot branch, a springtime reminder to Josefina that “we are all given second chances.”

Josefina’s Weaving Loom
Item# JBAW $18
Item# D5896 $28

Josefina’s Weaving Loom Replacement Warp

Josefina learned to weave blankets on a Navajo loom similar to this one. Your look arrives with the vertical warp threads already in place so you can get started right away. The kit comes with complete instructions, weaving tools, and enough blue, red, brown, and cream-colored yarn for one doll-sized blanket.

Riding Boots
Item# JAOB $8
Item# D5884 $14 - Released 2007

Lace up Josefina’s sturdy, two-toned brown boots and she’s ready to ride.

Santa Fe Summer Fun
Item# JAAN $18

Josefina’s summer was certainly full of surprises. As she played her clay flute one sunny day, she summoned a startling bird indeed—an American named Patrick! He showed Josefina something magical—a telescope that made faraway objects leap into view. Take your telescope out of its purple pouch and let Josefina take a peek—it really works! In the plaza at Santa Fe, Josefina saw the U.S. flag for the first time. Its stars and stripes of red, white, and blue were so different from the Mexican flag she was used to. A shiny metal mirror brought by American traders also caught Josefina’s eye. But it was a desert tortoise that led Josefina to the biggest surprise of all!

Josefina’s Telescope
Item# JAAT $10

In Santa Fe, an American scout named Patrick shows Josefina something magical—a telescope that makes faraway objects leap into view. Take your telescope out of its pouch and let Josefina take a peek. It really works!

Toy Farm
Item# JAAS $16

Josefina fell in love with a fascinating American toy she saw at the Santa Fe plaza—a tiny wooden farm. It looked so different from the low, flat-roofed adobe farms of New Mexico! Your toy farm includes a house, a chimney, front steps, a barn, two trees, two fences, a horse, a cow, a goat, a pig, and a wagon loaded with lumber. Store it all away in a wooden box for safe keeping.

Sarape & Hat
Item# JWO $22
Retired 2005

New Mexican winters could be very cold, when the sharp winds blew down from the mountains. Slip Josefina’s sarape over her head so she’ll stay toasty warm. Its distinctive design is similar to the highly valued Saltillo sarapes of Josefina’s day. Top it off with a wide-brimmed black hat, and adjust the chin strap so it won’t blow away!

Josefina’s Winter Wear
Item# JWOA $10
Retired 2005

Josefina and her sisters knit thick socks to wear in winter and wore and extra petticoat beneath their skirts for added warmth. Hang the leather pouch, or guadameco, around her neck so it’s close to her heart. There’s a special letter from Papá tucked inside!

Josefina’s Winter Accessories
Item# JWOR $26 - Released 2005

Slip Josefina’s sarape (sah-RAH-peh) over her head so she’ll stay warm in the New Mexican winter, which can be very cold when the sharp winds blow. Top it off with a wide-brimmed black hat, and adjust the chin strap so it won’t blow away! Josefina and her sisters knit thick socks to keep their toes warm. She also wears an extra petticoat under her skirt. Hang the leather pouch, or guadameco, around Josefina’s neck so it’s close to her heart. There’s a special letter from Papá tucked inside!

Cocina Supplies
Item# JWAB $25
-Made into Item# F8469

Josefina loved the cheerful bustle of the cocina, the kitchen. Help her grind corn with the mano and metate, or grinding stones. Fill her jar with water and set if on the braided ring. Use the gourd dipper to offer Josefina a cool drink. The chiles in the coiled basket and the stick strung with dried squash, garlic, and corn will make a tasty meal—you can almost smell a spicy stew bubbling in the copper pot in its trivet!

Sheepskin & Blanket
Item# JDAQ $22
Retired Retired - Made into V3759

On the rancho, Josefina’s bed was a stack of cozy sheepskins! Roll-up the make-believe sheepskin with its leather cord when she gets up, or simply drape it over the sleigh bed. Once she’s snuggled in, cover her with a hand-loomed Rio Grande blanket. Josefina’s sisters might have “danced on the treadles” of the loom to weave it for her!

Nighttime Necessities
Item# JDA $20
Retired 2006

Help Josefina get ready for bed with her blue-an-white Puebla basin and cotton towel. Then, pretend to light the candle in the silver-colored candlestick, and open her carved memory box—inside are six tiny treasures: a piece of Mamá’s lavender soap, a swallow feather, a silver thimble, a turquoise nugget, a rattlesnake rattle, and a heart-shaped charm called a milagro. Josefina’s stories tell why each one is special!

Ribbons for Josefina
Item# JXOH $6 - Released 1999

Give Josefina beautiful new hairstyles with four ribbons, one each in orange satin, yellow satin, teal satin, and red grosgrain.

Josefina’s Shoes & Socks
Item# JXOA $12 - Released 1999

Includes three pairs of knee socks in red, black, and tan and a pair of soft beige shoes.

Josefina's Hairstyling Set
CMC60 $22
Released August 2015

Authentic to Josefina's style in 1824, her ribbon-braid headband and hairbows are perfect for life on the rancho, and weaving in flowers gives her hairdo a pretty pop!


Writing Desk & Stand
Item# JSF $50 -Desk Only
Item# JSF $54
Retired 2006

Tía Dolores’s elegant writing desk came all the way up the Camino Real, the trail from Mexico City. Designed to be conveniently portable, it’s plain on the outside, pretty on the inside! Set the desk on its wooden stand, lift the lid, and fold down the front flap. Josefina store her books and writing supplies inside. There’s even a secret compartment so you can hide a surprise for Josefina.

(after the Books & Supplies were discontinued the ledger, quill pen, and inkwell were included with the desk price rose to $54)

New Mexican Table & Chairs
Item# JF $75
Item# D5967
- Release 2007

In Josefina’s time, families did not sit at a table to eat. Instead, they served food from the table and sat on chairs or benches around the room. Your wooden table and two matching chairs are carved with a cornstalk design. The table has a pull out compartment for storing valuables

Single New Mexican Chair
Item# JFC $22

Add another beautiful chair so that everyone can enjoy the feast!

English Square Piano
Item# JP $120

No wonder Tía Dolores insisted on bringing her piano with her all the way from Mexico City—it was a beauty! You can help Josefina play this wonderful wooden reproduction. It has the same square shape, inlay trim, and fancy metal ornamentation as the pianos in Josefina’s day. Lift the lid to reveal working keys, and use the sheet music to serenaded Josefina with the melody to Home Sweet Home.

Adobe Oven & Bread Set
Item# JWAO $20
Retired Items added to F8469

Josefina’s family did their baking outdoors in an horno, an adobe oven shaped like a beehive. To bake bread, Josefina had to start a fire in the horno with a bundle of twigs. Then she opened the horno door, scraped out the hot coals, set a tuft of wool on a wooden paddle, and held it inside. If the wool turned brown, she knew the oven was hot enough for baking! Your horno set includes two loaves of bread—one unbaked and one golden brown.

Josefina's Oven & Food
Item# F8469 $42

Josefina loves to help prepare dishes for her family with this outdoor oven. Your American girl can “bake” Josefina’s favorite foods with everything in this set:
A make-believe outdoor oven that features a pretend fire inside, plus a door and hide to seal the opening
A wooden paddle girls can use to place two pretend loaves of bread inside the oven to bake
A colorful woven mat with a fringed edge
A mano and metate, or grinding stones, like the ones Josefina would have used to grind the pretend ears of multicolored corn
2 bunches of red chiles that fit inside the woven basket

Sleigh Bed
$42 Item# JB
Retired - Made into V3759

A New Mexican interpretation of a European favorite! This fancy sleigh bed has a curvy head- and footboard, and a lovely sage-green finish. For added comfort, there’s a soft mattress, called a colchón, and an almuada, a puffy bolster pillow.

Josefina Bed And Bedding
Item# V3759 $70

When night falls on the rancho, Josefina goes to bed and dreams about becoming a curandera, or healer, like Tía Magdelena, her godmother. Her beautiful bed set features: A solid wood bedframe with a distressed sage-green finish and a carved head and footboard. A soft mattress, called a colchon, and a plump pillow called an almohada, to ensure a good night's rest. A faux sheepskin for warmth on cool nights. A colorful, hand-loomed blanket with fringed edges tops off this traditional New Mexican sleigh bed.

Bedside Table
Item# JDF $28

Josefina’s wooden table is made the old way, with traditional mortise and tenon construction instead of with nails. In 1824, its rustic red finish might have come from a paint made of clay, madder root, and other natural materials. There’s room on top for her memory box, and a pull-out drawer for treasures.

Josefina’s Chest II
Item# F7607 $159 -Summer 2007

Josefina’s wooden chest is carved on the front and sides with heavy, rustic hardware—just like a traditional New Mexican trunk. The mortise and tenon joints are fashioned like they would have been in 1824. There’s plenty of storage space inside and a removable tray on top that’s just Josefina’s size. W: 23 1/2" x H: 12 1/2" x D: 11".

*Trunk no londer has hinged lid*

Josefina’s Chest I
$155 Item# JT
Retired Summer 2007

Josefina’s exquisite wooden chest is a traditional New Mexican treasure. It’s elaborately carved on the front and sides and has heavy, rustic hardware. The joints are fashioned with mortise and tenon construction—just as they would have been in 1824. There’s plenty of storage space inside, and a removable wooden tray on top that’s just Josefina’s size!


Extras for Girls

Desert Flower Dress for Girls
Item# BKL07 $52

Bold as the desert sky! Inspired by Josefina, this red tunic-style dress pops with brilliant blue flowers dotting the fabric. The hem is accented with a bright border print to match the woven tie sash at the empire waist. The long, blousy sleeves have elastic at the wrists. Tasseled neck ties and pretty blue embroidery at the neckband evoke a fun boho-chic look. Back zip. Cotton. Imported. Red. Sizes 6-16.

Josefina's Night Shift for Girls
Item# F5798 $38

Like the one Josefina wore on her New Mexican rancho in 1824, this night shift has pointelle shadow stripes, puffy sleeves, and a lace collar threaded with berry-red ribbon. Flame-resistant polyester. White. Sizes XS (6), S (7-8), M (10-12), L (14-16).




Beforever Series 5 Covers
Paper Back $9.99

Books Series 4 Covers
Paper Back $6.95
Hard Back $12.95

Books Series 3 Covers
Paper Back $5.95
Hard Back $12.95

Books Series 2 Covers in Spanish
Paper Back $5.95
Hard Back $12.95

2000 Again Josefina $3.95, 2001 Josefina's Song $4.95, 2002 Just Josefina $4.95,
1999 A Reward for Josefina $3.95, 2003 Thanks to Josefina $4.95

Josefina's Short Story Collection
illustrated by Jean-Paul Tibbles, Philip Hood, Renee Graef, and Susan McAliley
by Valerie Tripp

This keepsake anthology contains all five of Josefina’s short stories: Just Josefina, Thanks to Josefina, A Reward for Josefina, Again, Josefina, and Josefina’s Song!
Josefina Montoya loves the comforting traditions of life on her family’s New Mexican rancho. She treasures the memory of her dear Mamå, who recently died. But at times, Josefina struggles to hold on to the old ways her mother taught her, as she learns about exciting new ideas from her energetic aunt. Josefina bravely faces each new adventure with faith carried from the past and hope for the future.
The collection includes “Looking Back” essays and a ribbon bookmark.
Hard Cover $12.95
Available August 2006

Hard Cover

Hard Cover $16.95

Paperback $6.95
Hard Cover $10.95

Josefina's Magnetic Mini World

Stationary Set $9.95

Paper Dolls $9.95

Reading Poster
$5.95 22"x24"

Meet Josefina Poster
$5.95 18"x24"

Cook Book

Craft Book

Paper Dolls I

Theater Kit

Paper Dolls 2

Frame Puzzles

Story Collection 2


White underwear originally sold with Josefina Doll in meet outfit.
Pantalettes with Josefina's Christmas Dress and Mantilla set.