Julie Albright: 1974
Julie Albright doesn’t want to move away from her San Francisco neighborhood near Chinatown, even if her new home is just a few miles away. Moving means leaving her best friend, Ivy, and her pet rabbit, Nutmeg. Worst of all, it means leaving Dad, now that her parents are divorced. It’s the mid-1970s and lots of things are changing: Julie’s teacher wants to be called “Ms.” Mom works full-time now, running her own store. America is trying to switch to the metric system, and school sports teams sometimes include a new kind of player—girls! While change can be hard to accept, Julie realizes that when it’s important—when a friend is in trouble, an animal is endangered, or a rule needs to be rewritten—it’s time to make the change happen yourself.
Julie's Release was September 10th 2007.





For Girls





Julie’s story comes alive as she arrives in a peasant blouse and bell-bottom jeans like those worn in the 1970s. She’s soft and huggable—with hair for styling and a body to pose. Plus, her adventures begin in the Meet Julie book. Julie opens up a whole world of play with authentic styles from the ’70s:
A crinkle-gauze peasant blouse over a turtleneck
Two-tone bell-bottom jeans and butterfly screen-printed underwear
Platform sandals and a braided, beaded belt
Long, straight blond hair with a single braid
Julie’s 18-inch doll body is soft cloth; her head and limbs are smooth vinyl.

Julie Doll & Paperback Book
Item# F6306 $87

Julie Doll & Paperback Book Set
Item# F7809 $110
Julie Doll & Hardcover Book
Item# F7593 $92

Julie Doll & Hardcover Book Set
Item# F7810 $110

Release Sep 2007

Julie® Mini Doll
Item# F7134 $20
Release Sep 2007
Retired Aug 2014

This 6-inch doll brings Julie's world to life on a smaller scale. She arrives dressed in the bell-bottom jeans outfit Julie wears to Ghirardelli Square. Plus, she comes with Meet Julie, a miniature version of the book that tells Julie's story about growing up in 1970s San Francisco.

Optimistic Julie Albright has warm brown eyes that open and close and long, straight blond hair styled with a tiny braid at the side. She comes in an authentic 1970s outfit: A lemon-yellow crocheted vest. A tank top with a groovy peace-sign graphic. Bell-bottom jeans with funky floral insets on each leg. Platform sandals. Underwear. The 18" Julie doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl.

Julie® Doll & Paperback Book
Item# BKD57 $115 - Aug 2014

Includes the paperback book The Big Break, the first novel-length volume of Julie's classic series.

Julie® Doll & 3-Book Boxed Set
Item# BKJ06 $135 - Aug 2014

Includes the boxed set of Julie's paperback novels, The Big Break: A Julie Classic 1, Soaring High: A Julie Classic 2, and A Brighter Tomorrow: My Journey with Julie.

Julie® Mini Doll & Book
Item# BKF83 $25
Released Aug 2014

The 6.5" (16.5 cm) Julie mini doll has warm brown painted eyes and shiny blond hair. Her smooth vinyl limbs are posable. She arrives in a tiny version of Julie's authentic '70s outfit featuring a crocheted vest, a peace-sign tank top, and jeans. Includes a mini abridged version of the book The Big Break.



Julie's Hoops Outfit & Accessories
Item# F6322
Item# F6322 $32

After earning the chance to play on the team, Julie can’t wait to suit up in her new Jack London Jaguars uniform. Julie’s ready to be a star player with everything here:
A basketball jersey screen-printed with No. 22; matching gym shorts; striped knee socks; and canvas basketball shoes
A red, white, and blue basketball and a terry headband
A finger splint she must wear after a painful fall during the big game
A gym bag printed with “Alley Oop”—Julie’s nickname given by her best friend, Ivy

Julie's Christmas Outfit
Item# F6571 $24
Item# F6571 $32

When Julie goes to the fancy Fairmont Hotel for tea with Dad and her sister, Tracy, she wears this crushed velvet jumper over a puffy-sleeved, lace-trimmed blouse. Includes gold metallic tights and shiny sandals.

Julie's Birthday Dress
Item# F6336 $24
- Released February 2008

When Julie learns the eagles she’s been caring for will be set free on her birthday, she plans a party at the beach to watch the big event. Julie finds the perfect outfit for her special day:
* A free-flowing peasant dress with flower border
* A choker necklace with wooden beads
* A wide-brimmed woven paper hat with silk flowers

Julie's 2-in-1 Summer Outfit
Item# F6340 $36
- Released February 2008

Julie loves to stay active, and she’s ready for summer in the ’70s. This mix-and-match outfit is perfect for summertime:
* Red satin shorts for walking the hilly streets of San Francisco
* A matching terrycloth hooded jacket embellished with a rhinestone star
* A halter top swimsuit with eyelet lace trim and bikini bottom, perfect for taking a dip in the pool
* Comfy flip-flops for her feet
* Red plastic sunglasses
* A beach towel so she can dry off after a swim

Julie's Swim Set
Item# F1979 $32

Julie can hit the beach in this groovy '70s swimsuit. It features a halter top with eyelet lace trim and a bikini bottom, both with a bold floral print. Includes red plastic sunglasses, comfy flip-flops, and a beach towel she can use to "dry off" after a swim.

Julie's Casual Outfit
Item# F6342

When it’s time to just hang out, Julie chooses this outfit that features an orange tunic with floral embroidery over purple corduroy gauchos and tall western boots.

Julie's Pajamas
Item# F6330
Item# F6330 $24

When she’s ready for bed, Julie still has fun dressing in her distinctive ’70s style:
An empire-waist tunic with butterfly trim
Flared pajama pants
A pair of pink velour slippers with a butterfly embroidered on each toe

Julie's Calico Dress
Item# F9976 $28
Item# F9976 $32

Julie wears this casual outfit on cool days. The height of the '70s style, it features:
A knee-length dress with allover calico print, red ribbon trim, and bell-shaped sleeves
Bright red tights and knee-high boots
A bandanna-style kerchief to sweep back her hair

Julie's Floral Jumpsuit
Item# F9974 $24
Item# F9974 $28

Julie loves to wear this zip-top turtleneck and groovy jumpsuit on cool days. The height of ‘70s style, it’s printed with bold blossoms, and has a belted waist and flared legs.

Julie's Summer Skirt Set
Item# T6698 $28 - 2011

Julie chooses this groovy outfit for sunny days in San Francisco:
• An off-the-shoulder top with ruffles and multicolored stitching
• A colorful chevron-striped skirt with a belt at the waist
• Bright blue sandals that are perfect for warm weather
• A braided suede headband trimmed with three bold blossoms

Julie's Patchwork Outfit
Item# F0446 $32

When it's summer in San Francisco, Julie can stay cool in this patchwork print top, featuring a smocked bodice and knots at the shoulders. Includes wide-leg shorts, platform sandals with jute soles, a floral bandanna, and a beaded macramé necklace.

Julie's Dance Set
Item# F9442 $64

Released Feb 2014
Retired Jan 2015

Special edition, while supplies last Julie can't wait for the school dance! She'll have true '70s style with this groovy outfit and accessories: A flower-print dress, featuring a stand collar and a macramé belt from her mom's Gladrags shop. White patent knee-high boots. A doll-sized ticket and poster for the dance. A mirrored disco ball that really lights up and spins at the touch of a button to make the dance floor sparkle!

Julie's Classic Outfit
Item# DFR36 $36
Released to Web August 2014

Bring home Julie's classic outfit from 1974 San Francisco! It includes: A white crinkle-gauze peasant blouse with blue embroidery A multicolored turtleneck top Groovy two-tone bell-bottom jeans A braided belt with beaded fringes Butterfly-printed underwear Platform sandals

Julie's Tunic Outfit
Item# BKD61 $34
Released August 2014

Julie dresses in this colorful outfit for a day of exploring Golden Gate Park. It includes: A denim chambray tunic with an embroidered yoke, long puff sleeves, and a belt with twirly tassels. Bright-berry pants with cuffs and patch pockets. Sunny yellow clogs with faux-wood soles.

Julie's Outfit
Item# BKD58 $36

Released August 2014

Julie loves wearing this bright, sunny outfit when she plays basketball in the driveway. This authentic '70s outfit features: A lemon-yellow crocheted vest. A tank top with a floral peace-sign graphic. Bell-bottom jeans with funky floral insets on each leg. Underwear. Platform sandals.

Julie's Winter Coat & Hat
Item# BKD63 $34
Released Aug 2014

When Julie rides the trolley on chilly days, she stays toasty warm in this outfit: A bright purple belted coat with big patch pockets and fun faux-fur collar and cuffs. A slouchy beret-style hat to match.

Julie's Holiday Outfit
Item# BKD65 $34
Released Aug 2014

Julie sparkles on Christmas Day in this fancy outfit. It includes: A pretty paisley brocade dress, featuring sheer long sleeves with lace trim and a velvet sash. A velvet headband Lace-patterned tights. Shiny patent Mary Jane shoes.



Julie's Accessories
Item# F6310
Release Sep 2007

In times of change, Julie’s accessories keep her upbeat:
A crocheted cap
A shiny gold necklace with a “Julie” name charm
A faux-suede purse with printed flower detail
A pretend Bicentennial quarter—a collectible coin that was issued to celebrate the 200th anniversary of America’s independence.

Julie's Pet Bunny
Item# F6312
Released Sep 2007

Julie loves staying at Dad’s house because she gets to see Nutmeg, her chocolate-colored, lop-eared bunny. Includes a rattan basket bed and a removable pillow personalized with Nutmeg’s name, plus a bunch of pretend carrots that Julie’s best friend, Ivy, can feed the rabbit while Julie is away.

Julie's School Lunch Box
Item# F6316

Julie’s lunch travels in ’70s style with everything here:
A metal lunchbox, featuring a fun paisley and flower print
A matching insulated bottle with a removable cap so that Julie can bring hot soup
Also includes a pretend sandwich, bunch of chips, and frosted cupcake for dessert

Julie's Christmas Gift
Item# F6324

For Christmas, Julie gets one of the most popular gifts for girls in her day: a Barbie® hair styling head! Set includes six two-piece curlers to create waves, and a plastic brush to create any hairdo.

Julie's Roller Skates
Item# F7866 $16
- Released February 2008
Item# F7866 $20

Julie thinks her shoe-style roller skates are “boss,” and she can’t wait to zip around town in her fashion-forward wheels. Your girl can lace Julie’s skates over knee-high socks and get ready to roll!

Julie's Birthday Goodies
Item# F6338 $48

Julie can’t wait to celebrate her tenth birthday with a picnic on the beach, and everything she needs is right here. Your girl can have a make-believe California cookout with this set:
* A metal hibachi-style grill with adjustable grates and faux coals for cooking
* Two pretend shrimp-and-pineapple skewers
* Two plates, two napkins, and two pretend root beer floats
* A woven picnic basket to hold all the goodies
* A colorful Mexican-style woven blanket to sit on

Released February 2008

Julie's Banana Seat Bike
Item# F9984 $80

America celebrated its Bicentennial in Julie’s day, and her patriotic bike is perfect for a neighborhood parade. It features a striped banana seat, streamers on the handlebars, and starry decorations on the rolling wheels. Includes a '70s-style California license plate and a faux-woven basket trimmed with flowers.

Dimensions: L: 17" x H: 13 1/4" x D: 8"

Julie's Cap & Scarf
Item# F6346

When fall arrives in San Francisco, Julie wears a cream cable-knit newsboy cap with a multicolored pompon that matches her rainbow-striped scarf.

Julie's Dog Walking Set
Item# F6344

Julie helps her new friend, Joy, walk these cute dogs in Golden Gate Park:
A Chihuahua that’s small enough to hold and comes with a faux-diamond-studded collar
A poodle with a tie-dyed tee and a furry terrier mutt; both come with a leash

Julie's Room Accessories
Item# F6334

When decorating, Julie chooses fun, versatile items to make her new bedroom feel like home. Julie creates a comfy after-school hangout with her new room decor:
A furry foot-shaped rug from Mom’s store downstairs
Modular shelving that she can mix and match into bedside tables, storage drawers, or even a coffee table
An egg-shaped terrarium with silk plants inside
A metal tray of after-school snacks: pretend Jiffy Pop® popcorn, a plastic pitcher with a removable lid, and two plastic cups for preparing the pretend orange drink mix

Julie's Sound Accessories
Item# F7082

Julie loves to use her record player and tape recorder for listening to music and recording her life story. These accessories let Julie enjoy her favorite songs and record all the fun:
A tape recorder that records and plays back 30 seconds of sound
A record player, which plays one minute of music from three popular ’70s songs: Shining Star, Love’s Theme, and Saturday in the Park
Paper sleeves and a case for storing and carrying Julie’s singles

Julie's Fondue Set
Item# F9982 $68

Julie loves to share her favorite treat—chocolate fondue! This set includes everything Julie needs for a ‘70s-style party:
A metal fondue pot that sits on a wooden base
Four pretend fruit skewers to dip in the fondue
A faux gelatin-mold dessert on a pedestal stand
Two ceramic plates, two textured glasses, and two cloth napkins
A printed vinyl tablecloth to keep her table clean

Julie's Car Wash Set
Item# F0443 $350

When Julie wants to help save the eagles, she could hold a charity car wash, just as many kids did in the '70s. This set includes everything Julie needs for a super fundraiser: A 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle car—first in line to be spiffed up! It's big enough to fit two American Girl dolls, and features lots of authentic details: sky-blue paint with a white interior, a lowered canvas top, a hood and trunk that open, plus a "radio" that plays '70s songs, a horn that honks, working headlights, rolling wheels, and an engine that "runs" at the push of a button. Julie can "wash" the car with a yellow bucket, window washer, bottle of faux soap, and two cloth towels. Includes a "Save the Eagles Car Wash" sign to display.

Car dimensions: L: 36" x H: 14½" x W: 14"

Julie's Hairstyling Set
Item# F9454 $24

Julie can freshen up her style with this set, inspired by the 1970s: A pretend hair dryer that makes "blower" sounds. Two styling attachments for the hair dryer, just like the real thing. Two rainbow hairbows—rainbows were "boss" in Julie's day!

Released Feb 2014

Julie's Accessories
Item# BKD59 $24
Released Aug 2014

When Julie's out and about, she always makes sure to bring her favorite accessories: A fun tie-dyed bag. A braided headband with an attached flower. Purple-framed sunglasses for true California style.

Julie's Snack Set
Item# BKD67 $50

Released Aug 2014

Julie's sleepover fun has just begun with this groovy set! An authentic yellow '70s rotary phone with a dial that really turns. A pretend layered gelatin treat in a fancy parfait glass. Faux celery sticks with peanut butter. Make-believe Jiffy Pop® popcorn. Three pretend deviled eggs. A drinking glass with a cute owl design. Two plates in sunny flower-shaped holders. A pair of hugging monkeys.


Julie and the Eagles

Julie's School Bleachers
Item# F7122

Girls can imagine the crowd at Julie’s big basketball game with these special accessories that re-create the scene:
Wooden bleachers that girls can pull out to seat up to three dolls and fold back up for easy storage
A spirit banner and pennant that Ivy can wave as she cheers for Julie
A scoreboard with pegs that allows girls to change the score

Bleacher dimensions: W: 17" x H: 25" x D: 9". Folded depth: 5"

Julie's School Locker
Item# F6320

Julie’s all-metal, double locker arrives ready to decorate with this ’70s decor:
Five pop-culture posters, including one of The Brady Bunch
Basketball and flower stickers
A postcard that Dad sent from Paris
Also, Julie doll can be stored inside for safekeeping

W: 17" x H: 24" x D: 7"

Julie's Bed & Bedding
Item# F6332
Item# F6332 $125

Moving into Mom’s new apartment also means a whole new ’70s bed set for Julie. Julie loves sleeping and dreaming in her new “far-out” bed, featuring:
A wooden, four-poster bed with a scalloped canopy and cascading beads at each corner
A tufted mattress and pillow covered in matching printed fabric
A reversible bedspread with a fun pop-art graphic on one side and stripes on the other
An orange satin throw pillow with gold tassels

Bed dimensions - W:13" x H: 22" x D: 23"

Julie's Table & Chairs
Item# F9988 $85


This lemon-yellow kitchen table is just right for Mom’s apartment. Bold colors were popular in Julie’s day—this set has two matching swivel chairs with turquoise seat pads to brighten up the room.

Julie's Egg Chair Set
Item# BKD69 $100
Released Aug 2014

After basketball practice and homework, Julie unwinds in her stereo egg chair. The set includes: A stereo egg chair with real working speakers and a 3.5mm audio cable for girls to attach to their own electronic music players. A matching plush orange ottoman. A sheet of '70s-themed decals to decorate the chair.


For Girls

Julie's Pajamas for Girls
Item# F7124 $42

A These empire-waist pajamas feature beautiful bows and butterfly trim just like the doll-sized version. Pants have a comfortable elastic waist and slightly flared legs. Flame-resistant polyester. Imported. Pink. Sizes XS-L

Peace Petals Tee for Girls
Item# BKG43 $32

Released Aug 2014

Your girl can borrow some of Julie's '70s style! This scoop-neck tee has a purple neckline and a dip-dyed finish. It features a bright floral peace-sign graphic with glitter and sequin accents. Cotton. Imported. White. Sizes XS-XL.

Tie-Dye Belted Skirt for Girls
Item# BKG44 $38

Released Aug 2014

She can step into Julie's world in this fun, funky denim skirt—it's made to look like it was fashioned from cut-off jeans, as girls from Julie's day often did. It has blue-jean pockets and a bright tie-dye scarf belt. An adjustable waistband makes for the perfect fit. Above-knee length. Cotton. Imported. Denim. Sizes 6-16.

Flower Power Leggings for Girls
Item# BKG45 $24

Released Aug 2014

These fabulous flower-print leggings are calf-length and will add sunshine to the dreariest day. Bright-yellow background with multicolored daisies. Cotton/spandex. Imported. Print. Sizes XS-L.

Crocheted Flower Hat for Girls
Item# BKG46 $16
Released Aug 2014

Top off the Julie-inspired look with this groovy lemon-yellow hat. It has a purple-and-orange border, and its big crocheted flower gives it a giant pop of color. Acrylic. Imported. Yellow. One size

Tie-Dye Tote for Girls
Item# BKG47 $28
Released Aug 2014

Julie would think this tote is "out of sight"—and your girl will agree! She can pack up her favorite gear in this brightly colored slouch bag. It has a convenient drawstring closure, a flat bottom, and a strap so she can sling it on her shoulder and carry it everywhere. Cotton/polyester. Imported. Multi.



Beforever Series 2 Books
Paperback $9.99

Julie Series 1 Books
Hardcover $12.95

Julie Frame Puzzles

Julie Saves the Eagles
Video Game -PC

Julie Fashion Studio

Cooking Studio

Just for Fun

Julie Finds a Way
DS Game

Paper Dolls

Story Collection 2

Paperback $6.95

Paperback $6.95

Paperback $6.95

Paperback $6.95

Color and Craft

Beforever Set $29.95


Julies Meet Undies. Pink with a purple iridescent iron on butterfly.