Nellie : 1906
Nellie O’Malley™ is a girl who was hired to be a servant in the house next door to Samantha Parkington’s; home. The two girls quickly become best friends, even though they have lived very different lives. The friendship they share helps Samantha learn some important lessons about life, and it helps Nellie® stay strong as she faces the challenge of keeping her family together. Practical and hardworking, she is the star of her story.

In the Spring of 2008 annoncment was made of the retirement of the full Samantha line up.
This announcement included the retirement of Nellie and her collection.
All items left in her collection were available until they sold out in 2009.


Nellie Doll & Book

Your Nellie™ doll wears a delicate dotted Swiss dress with white tights, Mary Jane shoes, and cotton underwear. She is 18 inches tall and has a soft, huggable body with arms and legs you can pose. Brush her shiny hair and tie it up with her big blue hair ribbon.

$87 NDP Nellie Doll & Paperback Book
$92 NDH Nellie Doll & Hardcover Book
Introduced to the American Girls Collection in 2004

Nellie’s Accessories

The Celtic cross necklace Nellie wears once belonged to her mother. Her straw hat shades her face from the summer sun, and is trimmed with ribbon and pansies that match her drawstring bag. Tucked inside are an embroidered hankie and a pretend Irish penny, given to her by her mentor, Miss Brennan.

$20 NMA
Released Fall 2004

Nellie’s Holiday Outfit

Nellie looks lovely in the latest turn-of-the-century styles. This drop-waist pleated dress has lace trim, a velveteen sash, and a matching hairbow. Comes with tights and shiny black shoes with gold buckle detail. Perfect for Christmas parties!

$24 NROD
Released Fall 2004

Nellie’s Holiday Coat

Nellie never imagined owning a coat this fine! It features a stylish shoulder cape and matching hat with spotted faux-fur trim. Warm red mittens keep her fingers nice and toasty. Includes trading cards.

$26 NROC
Released Fall 2004

Nellie’s Doll

Nellie treasures her porcelain doll, Lydia, a gift from her best friend Samantha.

$18 NRAD
Released Fall 2004

Jip the Dog

Jip is a playful, energetic mixed-breed pup who brings plenty of excitement to Samantha’s life.

$18 SRAA
Released Fall 2004

Central Park Sleigh & Accessories

This festive sleigh lets Samantha and Nellie glide swiftly over the snow as they huddle under a warm flannel and faux-fur blanket. Sleigh has plush fabric seat, wooden body with metal runners and rails, and a pretty holiday garland. Faux-leather bridle and reins with plastic sleigh poles attach the sleigh to the horse. Jingle bell accents announce their arrival.

$150 SRAS
Released Fall 2004

Nellie’s Pajamas for Dolls

Pajamas like these were all the rage in Nellie’s day. They feature delicate flower embroidery and matching slippers with lavender pompons.

$22 NRON
Released Fall 2004

Nellie’s Spring Party Dress

Nellie looks ready for any special occasion in this beautiful party dress! Sweetly accented with lace on the collar and skirt, the dress comes with white tights, white shoes with pink ribbon rosettes, a hairbow barrette with rhinestone heart detail, and a painted heart necklace. Includes a trading card.

$22 NVO
Released Spring 2005

Irish Dance Outfit of Today

Nellie’s Irish heritage shines in this traditional dance costume. Dress your doll to perform in a green velvet dress with Celtic-inspired embroidery and silver trim. She’ll stand tall in her poodle socks and soft-soled dance shoes. Pull her hair back with the headband—there’s a headband for you, too, plus trading cards!

$28 NZO
Released 2005