Rebecca Rubin: 1914
Rebecca Rubin™ is a girl growing up in New York City in 1914, who celebrates treasured traditions passed down through her Russian-Jewish family. With a little creativity, Rebecca learns how to stay true to her heart as she follows her dreams in the big city.


Rebecca and Ana

Candlelight for Rebecca

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Meet Rebecca

Bring Rebecca’s story to life! The Rebecca doll is 18 inches tall with a soft cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Rebecca™ arrives in authentic styles from 1914:
A red herringbone dress with velveteen cuffs and collar
White bloomers, black stockings, and two-tone boots
Wavy honey-brown hair adorned with a shiny barrette

$95 Rebecca Doll & Paperback Book
Item# F9884
$118 Rebecca Doll & Paperback Boxed Set
Item# G1132
$100 Rebecca Doll & Hardcover Book
Item# F9886
$158 Rebecca Doll & Hardcover Boxed Set
Item# G1133

Release May 2009

Rebecca's Accessories
Item# F9683

Rebecca needs these accessories to stay warm on her walk to school in New York City:
A black velveteen hat with a floral ribbon
A Russian shawl to wrap around her shoulders
A rabbit pin that is very dear to Rebecca—it was a gift from her grandmother

Rebecca Doll & Paperback Book
BKF09 $115

Released August 2014

Charismatic Rebecca Rubin has hazel eyes that open and close and beautiful honey-brown curls. She comes in an authentic 1914 outfit:

  • A white dress with a pleated plum herringbone skirt
  • A pretty purple bouclé jacket with a velvet sash, faux pearl buttons, and crisp white collar and cuffs
  • Black tights
  • Cute white bloomers
  • Matching purple shoes with faux-pearl buttons
  • A shiny golden barrette to set off her curls

The 18" Rebecca doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Includes the paperback book The Sound of Applause, the first novel-length volume of Rebecca’s classic series.

Rebeccas Accessories
BKF11 $24

Released August 2014

When Rebecca’s out and about in New York, she always makes sure to bring her favorite accessories:

  • A dramatic hat with a ruched crown and two rows of velvet ribbon trim
  • A velveteen purse on a hand strap
  • A shiny necklace that her grandmother brought from Russia

Special Edition Mini Doll
DJD50 $28

Released December 2015

The 6.5" (16.5 cm) Rebecca™ mini doll has hazel painted eyes and honey-brown curls. Her smooth vinyl limbs are posable. For a limited time, she arrives in a tiny version of Rebecca’s Holiday Outfit. Includes a doll stand that makes it look like she’s walking, plus a mini abridged version of the book The Glow of the Spotlight.

Rebecca Mini Doll & Book
BKF91 $24.99
Released August 2014

The 6.5" (16.5 cm) Rebecca mini doll has hazel painted eyes and golden-brown curls. Her smooth vinyl limbs are posable. She arrives in a tiny version of Rebecca’s authentic 1914 outfit featuring a plum dress and jacket with a velvet sash. Includes a mini abridged version of the book The Sound of Applause.

Rebecca Mini Doll & Book

This adorable 6.5 inch mini-doll comes with a mini 3 inch abridged version of the Meet Rebecca book


Rebecca and Ana

Rebecca's School Set
Item# F9687

Rebecca’s family believes a good education is the key to success, and hopes that she will be a teacher someday. Her school supplies include:
A pretend lunch, featuring cheese bagel, rolled cookies called Rugalach, pickles, and a lace-trimmed napkin
A sturdy fabric lunch box to hold her goodies
Sheet music for “You’re a Grand Old Flag,” a patriotic song Rebecca wants to sing at the school assembly
A doll-sized American flag for Rebecca to wave while she sings
A pencil, a notebook, and a pretty drawstring bag

Rebecca's School Outfit
Item# F9685

Rebecca can stay warm on her way to school in this outfit, featuring:
A ribbed button-front cardigan sweater with black trim
A pleated herringbone skirt with an attached underwaist
White stockings and black boots with button details
A blue grosgrain hairbow to sweep back her wavy hair


Candlelight for Rebecca

Rebecca's Sideboard
Item# F9719

Rebecca’s family uses this wooden sideboard for serving food and drinks at mealtime. The drawer is lined with felt, and the double-door cabinet features decorative metal hardware and really opens, providing plenty of storage space.

Rebecca's Sabbath Set
Item# F9721

Every Friday evening, Rebecca’s family celebrates the Jewish Sabbath. This special set has everything needed for the traditional meal. This set features everything Rebecca’s family needs to celebrate the Sabbath:
A Russian samovar and tray for heating water and serving tea
A tea canister and a ceramic teapot
Two glasses, pretend hallah bread, and a scalloped cloth
A pair of Sabbath candles that the women in Rebecca’s family “light” before sundown
Two blue candlesticks that were a gift to Rebecca from Mr. Rossi

Rebecca's Hanukkah Dress
Item# F9725 $28

Rebecca dreams of wearing this fancy party outfit for her family’s Hanukkah celebration:
A jacquard striped dress featuring a faux-layered georgette blouse and a fancy scalloped hem
An embroidered ribbon hairbow to sweep back her wavy hair
A pair of cream-colored tights and matching shoes

Rebecca's Winter Coat
Item# F9713 $24

Rebecca wears this faux-fur coat to ward off the chill of a New York City winter. It has decorative buttons, velveteen accents at the cuffs and collar, and a satin belt at the waist. She keeps her hands warm inside the matching faux-fur muff.

Rebecca's Hanukkah Set
Item# F9723 $22

Rebecca can't wait to light the menorah and celebrate Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights! This set features:
A beautiful menorah and nine pretend candles
A dreidel Rebecca and her cousins spin to play games
Three shiny coins, called gelt

Rebecca's Menorah & Dreidel Set
DRK95 $36

Released August 2016

Hanukkah is Rebecca’s favorite time of the year, and she dreams of the honor of lighting her family’s treasured menorah during the Festival of Lights. This set includes: 

  • A menorah with nine pretend candles, one for each of the eight days of Hanukkah and one to light them with
  • A metal dreidel, a toy that Jewish girls have loved for centuries—it really spins!
  • A set of shiny pretend coins, called gelt, that can be won in the dreidel game

Rebecca's Holiday Outfit
BKF71 $34

Released August 2014

Hanukkah is Rebecca’s favorite time of year, and she feels like a star in this outfit:

  • A periwinkle-blue dress with tulip sleeves, a shawl collar, a satin waistband with a decorative buckle, and a two-tiered skirt with lace and satin trim
  • A headband with pretty flower rosettes
  • White tights
  • Double-strap shoes

Rebecca's Tea Time Traditions
BKF99 $68

Released August 2014

Rebecca loves her family’s cherished traditions, from teatime to Friday night’s special Sabbath dinner. This special set includes:

  • Mouth-watering pretend challah bread with a white service cloth
  • A yummy make-believe custard tart with fruit
  • An elegant ceramic serving plate
  • Two drinking glasses with molded designs
  • A lovely teapot with a removable lid
  • A pretend canister of Ceylon tea
  • A pair of precious blue candlesticks from Rebecca’s neighbor Mr. Rossi, with two pretend Sabbath candles

Rebecca's Kittens
Item# F9709

Rebecca finds these two baby kittens in the basement of her apartment building. They’re both soft and furry, with plush, huggable bodies.


Rebecca and the Movies

Rebecca's Movie Dress
Item# F9689

Cousin Max gives Rebecca a special surprise for her tenth birthday—a visit to a motion picture studio! Once there, Rebecca gets to wear this beautiful outfit, featuring:
A high-fashion dress featuring ribbon rosettes on the ruffled chiffon bodice, an ombré sash, a fitted underskirt, and a handkerchief hem
A flower-trimmed hat that was a birthday gift from cousin Max
White T-strap shoes and a fleur-de-lis pendant necklace

Rebecca's Settee
Item# F9711 $98

When Rebecca visits a movie studio with Cousin Max, she finds this beautiful settee on the set. It has carved wood trim and legs, gracefully curved arms, and a velvety fabric seat.

Dimensions: W: 19" x H: 12 1/4" x D: 9"

Rebecca's Phonograph Set
Item# F9695 $44

Rebecca is given this beautiful phonograph when she visits Cousin Max’s movie studio. Girls can turn the handle to make it work—three different records really "play" songs that were popular in her day. Includes an album to store the records for next time.


Rebecca to the Rescue

Rebecca's Summer Outfit
Item# G1055 $32

Rebecca can’t wait for her family’s trip to Steeplechase Park at Coney Island! To stay cool in the sun, she chooses this summertime outfit:

  • A cotton dress with a dainty floral print, plus a gathered sash and lots of ruffles

  • A pretty hat featuring a taffeta bow will help shade her eyes from the hot summer sun

  • White patent Mary Jane shoes to match


Rebecca's Souvenir Set
Item# G1057 $32

Rebecca loved collecting souvenirs on her summer trip.
These souvenirs are the perfect way for Rebecca to remember her family’s trip to Coney Island:

  • A seashell-embossed memory book with pages to place postcards
  • Seven colorful postcards with sticker backing
  • A ride poster from Steeplechase Park
  • A wind-up carousel music box that really turns and plays the tune “Over the Waves”
  • A ride ticket that hangs on a string


Changes for Rebecca


Night Time Extra's

Rebecca's Pajamas for Dolls
Item# F9697

These sleeveless pajamas are ideal for hot summer nights, when Rebecca sometimes sleeps outside on the fire escape to keep cool. Her one-piece pajamas are trimmed in lace and blue satin bows, and come with a matching hairbow.

Rebecca's Robe & Slippers
Item# F9699

On cool mornings, Rebecca loves to wear her blue print robe with wide satin trim, fancy closures, and a satin sash. Her felt slippers have contrasting blue trim and a pom-pom at each toe.

Rebecca's Bed & Bedding
Item# F9701

When night falls in New York City, Rebecca can snuggle up for sweet dreams in this beautiful bed set:
A fancy bed with pink metal scrollwork and golden medallions
A sheer white bedspread with integrated lace
A striped pillow that fits inside an embroidered bolster with tassels at the sides
A soft mattress for her to sleep on

Rebecca's Satin PJ's
CKB94 $24

These two-piece pajamas are perfect for Rebecca’s bedtime in New York: 

  • A lilac satin top with frog closures, a front pocket, and contrast piping
  • Matching pants with piping at the cuffs
  • A striped hairbow
  • Purple slippers with pink bows

Rebecca's Bed & Bedding
CKB95 $125

As night falls in New York City, Rebecca can dream of starring on the silver screen. This set features:

  • A metal scrollwork bed adorned with golden medallions
  • A plush mattress for a good night’s rest
  • A white lace bedspread lined in purple fabric and trimmed with sheer ruffles
  • A striped pillow that fits into an embroidered white bolster with tassels on the sides

Rebecca's Bedroom Accessories
CKB96 $48

Rebecca keeps her most cherished treasures safe in her bedroom. This set includes:

  • Four painted nesting dolls, a traditional Russian toy—each one fits inside the next
  • A wooden box with a set of doll-sized dominoes that can actually be played
  • A mini abridged Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm book
  • A cloth bag for holding Rebecca’s crochet supplies: an ornate crochet hook and a finished lace doily


Extra's and Other Outfits for Dolls

Rebecca's Costume Chest
Item# F9693 $100

Rebecca can imagine that she’s a movie star with this mix-and-match costume set! This set features eight costume pieces Rebecca can wear when she dreams of being a movie star:
A sleeveless turquoise dress with golden trim at the waist
A sparkly overskirt with scalloped edges
A matching turquoise headdress
Fancy golden wings
A knit shawl with a bow at the neckline
A double-strand, faux-pearl necklace
A pair of cream-colored satin gloves
Miniature photos and magazine covers featuring movie stars from 1914
An elegant faux-leather chest with a lid that opens and a removable tray to keep everything organized

Rebecca's Lace Dress
Item# T6694 $28

When it’s time for a summer celebration, Rebecca chooses this fancy outfit:
• A drop-waist dress with eyelet lace accents, satin bows, and pintuck details at the sleeves
• A pretty pink hairbow that's perfect for sweeping back her wavy hair
• A pair of faux-patent Mary Jane shoes with bows at the toes

Released Jan 2011

Rebecca's School Play Set
Item# F9450 $64

Special edition - while supplies last When she acts in her school play, The Butterfly Queen, Rebecca gets ready with this fantastic costume and theater accessories: A brocade dress with satin sleeves, plus a long train that attaches in back—it even unfolds to reveal beautiful butterfly wings! A golden butterfly headband. Satin shoes to complete her queenly ensemble. A makeup box to help her get ready for the spotlight—it comes with a bristled brush she uses to apply make-believe powder and rouge to her cheeks. A printed program to keep as a souvenir of her starring role.

Released Feb 2014

Rebecca's Hairstyling Set
Item# F9496 $20

She can create a fancy hairstyle for Rebecca! Like the real ones from 1914, this set includes a pretend curling iron with a handle that opens and closes, a blue hairbow, and a "jeweled" hair comb to wear in her honey-brown curls.

Released Feb 2014

Rebecca's Director Set
BKF73 $75

Released August 2014

Rebecca dreams of becoming an actress someday. Authentic to 1914, this moviemaking set includes:

  • A director’s chair with a canvas seat and a big gold star
  • A megaphone with “DIRECTOR” printed on the side
  • A focus board to write the details of a scene before the actors begin, with a cloth to erase it
  • Pages from the script for Rebecca’s movie, based on actual scripts from the era
  • A mini replica of a real 1914 movie poster from The Perils of Pauline, a hit film that Rebecca wants to see
  • A mini movie magazine modeled on those from Rebecca’s day
  • Title cards, which were used before movies had sound so audiences could read the dialogue on-screen
  • Movie tickets that Rebecca keeps as mementos of films she’s seen

Rebecca's Coney Island Games
DXP10 $40

Released Fubruary 2017

It’s all fun and games at Coney Island, where Rebecca and her family have an exciting day making memories and winning special prizes. This set includes: 

  • A bottle-toss booth with 2 bottles
  • 3 bean bags to toss
  • A prize wheel with a dog prize, horse prize, and pig prize
  • A strip of tickets
  • A set of postcards to send

Rebecca's Play Dress
DXP09 $32

Released Fubruary 2017

Rebecca loves to explore New York in this fun and fashionable play outfit. The short-sleeved dress features cuffs and ruffles with decorative button details and a contrast overdress with a sash bow. White tights, two-tone boots, and a straw hat complete the look.


Books and Extras For Girls

3 Book
Box Set
BKF37 $29.99

Sound of
BKC53 $9.99

Lights, Camera, Rebecca!
BKC54 $9.99

Glow of the
BKC62 $9.99

Series 1 Covers:
Paper Back: $6.95
Hardback: $12.95

A Growing Suspicion
Paperback $6.95

Paperback $6.95
Hardback $10.95

The Crystal Ball
Paperback $6.95

Paperback $6.95

A Growing Suspicion
Paperback $9.99

The Crystal Ball
Paperback $9.99

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