Kanani Akina loves welcoming visitors to her Hawaiian home. So when her cousin Rachel comes to stay, Kanani is excited. But Rachel never seems to feel at home. Can Kanani find a way to connect with her and share the aloha spirit?

Kanani™ Doll & Paperback Book Item# G2563

Meet Kanani, our 2011 Girl of the Year! She loves to share the aloha spirit of Hawai'i with others.

Kanani™ arrives in a breezy outfit that's perfect for island life:
• An ocean blue, floral-print dress with a sequined appliqué and a ruffled hem
•A faux hibiscus flower to wear in her long, loose curls
• A traditional Hawaiian necklace made of pretend kukui nuts
• Bright blue ruffled sandals
• Cotton underwear

The Kanani doll is 18 inches tall with a soft cloth body. She has hazel eyes and long, loose curls, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. The Aloha, Kanani book is the first story about this cheerful girl who helps others by sharing the aloha spirit of Hawai'i. Author: Lisa Yee. Paperback.


Kanani's Accessories Item# T6368

Kanani loves to share the beauty of Hawai‘i with others, so she takes these accessories wherever she goes:
• A pretend camera and two photos she snapped of local island life
• A "Visit Hawai‘i" travel brochure
• A guide to the sea animals of Hawai‘i
• A printed tote to carry it all
• Her cuddly dog, Barksee, who loves to go for walks


Aloha, Kanani Item# T6405

Girls will love meeting Kanani, the 2011 Girl of the Year! Ten-year-old Kanani loves living in beautiful Hawai‘i —and she especially loves sharing the wonders of her island home with visitors. So when her cousin Rachel from New York comes to stay for a month, Kanani is excited to get to know her. But no matter what she does to help Rachel feel at home, it only seems to make her unhappy instead. Can Kanani find a way to connect with her cousin? Author: Lisa Yee. Paperback. 120 pages. Ages 8+


Kanani's Starter Collection Item# V3793

Kanani’s story really comes alive in this collection. Kanani is soft and huggable with long hair for styling. She also comes with her cuddly dog and a pretend camera, her beach outfit, and her paddleboard set. Includes the Aloha, Kanani and Good Job, Kanani paperback books.

The Kanani™ doll opens up a whole world of play. She arrives in her own special outfit:
• A floral-print dress, faux hibiscus flower to wear in her hair, a faux kukui nuts necklace, sandals and underwear.

In this collection, even more special extras bring Kanani’s story to life:
• Kanani's Accessories: a pretend camera, printed tote, travel brochure, marine animal guide, two doll-sized photos, and her cuddly dog
• Kanani's Beach Outfit: a halter swimsuit, board shorts, and printed headscarf
• Kanani's Paddleboard Set: A life vest, beach towel, faux sunscreen, map of Kaua‘i, mini magazine, paddle, and paddleboard
• Her two paperback books: Aloha, Kanani and Good Job, Kanani


Kanani's Paddleboard Set Item# T6382

Kanani's favorite sport is paddleboarding—she can "catch waves" at the beach with this set:
• A graphic paddleboard she can stand on
• A long paddle she can really hold
• A nylon life vest with buckle closures to keep her safe
• A printed beach towel for drying off
• Faux sunscreen, a map of Kaua‘i, and a mini Beach Sports magazine


Kanani's Beach Outfit Item# T6380

Kanani’s family lives near the ocean, so she spends a lot of time at the beach. This outfit is perfect for sun and fun:
• A halter swimsuit featuring a vibrant print and a gathered keyhole at the neckline
• Nylon board shorts with a contrast waistband and a floral graphic at the left leg
• A printed headscarf with an attached side-tie to pull back her long hair


Kanani's Lu'au Set Item# T6376

When Kanani takes her cousin Rachel to a traditional Hawaiian feast, she’s proud to perform in the hula dancing show. Her outfit features:
• A knit halter top that ties at the neck
• A double-layered floral skirt with a flounce at the waist
• A pair of pretend ‘uli‘uli gourds she can really hold
• A head wreath, anklets, and a lei made of faux flowers


Kanani's Pajamas for Dolls Item# T6370

Kanani lives near the ocean, and she can relax in the island breeze in these comfy PJ's:
• A sleeveless floral tunic with a keyhole accent at the gathered neckline
• Cropped leggings to layer underneath
• A pair of plush flip-flop slippers to match


Kanani's Lounge Chair Set Item# T6388

After a day of island adventure, Kanani likes to kick back and relax. This set includes:
• An upholstered lounge chair with a breezy floral print
• A matching ottoman that opens up for storage space
• A pretty embroidered pillow
• A diary with plenty of pages for writing

H: 8 3/4" x W: 10" x D: 8"

Good Job, Kanani Item# T6409

Kanani's story continues, with a second book about our 2011 Girl of the Year! Kanani is excited about selling shave ice to raise money for a cause she cares about. But she also cares about her best friend, Celina—and she promised they would take surfing lessons together. When Kanani can’t make time for Celina, their friendship begins to unravel, and she finds herself spending summer days alone. Will Kanani find a way to make things right? Author: Lisa Yee. Paperback. 120 pages.

Ages 8+ $6.95

Kanani's Shave Ice Stand Item# T6378

Kanani helps beachgoers cool off with scoops of shave ice—a delicious Hawaiian treat! On sunny days, Kanani serves up tasty island treats to tourists at her family's sweet shop. This set has everything she needs to make shave ice:
• A shave ice stand featuring a faux-straw top that's decorated with fabric flowers
• A pretend shave ice maker with a top that opens, and a place to hold a treat cup
• Six make-believe scoops of shave ice, flower-shaped treat cups, and paper napkins
• Five pretend flavor bottles that fit inside a caddy that turns
• A serving tray and a faux pineapple
• Four shave ice menus
• Six scenic Hawaiian postcards
• A poster featuring the endangered Hawaiian monk seal
• A double-sided sign: one side shows flavors of the day, the other says "We're out catchin' waves ... Be back soon!"
• An "order here" sign and a "pick up here" sign

W: 14" x H: 21" x D: 7"

Kanani's Aloha Outfit Item# T6386

Aloha means “hello,” “goodbye,” and “love” in Hawaiian. Kanani wears this outfit when she sells shave ice at the beach:
• A short-sleeved tee with a colorful Aloha screen-print at the chest
• Denim capris with an attached floral ribbon belt
• A faux kukui nut bracelet
• Pink flip-flops and sunglasses to help her stay cool in the tropical sun


Hawaiian Monk Seal Item# T6384

In her stories, Kanani helps to rescue a baby Hawaiian monk seal. This one is cute and cuddly, with a plush body and sweet whiskers. Includes a mini newspaper with an article about the seal pup Kanani saved.

As part of our Shine On Now™ charitable efforts, American Girl is donating $1 (up to a maximum of $100,000) for every Kanani plush monk seal sold in 2011 to National Wildlife Federation® to help raise awareness of endangered animals like the Hawaiian monk seal.


Kanani's Party Outfit Item# V3821

Kanani wears this beautiful velveteen dress to a special celebration. It's the same shade as the ocean, and has flutter sleeves, a sequined waistband, and floral burnout patterns on the skirt. Kanani sweeps back her long, loose curls with a braided silver headband and adds strappy sandals for the finishing touch.



Kanani's 'Ukulele Set Item# V3823

Kanani shares the aloha spirit by offering Hawaiian treats. At Rachel's going-away party, Kanani gives her cousin gifts from her family's sweet shop.
A faux bag of macadamia nuts. Make-believe dried pineapple, box of pretend mochi, woven gift box to hold all the Hawaiian goodies, greeting card with a sweet note inside, and 'ukulele that really plays music—press the button to hear a little tune!