Lanie is an energetic girl who discovers the world in her own backyard. Lanie loves science facts and wildlife and is definitly a girl with "outside genes," but the rest of her family prefers to stay at home- and indoors! When her Aunt Hannah encourages her to start gardening, bird-watching, and camping in her own backyard, Lanie realizes outdoor adventure is all around her.

Lanie™ Doll & Paperback Book
Item# G0730 $95

Meet Lanie, our Girl of the Year 2010! She loves to be outside in the sunshine. Lanie arrives in an outfit that’s perfect for exploring the outdoors:

  • A striped rugby dress with an embroidered patch
  • Canvas slip-on shoes with sunny yellow bows
  • A double-ribbon headband with a dragonfly applique
  • Cotton underwear

The Lanie doll is 18 inches tall with a soft cloth body, with hazel eyes and curly blond hair. Her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. The Lanie book is the first story about this energetic girl who discovers the world in her own back yard. Author: Jane Kurtz. Paperback.

Lanie's Starter Collection
Item# G0758 $174

Lanie’s story really comes alive in this collection. Arriving in a striped rugby dress that’s just right for sunny days, Lanie is soft and huggable with hair for styling. She also comes with her pet bunny and laptop computer, her casual garden outfit, and her cheery butterfly outfit. Includes the Lanie and Lanie’s Real Adventures paperback books.

Paperback Book: G1216 $6.95
Hardcover Book: G1218 $12.95

Ten-year-old Lanie loves science and nature, but she has a problem: she's an "outside" girl with an "inside" family. She longs to get out and go camping, but they all want to stay home. It wouldn't be so bad if her best friend was around, but she's halfway across the world, living out their dream of studying wildlife. Lanie feels she never gets to have any adventures. But when her favorite aunt comes to stay, Lanie discovers that the wonders of nature are everywhere—even in her own backyard. Author: Jane Kurtz. Paperback or Hardcover. 112 pages. Ages 8.

Lanie's Accessories
G0734 $32

Lanie loves to think up earth-friendly ideas—she can stay connected on-the-go with these accessories:

  • A pretend laptop computer and three screen clings
  • A letter and two postcards from her Aunt Hannah and best friend, Dakota
  • A heart-charm bracelet to show she loves nature
  • An embroidered messenger bag to carry it all
  • Her adorable pet bunny, Lulu, who wears a leash for walks

Lanie's Butterfly Outfit
G0744 $28

Lanie wears this eyelet dress and cropped cardigan on sunny days. Includes red canvas sandals, a monach butterfly clip, and a craft card with tips for making a buttoned barrette.

Lanie's Hammock Set
G0748 $38

Lanie loves to lounge in her hammock. Includes a matching pillow plus a nature journal for Lanies sketches.

H:10 1/4 x W: 21" x D: 9"

Lanie's Real Adventures
Paperback Book: G1220 $6.95
Hardcover: G1222 $ 12.95

Lanie is having a busy summer. The backyard wildflower garden she planted with her aunt is starting to bloom with all the flowers that butterflies like best. Lanie is delighted, but her next-door neighbor objects—she says that Lanie is growing an ugly "weed garden" and she threatens to interfere. As she searches for ways to spread the word about the benefits of natural gardening, Lanie is horrified to discover the neighbor using poisonous sprays next door—pesticides that could hurt the butterflies and birds nesting in the garden. Can Lanie find a way to get along with her neighbor—and find a creative solution to their garden problem? Author: Jane Kurtz. Paperback or Hardcover. 112 pages.

Lanie's Garden Outfit
G0746 $28

When Lanie takes care of her wildflower garden, she chooses a plaid tunic, embroidered shorts, comfy sandals, and wide-brimmed hat. Includes a beaded bracelet for her and a craft card for you.

Wild Life Set
G1563 $34

Lanie looks for these animals on walks in the woods:

  • A red fox with a plush body and black whiskers
  • A plush gray squirrel with a soft, bushy tail
  • A snowy-white owl with a plush body and speckled wings
Four paper monarch butterflies

Lanie's Nightgown and Orangutan
G0898 $28

Lanie dreams of fresh-air fun in this sweet set:

  • A brilliant blue nightgown featuring a gathered neckline and nature embroidery
  • Green slippers with dragonfly appliqués
  • An adorable plush orangutan to snuggle with at bedtime
  • A pair of blue hairbands to sweep back Lanie’s curls
  • Includes a craft card for girls with tips for creating cool art from recycled materials

Lanie's Camper & Gear
G0740 $295

This camper comes with a faux shower, refrigerator, and stove, plus the following camping gear and play food:

Sleeping Bag, Bench Cusion, Teapot, Camp cup and plate, Saucepan, Potholder, Recycling bin, Bread, 2 Food jars, Sauce jar, Pasta box, 2 Juice cans, 2 Drink cartons, 9 Sticker sheets.

Approx Weight: 43lbs.

Raccoon and Can Set
G1561 $28

When Lanie goes camping with her family, she spots this furry raccoon peeking out of this silver-colored recycling can; it features an earth-friendly message and a removable lid.

Lanie’s Nature Set
Item# G1875 $26
Lanie looks for wildlife wherever she goes, and this set is perfect for spotting birds with Aunt Hannah. It features:

  • A denim jacket with silver buttons and a cute embroidered dragonfly at one shoulder
  • Binoculars that really magnify to help her spot birds in the trees
  • A miniature nature book to help her identify the birds she sees
  • A jar filled with faux grass and a stick with five little ladybugs for her wildflower

Lanie’s Nature Outfit
Item# G1873 $28
When Lanie goes bird-watching with her Aunt Hannah, she wears this outdoorsy set.
Lanie wears this fresh outfit for nature walks. It features:

  • A bright tee with a cute embroidered owl
  • A multicolored knit scarf for warmth
  • Capri-length denim pants to keep her comfy
  • Two-toned rubber boots to protect her feet
  • Includes a craft card with tips for making a mini game from recycled materials

Lainie's Red Tee for Dolls & Girls
G2031 $29

Lanie's Blue Tee for Dolls & Girls
G0754 $29

Lanie's Green Tee for Dolls & Girls
G0752 $29

Lanie's White Tee for Dolls & Girls
G0756 $29