Marisol Luna is a lively 10-year-old girl who was born to dance. She's a fourth-grader who lives with her loving parents in a busy and largely Hispanic neighborhood in the heart of Chicago. Marisol goes to school (where she is a Two-Square champion) takes care of her cat, Rascal, plays with the kids in her neighborhood, and takes dance lessons. Ballet folklorico (Mexican folkdance) is her favorite type of dance -- and where she really shines -- but she's been exposed to some jazz and a little tap. She's also taking ballet, but she's new to it and a little impatient with its rigors. Her attitude towards ballet changes only slightly when she meets a wonderful new neighbor. Miss Mendoza is a former Rockette who gently reminds Marisol that ballet is worth working hard at, because it's the basis for all serious dance. The upsetting news that her family is moving out to the suburbs is made worse when Marisol learns that the dance studio in her new neighborhood has closed. No tap, no ballet folklorico -- not even ballet. She may have to take karate lessons! Instead, with the help of new friends, resourceful Marisol finds a way to keep dancing. She learns how to combine the best of her old world with a renewed commitment to stretch and grow and try her hardest, no matter how challenging it might be.

Marisol Danced onto the scene and made a big hit with girls and collectors. Just before Christmas of 2005 she was sold out and prices for her soared in the secondary markets.

Marisol Doll and Book

Your Marisol doll is 18” tall, with light brown eyes and long, wavy brown hair you can style in a dancer’s bun. She arrives fresh from dance class, dressed in satin cargo pants, purple wrap-around top with a pink tank underneath, and Mary Jane shoes with metallic vinyl accents. Her stylish accessories include a crocheted hat and scarf, pendant necklace, and three pairs of stick-on earrings to add flair. Includes a paperback copy of her book, Marisol.
(Marisol also came with two pink hair bands—see appendix)

$84 GT2005 discontinued 2005

Marisol's Whole World Collection Includes:

Marisol Doll and Book, Performance Trunk, and Duffle and Cat, Ballet Outfit, Spotlight Outfit, Tap Outfit, Spotlight Stage and Tiara, Wooden American Girl Stand and Book.

Marisol's Starter Collection Includes:

Marisol Doll and Book, Performance Trunk, and Duffle and Cat, an American Girl Wooden Stand and Book.

Marisol’s Ballet Outfit

Practice makes perfect in this pretty pink ballet leotard with matching footless tights, leg warmers, and ballet slippers. The shimmery wrap-skirt has a sprinkle of rhinestones in front. Includes stick-on earrings, three colored ponytail holders, 10 bobby pins, and styling instructions to create a classic dancer’s bun.

$22 GYOP discontinued 2005
Marisol’s Spotlight Outfit

Marisol’s dream is to perform as a real ballerina—in this costume! Slip her tutu made with taffeta, lace, tulle, and sewn-on sparkles over her lace-trimmed leotard. Finishing touches include stick-on earrings, a rhinestone ribbon choker, tights, and satin toe shoes with ribbon ties.

GYOR $26 discontinued 2005

Marisol’s Performance Trunk

Marisol really knows how to jazz things up! This trunk with a removable tray holds everything she needs to take her show on the road, including:
• Shimmery jazz top
• Jazz pants
• Jazz shoes
• Pink feather boa
• Purple feather boa
• Stick-on earrings
• 10 hair elastics
• 4 ponytail holders
• Ballet certificate
• Tap certificate
• Ballet poster
• Stickers to decorate the trunk

$48 GYAA discontinued 2005

Marisol’s Tap Outfit

Sometimes it’s all about the performance, so get Marisol ready to sizzle onstage in this long-sleeved leotard with a hot-pink fringe skirt, fishnet tights, and tap shoes with real taps on the bottom! Grab her glittery top hat and cane, straighten her bowtie, and get ready for the curtain call!

$26 GYOD discontinued 2005
Marisol’s Spotlight Stage and Tiara

Once her rhinestone tiara is placed in her hair just right, Marisol can spin round and round on this rotating stage with pink spotlights! At the end of her performance, she’ll love to hear cheers and applause as you press the special buttons. An attached doll stand holds her in place. Assembly required.

GYAR $30 discontinued 2005
Marisol’s Dance Duffle & Cat

Marisol loves to be on the go, and this silvery dance tote keeps her ready for anything! Tuck her fluffy cat in along with her dance necessities, like elastic bandages for sore ankles, stick-on bandages for blisters, an energy bar for snacking, and a water bottle to keep her hydrated. To stay on time and in touch, her cell phone flips open to a built-in clock that really works—batteries included! And just in case she ever leaves her trusty tote behind, a photo ID tag with a tiny charm clips right on to the zipper pull.

$24 GYAP discontinued 2005

Marisol Book
by Gary Soto

For ten-year-old Marisol, the upsetting news that her family is moving to the suburbs is made worse when she learns that her new neighborhood doesn’t even have a dance studio! In the face of this challenge, resourceful Marisol combines the best of her old world with a renewed commitment to stretch and try her hardest. Paperback. 152 pages.

$6.95 59725

Marisol originally came with Purple underwear with pink elastic trim on the legs and waist.
Original Pink Hair Elastics sold with Marisol Doll.