Balancing school and sports is a challenge for McKenna Brooks as she enters fourth grade.
When she struggles with reading, she must find a way to keep up. Can McKenna use her strengths as a gymnast to succeed in the classroom, too?

McKenna Doll & Book
Item# W0720

Meet McKenna, our 2012 Girl of the Year!
She's a determined girl who uses her strengths to turn challenges into triumphs.

The McKenna doll is 18" tall, with brilliant blue eyes that open and close. She comes in a sporty outfit just right for flips and twists: A sporty striped dress with flutter sleeves, a dropped waist, and a pleated skirt. Teal leggings that stretch for the splits! Strappy slide-on shoes. Purple cotton underwear. A hairband, to sweep her hair back during gymnastics practice. The McKenna doll has a huggable cloth body, and her movable head and limbs are made of smooth vinyl. Includes the McKenna paperback book—an engaging story that will inspire girls to go for their goals, one day at a time.

McKenna Paperback Book
Item# W1039 $6.95

Girls will love meeting McKenna, the 2012 Girl of the Year!

Ten-year-old McKenna Brooks has always excelled in school and in gymnastics. So when her grades suddenly fall, McKenna begins to doubt herself. With the help of a new friend, McKenna learns to focus on her strengths to overcome her challenges, one step at a time. But just as she begins to shine in school, McKenna is sidelined with a gymnastics injury. Will McKenna be able to springboard to success again? Author: Mary Casanova. Paperback. 128 pages. Ages 8+

McKenna's Starter Collection
Item# F3029 $185

McKenna's story really comes alive in this collection! Arriving in a dress just right for gymnastics, a sporty striped dress with flutter sleeves, a dropped waist, and a pleated skirt. Teal leggings that stretch for the splits! Strappy slide-on shoes. Purple cotton underwear. A hairband, to sweep her hair back during gymnastics practice. Also includes the McKenna paperback book.

The 18" McKenna doll has brilliant blue eyes that open and close, and long caramel hair that can be swept up for practice or styled in fancy twists. She also comes with all the supplies she needs to succeed in the gym and at school, plus an exclusive warm-up outfit!

In this collection, even more special extras bring McKenna's story to life:

McKenna's Accessories: a gym bag; mini Fantastic Gymnastics book; gym ID card; three faux dollars; a pretend water bottle and healthy snack; a poetry journal, book report, and letter of congratulations; and a special necklace from her grandmother.

McKenna's Practice Wardrobe: a sleeveless leotard; twist-front sweater; team tee and velour shorts; ankle brace for extra support; plus a headband, four hairbands, six purple elastics, and a fun hairstyle card with step-by-step instructions for a braided ponytail!

**Exclusive to this collection is McKenna's Warm-Up Outfit: A sporty zip-up sweatshirt and pair of pants she can toss on over her leotard, plus a pair of sneakers and two orange hairbands.**

McKenna's Accessories
Item# W0724 $26

McKenna has a busy schedule, so she totes her school and gym gear on the go. Includes: A mini Fantastic Gymnastics book. Three faux dollars for buying snacks at school. A pretend water bottle and faux bag of trail mix to keep her energy up. Her gym ID card, featuring her photo. A starry necklace from her grandmother. A letter of congratulations from the Shooting Star Gymnastics team. A poetry journal—a gift from her tutor to help build her confidence. A book report, with special notes from her teacher. A printed gymnastics bag big enough to hold it all

McKenna has what she needs to succeed—in the gym and at school!

McKenna's Practice Wardrobe
Item# W0726 $34

When she's "ready to fly" with Shooting Star Gymnastics, McKenna wears this sporty gear. It's made to mix and match! A sleeveless leotard featuring an athletic design and sparkly accents. A comfy tee with a gymnastics team graphic at the chest. Stretchy velour shorts with a fold-over waistband for ease of movement. To warm up between events, she can put on a twist-top cropped sweater. A fabric ankle brace gives her enough support to stick the landing! She can wear her hair in sporty styles with a headband, four multicolored hairbands, and six purple elastics. Plus, girls can create McKenna's braided ponytails using the included hairstyle card!

This mix-and-match set is perfect for gymnastics practice!

McKenna's Warm-Up Outfit

A sporty zip-up sweatshirt and pair of pants she can toss on over her leotard, plus a pair of sneakers and two orange hairbands.

McKenna's Beam & Bar
Item# W0728 $85

McKenna practices her gymnastics routines on this sturdy floor beam—it's covered in vinyl to help her "stick" landings. McKenna can really do flips on this practice bar—the grips help her hold on! The reversible gym mat will keep her safe, and the foam block will give her the confidence to learn a new move.

McKenna's School Outfit
Item# W0740 $28

McKenna dresses for warmth on school days. This outfit features: A cowl-neck, cable-knit sweater with ribbing at the waist. Lavender leggings layered underneath an embroidered denim skirt, featuring a frayed edge and starry ribbon graphic. A pair of turquoise hair clips and two-tone shoes to add pizzazz, head to toe. Plus, girls can use the included hairstyle card to create McKenna's stylish double-twist 'do.This cozy outfit is perfect for staying warm in Seattle weather.

Rainy Day Gear
Item# W0742 $34

McKenna needs this rainy-day gear to stay dry in Seattle. She can really hold this polka-dot umbrella—it opens and closes easily. Her slip-on rain boots feature printed polka dots, faux buckles, and purple trim to match.

McKenna's Loft Bed
Item# W0738 $225

Made of sturdy wood and featuring star-scroll detailing, McKenna's bedroom set also doubles as a study station with a built-in desk and shelves! Includes 32 pieces in all: A loft bed with an attached ladder and hooks for hanging clothes. A soft purple mattress and two plump pillows create a cozy place to dream. A reversible quilt to keep her warm—solid purple on one side, star print on the other. A purple metal chair for her desk, featuring an open scrolled back and a green cushioned seat. A pretend clock with hands that "move". A faux lamp for her desk. An achievement certificate, starry trophy, and three gymnastics ribbons from past competitions. A toy version of McKenna's adorable pet hamster, Polka Dot! Your girl can keep the hamster inside a clear cage that opens up, and comes with a faux water bottle, an exercise wheel, and treat bowl. Three faux pencils and a lined pad of paper for homework. Confidence boosters: a letter from her mom, an encouragement mirror from a friend, and a heart note that says "Never give up!" A faux bumper sticker that says "I love gymnastics" and a gymnastics poster. Three mini hardcover books McKenna uses to practice her reading skills: Harry the Dirty Dog, Judy Moody, and Charlotte's Web. A shaggy green rug, plus a comfy floor pillow for Cooper, McKenna's pet goldendoodle (sold separately). Removable stickers girls can use to decorate the loft bed and make it their own. McKenna feels like she's on top of the world in her starry loft bed!

McKenna's Pajamas
Item# W0732 $24

McKenna can dream of making the competitive Shooting Star Gymnastics team in these cozy pajamas: A sporty top with cropped raglan sleeves and an ombré graphic at the chest. Matching pants with an allover starry ribbon print. Embroidered slippers keep her toes toasty. Two hairbands, plus a hairstyle card with fun tips for creating McKenna's low side pony.

Get-Well Set
Item# W0746 $30

When McKenna injures her ankle, she's determined to heal quickly so she can get back to gymnastics. This get-well set includes everything McKenna needs to make a speedy recovery: A faux cast that fits on McKenna's leg—her friends and family signed it to show they care. A pair of pink crutches, and a stretchy bandage help her heal. McKenna's twin sisters gave her a "feel better" gift: a cute stuffed panda and a card to lift her spirits.

McKenna's Fancy Outfit
Item# W0819 $28

McKenna wears her fanciest outfit to celebrate success. Her dark-teal dress shimmers and sparkles, featuring contrast binding and a pink satin underskirt that peeks out at the hem. She sweeps back her long hair with six hair elastics and adds a looped ribbon clip adorned with rhinestones for a special touch. Includes pink platform sandals and a hairstyle card with tips for creating McKenna's crown braid.

McKennas Dog
Item# W0744 $24

McKenna chose her sweet goldendoodle dog from a whole litter of puppies. Cooper has a huggable body, curly caramel fur, and warm brown eyes. He can sit and stand, and comes with an orange leash for walks around the block.

McKenna, Ready to Fly! Paperback Book
Item# W1041 $6.95

McKenna's story continues, with a second book about our 2012 Girl of the Year!

McKenna's cast is coming off soon, but she still has to get through tryouts for the Shooting Star competitive gymnastics team. She's finally doing better in school, thanks to Josie's tutoring. When Josie needs help facing her fear of horseback riding, McKenna wants to be there. Only that causes trouble with her gymnastics teammate, Toulane. McKenna desperately wants to be true to both of them. Can she find a way to do what's right? Author: Mary Casanova. Paperback. 128 pages. Ages 8+

McKenna's Performance Set
Item# W0730 $28
McKenna can shine in the spotlight with this performance set designed to keep all eyes on her!
  • A lemon-yellow leotard, featuring foil star graphics and contrast sleeves
  • She can add sparkle to her rhythmic gymnastics routines with a purple hoop and ombré ribbon wand she can really hold!
  • Her hair will stay neat while she performs with six clear elastics and a curlique ponytail holder
  • Includes a hairstyle card with easy-to-follow tips for creating her high bun

Released June 2012

Performance Set
Team Jacket and Gear
McKenna's Team Gear
Item# F3600 $24
McKenna is ready to fly with her team at Shooting Star Gymnastics! She's proud to wear her gear, including:
  • A warm-up jacket featuring a zip front, contrast sleeves, and her name embroidered on the back
  • A braided friendship bracelet for good luck
  • A pair of soft slippers to keep her feet warm between events
  • And when the meet is all done, a golden gymnastics medal shows she did her best!

Released June 2012
"An American Girl, McKenna Shoots for the Stars" DVD or Two-disc Blu-Ray/DVD Combo
DVD Item# F2408 $14.95
DVD/BlueRay Combo Item#F4368 $21.95

Nine-year-old McKenna Brooks is on track to make the regional competitive team in gymnastics but off track in school, where she's struggling to keep up. When McKenna has to get a tutor, she's embarrassed—and desperate to keep her tutoring a secret. Then she has an accident at the gym, which sidetracks her from gymnastics. Could things get any worse?

McKenna needs her friends now more than ever, but the secret she's keeping is driving a wedge between her and them. Can she find the courage to tell her friends the truth? And will she recover from her injury in time to return to the sport she loves?

McKenna needs to find a way to believe in herself again—and keep working toward her goals, one step at a time.

DVD or Two-Disc Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack (includes a feature film Blu-ray disc, as well as a feature film DVD disc).

McKenna DVD/Blue Ray