Mia St. Clair loves skating. But with three hockey-obsessed older brothers, she usually has to enjoy the kind that requires a puck. When she finally pursues her true passion—figure skating—she discovers what it takes to be the best she can be, as well as how to bring out the best in others.

Mia Doll & Paperback Book
Item# F7242 $90

Mia’s story comes alive when she arrives perfect for practice at the Lucerne Ice Arena, where she follows her dream to become a figure skater. She’s soft and huggable, with hair for styling and a body to pose. Plus, she brings her adventures with her in the Mia book. Mia opens up a whole world of play. Her styles keep her cozy on the ice so she can practice with passion:
* A zip-top turtleneck sweater with thumbholes and printed gray snowflake
* A heather-gray jersey skirt with corduroy yoke, embroidery, and sequins
* Star-print underwear
* Light pink tights
* Blue high-top sneakers with pink laces
* Plus, Mia has long red hair, green eyes, and pretty freckles
Mia’s 18-inch doll body is soft cloth; her head and limbs are smooth vinyl. She’s poseable for hours of fun to come. The Mia book enhances playtime with her story of finding the courage to follow her dream. She has to work hard and learn from her mistakes. Does Mia have what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skater?

Mia Paperback Book
Item# 94098 $6.95

Girls will love meeting Mia, the Girl of the Year 2008! Mia has grown up playing ice hockey with her three older brothers and has the skills she needs to become a star hockey player. But she's tired of skating in her brothers' shadows and has decided to pursue her passion for figure skating instead. With the help of a new coach, Mia finds out whether she has what it takes to grow and compete as a figure skater. Author: Laurence Yep. Paperback. 136 pages.

Mia's Accessories
Item# F7248 $28

A budding figure skater, Mia needs her gear to practice with the Lucerne Skate Club:

* White faux-leather figure skates with laces
* Blue skate guards to help her walk when she’s not on the ice
* A zippered skate bag to hold her gear when she goes to lessons
* A music player that really works and pretend headphones
* Plus a dock and a striped elastic armband that holds the music player in place while she skates


Mia's Starter Collection
Item# F7481 $168

Mia’s story really comes alive in this collection. Arriving in an outfit perfect for a day at the rink, Mia also brings special items such as her figure skates. She’s soft and huggable, with hair for styling. Plus, she comes with her Mia book. The Mia doll opens up a whole world of play. Perfect for twirling and performing at the ice skating rink, her styles include:
* A zip-top turtleneck sweater with thumbholes and printed gray snowflake
* A heather-gray jersey skirt with corduroy yoke, embroidery, and sequins
* Star-print underwear
* Light pink tights and blue high-top sneakers with pink laces
* Plus, Mia has long red hair, green eyes, and pretty freckles
In this collection, even more special extras bring Mia’s story to life:
* Her 2-in-1 skate outfit, featuring a turtleneck sweater, long-sleeved knit gloves, denim mini skirt, fleece hat, and leg warmers, plus her well-loved hockey jersey, hockey stick, and puck
* Her practice outfit, featuring an off-the-shoulder skate tee, sport pants, knit mittens, headband, and fleece scarf with embroidery
* White figure skates and blue skate guards, a zippered skate bag, and a music player that really works, plus pretend headphones, a dock, and armband
* Her second paperback book, Bravo Mia!

Mia's PJ's Set
Item# F7264 $22

It’s easy for Mia to dream of becoming a world-class skater in these pretty pajamas:

* A faux-layered pajama tank with cut jersey ties and flower graphic
* Cropped wide-leg pajama pants with printed flowers on the right leg
* Gathered slippers to keep her toes toasty
* A pair of purple hair ties

Mia's Bedroom Furniture
Item# F7252 $125

When Mia wants to dream of becoming a figure skater, she spends time in her bedroom. Mia loves her bedroom set, featuring:
* A three-sided furniture unit with blue metal trim
* A closet with drawers and hooks for storing her skating gear
* A bed mattress that pulls out for sleeping, or folds up to create a comfy lounge chair
* A desk with coordinating blue plastic chair
* A white pillow with ribbon trim for her bed

Mia's Bedroom Accessories
Item# F7254 $30

Mia’s passion for figure skating shines through in her frosty-themed bedroom. With this skating-inspired bedroom décor, Mia creates a cozy place to dream:
* Three posters of figure skaters and city scenes (one is reversible!)
* Snowflake stickers to hang the posters on her bedroom walls
* Four skating ribbons and a skating trophy from past competitions
* A fleece bedspread with a tie-dye and star print to keep her warm at night
* Plush penguin and walrus
* A calendar so Mia can organize her busy schedule at the rink
* Mini versions of the Sports Secrets and Real Fitness books, filled with athletic advice and fun ideas for staying fit

Mia's Practice Outfit
Item# F7262 $24

Mia knows Coach Schubert will make her work hard at skating practice, so she stays comfortable in this outfit. Mia wears this sporty outfit when she’s perfecting her moves on the ice:
* An off-the-shoulder graphic skate tee with tank straps, just like her favorite figure skaters always wear
* Boot-cut sport pants with contrast piecing down the right leg
* A slip-through fleece scarf with a purple embroidered snowflake
* Knit mittens to keep her hands cozy
* A turquoise-colored headband to sweep her hair away from her face

Mia's Purple Ice Skates
Item# F7650 $14

Mia wants to save her performance skates for the rink, so she uses her purple skates and skate guards when she practices on the pond. Silver detail and laces make these pretty skates sparkle.

Mia's 2-in-1 Skate Outfit
Item# F7260 $34

She’s a figure skater now, but Mia has played ice hockey her whole life. She chooses this mix-and-match skate outfit to stay warm at the pond. When Mia wants to practice her spins or play hockey with her three older brothers, she wears this cozy skate outfit, featuring:
* A Fair Isle-inspired turtleneck sweater with short sleeves
* Knit gloves that cover her arms and attach to her sweater
* A denim mini skirt
* Knit leg warmers with pompons
* A fleece hat to keep her warm
* A well-loved white hockey jersey with blue stripes
* Her hockey stick with pretend tape, and a puck so she can go for the goal

Mia's Ice Rink
Item# F7250 $49

With this 2-in-1 set, girls can imagine what it’s like to skate with Mia. Girls can imagine they’re skating in the spotlight with this set, featuring:
* A rotating stand that holds Mia as she spins on the ice
* Two songs that play with the push of a button
* Reversable foldout boards with outdoor frozen pond and indoor ice arena scenes
* Stickers to decorate the ice rink
* 12 elastic bands and instructions to help pose Mia
Bravo, Mia! Paperback Book
Item# 94104 $6.95

Mia’s story continues, with a second book about the Girl of the Year 2008. Mia has been training all year to master the figure-skating moves she needs to compete at Regionals. But when a family crisis threatens Mia's chances of competing, she's heartbroken. She knows what it means to be a good sport, but will she be able to accept this latest challenge with determination and grace? Author: Laurence Yep. Paperback. 136 pages.
Mia's Performance Outfit
Item# F7258 $28

When Mia performs at the Lucerne Winter Show, she chooses this beautiful skating outfit. Mia sparkles in the spotlight when she wears this special outfit, featuring:
* A turquoise skate dress with a draped neckline and a sparkly fabric skirt
* Three silk flowers with sequin centers grace the left shoulder
* A bodice with embroidered flowers and sequins that sparkle in the spotlight
* A hair band with three silk flowers to keep her hair styled as she skates
* Skin-tone tights to keep her legs warm

Mia's Hair Clips & Case
Item# F8187 $32

Mia can use everything in this styling kit when she wants to create an elegant hairdo. When it’s time for Mia to perform in the Lucerne Winter Show, her hairstyle will shine with:
A handy case with a mirror and compartments for storing her special hair accessories
2 silvery bobby pins embellished with sparkly blue jewels
6 star-shaped hair clips
10 blue elastics
12 copper-colored hair pins to keep Mia’s hairstyle in place while she spins
20 clear elastic bands
A silver tiara studded with faux rhinestones
A doll hair brush your girl can use to give Mia a special ’do
A luggage tag on a chain that Mia can use on her case
A mini version of the Doll Hair book filled with styling tips and tricks

Mia's Silver Skate Dress
Item# F8185 $28

Mia is ready to shine in this special skating outfit:
A velour leotard with sparkly mesh sleeves and a matching ruffled skirt
A soft headband to sweep back her hair
A sparkly feathered comb to catch the light when she’s on the ice
A pair of mesh tights to match