Ten-year-old Nicki Fleming is a natural with animals. She’s also compassionate, dependable... and very busy! But when Nicki is asked to train Sprocket the pup as a service dog, she must decide how many tasks she can juggle—and which are most important.

Nicki Doll & Paperback Book

Your Nicki doll is 18 inches tall, with long caramel-colored hair, freckles, and blue eyes. Growing up on a Colorado ranch means hard work but also the rewards of riding her horse, Jackson, and spending time with Sprocket the pup. Nicki arrives wearing a western-inspired outfit: a cream eyelet bodysuit with pearlescent buttons, a faux-wrap skirt with floral embroidery, and faux-leather boots with lace trim. Includes paperback book, Nicki.

$87 GT2007
Retired December 2007

Nicki Book

Nicki Fleming is a natural with animals. She lives with her family on a ranch in Colorado, where she loves to ride her horse, downhill ski, and go shopping with her best friend, Becca. When her mother announces that she’s expecting twins, life for Nicki starts to change—and fast. Soon, Sprocket the pup arrives to be trained as a service dog and Nicki realizes that she may have bitten off more than she can chew! But she’s an optimist and likes the idea of doing what she can to help others, even if it means giving up some of the things she loves most.

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Nicki’s Starter Collection

The Nicki doll opens up a whole world of play. Girls can pretend that she’s riding around her family’s Colorado ranch on horseback and caring for the animals she loves!

• 1 Nicki doll in a Cream Eyelet Bodysuit, Skirt, and Boots
• Nicki paperback book
•Ranch Outfit and duffle bag
•Straw Hat
•Tie Top and Shorts Outfit
•Sprocket the pup

$165 GT2007S
Retired November 2007


Nicki’s Ranch Oufit for Dolls

When Nicki and her dad head out on horseback, dress her in these corduroy pants, faux-suede chaps with floral embroidery, a long-sleeved horse tee, and faux-snakeskin boots. Includes a duffle bag for storing extra clothes that Nicki can change into after the ride.

$34 GYOC

Nicki’s Straw Hat

Nicki’s straw hat has pink faux-suede trim and shades her eyes from the Western sun. Tighten the beaded chin strap to keep her hat secure, whether she’s working on the ranch or walking with Sprocket.

$12 GYSH
Retired December 2007


Nicki’s Tie Top & Shorts

On peaceful afternoons, Nicki takes Sprocket into the mountains for a day at play. Keep her comfortable in khaki shorts and a ribbon belt, and tie a floral-print shirt over her favorite pink tank top. Make sure she wears her hiking sandals with comfortable faux-cork soles in case they decide a long walk is in order.

$24 GYOT
Retired December 2007

Jackson the Horse

Nicki loves to go galloping across the mountain meadows on Jackson, her beautiful buckskin horse. His velour-covered coat is a light-chocolate-milk color, and his dark mane and tail can be stroked and styled. Position the two-tone blanket under his saddle, attach the bridle, and Nicki’s ready to ride! W: 5” x H: 16 1/2” x L: 23”

$65 GYAJ

Jackson’s Tack Box

Taking care of the horses is a daily chore for Nicki, but Jackson gets special treatment! Help Nicki open his tack box to find everything she’ll need to give him a good grooming: a berry-colored brush, ankle wraps to take care of injuries, and a bag of carrots so she can give him a treat when she’s done. At the end of the day, store the saddlebags and western-style saddle inside the tack box, too

$34 GYJA
Retired December 2007

Nicki’s Dog-in-Training

Sprocket the pup is black and white with caramel spots all over. No one is sure of his breed—perhaps a mix of Australian shepherd, border collie, and Bernese mountain dog—but one thing is certain: all he has to do is tilt his head and look at Nicki with his big brown eyes, and she’s in love. As part of his training, Nicki makes sure he always wears his service-dog vest when they go out and about, and she brings along his training log to record progress. Of course, she never leaves home without his scoop sacks and box of pretend treats for a job well-done.

$24 GYAS
Retired December 2007

Nicki’s Gala Outfit

Nicki worked hard to make her school’s gala event a success, so she wants to look her best for the big night. Dress her in a gathered mesh skirt with floral embroidery and a twill jacket that features lace trim and copper- and nickel-colored studs. Help her set the scene aglow by slipping on her rhinestone-embellished ballet flats and setting her hair in a special style with six pink hair clips.

$26 GYOG
Retired December 2007

Thanks to Nicki
Item# 92902 $6.95

Nicki Fleming's story continues, with a second book about the Girl of the Year 2007. Ten-year-old Nicki has had a busy summer on her Colorado ranch. When she wasn’t training Sprocket to become a service dog, she was helping her mother, who is expecting twins soon.
Yet Nicki is dreading the fall, when Sprocket will have to leave for more training and will eventually be placed with a person who has special needs. The beginning of the school year also means she’s stuck in the middle—caught between her two best friends, Kris and Becca, who can’t seem to get along. Can Nicki find a way to let Sprocket go and keep both of her good friends close?
The “True Story” section at the back of the book focuses on real girls who have experience training service dogs. Author: Ann Howard Creel. Paperback. 116 pages.

Released Spring 2007

Nicki's Ski Wear
Item# F6209 $28

Nicki's ready for some ski time, and she'll have everything she needs with this outfit. Nicki says, "Let it snow!" She's ready to hit the slopes in her ski outfit, featuring:
A funnel-neck sweater
Nylon ski pants with contrast stitching and a graphic on the left leg
Matching logo-print mittens and sweater-knit slipper socks to keep her toasty warm
Her favorite vest, featuring a faux-fur-trimmed hood, a reflective patch, and a lift ticket that clips on with a tab, also included

Released Summer 2007

Nicki's Ski Gear
Item# F6211 $32

Nicki can’t wait to glide down the Colorado mountains! With everything here, her run is sure to be a success. She can zip down the hills with all the gear in this set:
Boots with hook-and-loop straps and skis with bindings
Poles with gripper handles that she can really hold
Goggles and a helmet to keep her safe
Race gates to mark the course
Includes stickers for girls

Released Summer 2007

Nicki's Whole World Collection
Item# F6761 $325

Nicki's whole story comes alive in this collection. Arriving in an outfit perfect for exploring her family's Colorado ranch, Nicki also brings all her outfits and special extras such as Jackson the horse. Nicki is soft and huggable, with hair for styling. Plus, she comes with her two books, Nicki and Thanks to Nicki.
Retired December 2007