Red Vinyl Jumper Outfit

The new outfit that the American Girl Today doll comes in includes: a red vinyl jumper with fashionable zippered pockets. It’s teamed with a black turtleneck sweater, fancy argyle tights, a plaid ponytail wrap, polka-dot underpants, and lug-soled black boots.

The doll now comes with just one blank book “Meet ____” as well as the Writer’s Guide and stencil and a full sized edition of American Girl magazine.

Doll With Outfit Price $82

Outfit only $22 GMOD discontinued 2001
(See appendix)

American Girl Today Accessories

Black beret, Notebook necklace, Lunch box purse, Library card, Lunch tickets, 3 pretend dollars, Mini American Girl magazine, 10 stick-on Mini Grin Pins

$20 GMAD discontinued 2001

Medieval Princess Outfit

Her majesty’s sparkly dress is trimmed in velvet with jewels, bows, and a gold satin belt. A jeweled necklace, a gilded crown, and golden slippers complete her regal look. Don’t forget her treat bag!

$24 GHOP discontinued 2003

’60’s Hippie

This flower-power costume is groovy! Start with bell-bottom hip huggers, a tie-dyed shirt, and a fringed vest. Adorn her hair with daisies and a flower headband. Grab her candy bucket, then slip on her love beads, granny glasses, and sandals. Peace!

$24 GHOH discontinued 2003

’50’s Sock Hopper

Your American Girl’s poodle skirt, accented with a pretty pearl belt buckle, looks sweet as can be when matched with a bubblegum pink blouse that’s trimmed in rhinestones. With her saddle shoes, bobby socks, hair scarf, and cool cat-eye glasses, she’s ready to twist the night away! Fill her treat bag with yummy snacks, too.

$24 GHOF discontinued 2001

Sparkling Mermaid

This princess of the deep wears a twinkly, fitted knit dress with matching fin-shaped flipper slippers and carries a treat bag. A coral crown and a fishnet wrap sprinkled with underwater seat creatures complete this ocean outfit! Your mermaid’s identity remains a mystery with a shiny green mask.

$24 GHOM discontinued 2000

Rootin’, Tootin’ Cowgirl

Giddy up, American Girl, in this Wild West skirt and jacket. A white tank top is perfect under her jacket, and the hat, boots, and bandanna complete her getup! The costume includes a lariat, sheriff’s pin, black mask, and treat bucket for Halloween candies!

$24 GHOC discontinued 2000
(See appendix)

Kitty Cat

Dress your American Girl to purr-fection in this velour catsuit. It has matching gloves and a pair of slippers with embroidered claws. A rhinestones studded collar, a whisker-trimmed mask, and headband ears make this costume the cat’s meow! Better keep that friendly mouse out of her pumpkin pail!

$24 GHOK discontinued 2002

Snowball Sweater & Leggings

In a soft, fluffy sweater with a hint of sparkle, your American Girl is as pretty as the glistening snowflakes that fall outside! Her frosted velour leggings, shimmery headband, and faux-fur trimmed ankle boots keep her warm head to toe!

$22 GXOS discontinued 2001

Holiday Bibs Outfit

In evergreen bibs with gold buckles, your American Girl is as festive as the tree she’s trimming! Pair the velvety bibs with a creamy blouse and gold shoes. Add the shimmer of a satin hair ribbon and an AG necklace, and she’s ready to deck the halls, too!

$22 GXOB discontinued 2000

Holiday Dress

Your American Girl is ready to wish everyone “Happy Holidays” in this berry red party dress. The bodice is a rich velour and the taffeta skirt is perfect for taking a twirl. With glittery gold tights, red shoes, and a bow barrette, she’s definitely dressed in holiday style!

$22 GXOD discontinued 2001

Snowflake Jumper

Your American Girl reflects the wintry wonderland outside when she’s dressed in this special outfit! Gold and white snowflakes sparkle on a velvety black jumper. The white satin blouse has sheer sleeves with a hint of shimmer. Black and gold tights, shiny party shoes, and a beaded headband complete her look.

$22 GXOJ discontinued 2001

Tree & Trimmings

"O Christmas tree,O Christmas tree!"
How lovely are its branches—especially when they’re decked with glowing white lights and holly-jolly trimmings. This artificial tree, standing 24” tall, is the centerpiece of your American Girl’s holiday celebration. You can even personalize it with your own decorations made from ideas in the Trim-a-Tree book!

Tree, 1 string of white electric lights, 5 yards of red pearly garland, 5 yards of holiday ribbon, 3 yards of jewel garland, Gold star tree topper, Reversible tree skirt, Trim-a-Tree book with ideas to make your own decorations

$35 GXAT discontinued 2001

Holiday Ornaments

So many ornaments! With more than one hundred tiny treasures for the tree, your American Girl will need all her friends to help do the decorating.

9 glittery snowflakes, 6 shiny glass bells, 6 glass teardrops, 18 frosted icicles, 12 colored balls, 6 assorted birds, 12 assorted figures, 12 velveteen bows, 12 assorted bells, 12 candy canes, 25 mini glass balls, 100 ornament hooks

$32 GXAD discontinued 2001

Perfect Presents

This collection of pretend presents comes wrapped and ready to go. Spread them under your American Girl’s tree, but don’t open them—they’re just for fun!

4 wrapped presents, 2 holiday gift bags, Assorted colored tissue paper, and a Teddy bear to tuck in a gift bag.

$18 GXAC discontinued 2001

It’s a Wrap

This miniature gift wrap kit makes under-the-tree presents a snap to wrap!

3 rolls of gift paper, 6 mini bows, 3 tiny gift boxes, 3 gift tags, 2 spools of ribbon, 1 roll of raffia ribbon, Transparent tape, and Scissors

$16 GXAW discontinued 2001

Cookie Set

Christmas cookies make a sweet treat for your American Girl and her friends. This cookie set has everything you need!

5 assorted cookie cutters, Rolling pin, Decorated cookie tin, Lacy cotton doily, Wicker basket & bow, and 6 pretend cookies.

$18 GXAC discontinued 2001

Birthday Outfit

Bet your American Girl makes a birthday wish for a fresh-fruit slipdress, jelly sandals, and a crisp white T-shirt to wear on her special day. Twist the beaded ponytail wrap in her hair and she’s ready to say “Cheese!” in every birthday snapshot.

$22 GBOS discontinued 1999

Croquet Set

What says outdoor summer fun like a game of croquet? The set includes a wooden stand with two mallets, two colored balls, two end posts, nine wickets, and game-playing instructions so your American Girl can challenge her best pal to a friendly match.

$20 GBAS discontinued 1999

Riding Outfit

Showcase your American Girl’s riding skills in her sleek equestrian gear. Dress her in the riding breeches, pinstriped blouse, and classic navy wool riding jacket. Lace up her brown paddock boots and fasten the chin strap on her helmet. She’s ready for the big jump!

$26 GAOR discontinued 2004

American Girl Horse

What a beauty! Braid her thick brown mane and tail, and stroke her velvety coat. The position the royal blue saddle blanket and leather saddle, adjust the stirrups, take the reins, and you’re off! Don’t forget to give her the name you’ve always dreamed of for a horse of your own.

$58 GAAH

Play Outfit

Here’s the perfect outfit for outdoor fun. Dress your American Girl in the pretty red floral skirt and matching headband. Layer her white tank top with the denim shirt-jacket for cool-weather outings. Before she heads to the park, slip on her sandals and fasten the Add-a-Girl necklace.

$22 GAOG discontinued 2000
(See appendix)

Picnic Outfit

Your American Girl is ready for a day in the park in her sleeveless blouse and denim shorts. Shade the rays with her sun-glasses—the attached cord keeps them handy. Strap on her sandals and tie her hair in the blooming ponytail wrap. Last one to the picnic spot is a rotten egg!

$20 GAOP discontinued 2000

Picnic Goodies

Plan a picnic for your American Girl and her pal! Pack a lunch in the cooler—the sliding lid works as a table top! Inside is a sub sandwich to share, two oranges, two juice boxes, and two fudge brownies.

$14 GAAP discontinued 2001

Summertime Toys

Send your American Girl out to play with her favorite summer toys. Help her toss the sky simmer that really flies, or blow real bubbles from the bottle of Tiny Bubbles. Watch her wave the colorful ribbon baton and skip jump rope. Finish the day with a game of Boing-O Ball.

$12 GAAG discontinued 2001

Swimming Outfit

Your American Girl will be a hit at the beach in her swimsuit, surfer shorts, and beach towel!

$14 GAOS discontinued 2001

Beach Accessories

With her pretend sun block, snorkel, mask, fins, and tropical fish guidebook, she can scout a coral reef. It all packs inside her mesh duffel bag.

$12 GAAS discontinued 2001

Hiking Outfit

Your American Girl can head for the hills in her rugged weekend camping gear! Her T-shirt and hiking shorts keep her comfy, while her rag wool socks and hiking boots prevent blisters! Be sure to pack the nylon windbreaker in case it gets cool!

$22 GAOC discontinued 2003
(See appendix)

Backpack Essentials

Make sure she has her first-aid kit—just in case! The water bottle really opens. Store it all in her roomy backpack. Extra straps hold a sleep sack for overnight trips!

$16 GAAB discontinued 2003

Orienteering Accessories

Your American Girl can blaze a trail with this handy gear. Strap on her wristband compass and refer to the trail map to help her stay on course. Hand her the binoculars to spot unusual birds. When night falls, her Coleman two-in-one flashlight/lantern will light the way—it really works!
(lantern also includes an extra light bulb and a mini screwdriver)

$14 GAAC discontinued 2001

Snooze Shirt & AG Bear Slippers

Your American Girl’s dreams will be sweet every night in a pretty pink nightshirt covered in an envelope print to match her other sleep gear. Keep her toes toasty in plush Miss AG Bear slippers. A mini Games and Giggles book will keep her busy till bedtime.

$18 GTON discontinued 2000/2001

Union Suit

Keep your American Girl cozy and warm in this waffle-knit, one-piece union suit. It’s periwinkle blue with white buttons up the front and a drop seat in back, just like old-fashioned long johns. At bedtime, she can curl up in comfort with her mini Help! book full of advice for girls.

$18 GTOU discontinued 2000/2001


This two-piece pajama set with cuddly cotton sleep shirt and flannel bottoms is perfect for lounging! Also includes a mini Crafts for Girls book.

$18 GTOP discontinued 2000/2001

Plaid Robe & Sleep Socks

When it’s time for slumber parties and late-night talks, make sure your American Girl has her robe and sleep socks! This soft flannel robe in a pretty plaid has patch pockets and black piping trim. The matching pink sleep socks pair perfectly with her sleepwear.

$18 GNOB discontinued 2000/2001

These undies came with the Red Vinyl Jumper Outfit.
The white tank top included with the Cowgirl Halloween Outfit and the Playtime Outfit.
The tee shirt included with the Hiking Outfit.