GT18 and GT19 get makeovers:

GT18 gets bangs and GT19’s eyes change from gray to green

Plaid Skirt & Sweater

Your American Girl will go to the head of the class in a plaid flannel skirt, a sleeveless denim shirt worn under a heather green sweater, gray knee-highs, black shoes with silver buckles, and a star necklace.

$24 GSOK discontinued 2001
(See appendix)

Drawstring Cargos & Plaid Shirt

Dress your American Girl in layers so she’s ready for any weather. Start with draw string cargos with cargo pockets and add a gray T-shirt, plaid flannel shirt, hooded sweatshirt, bucket hat, and suede sneakers.

$24 GSOH discontinued 2001

Blue Jean Basics

Send your American Girl off to school or play in a pair of boot-cut blue jeans that are broken in just right, a long sleeved, striped ribbed turtleneck, purple socks, and black lace-up shoes.

$22 GSOJ discontinued 2001
(See appendix)

School Gear

Everything your American Girl needs to get straight A’s fits into her saddlebag backpack: Binder, spiral notebook, pencil, folder with 4 work sheets, report card, calculator, math book

$20 GSAG discontinued 2001

Mini Much Bag

Pack a lunch for your American Girl to munch. Her lunch bag has a shoulder strap for easy toting and holds a slice of pizza in a plastic container, a garden salad, half a banana, a carton of milk, and a peanut butter cookie. Don’t forget the napkin, straw, and “spork”!

$18 GSAM discontinued 2001

School Activity Table & Chairs

Gather your American Girl and her classmates around the activity table to study. The table gives them enough elbow room to tackle several projects at once, and two sturdy blue chairs stack for easy storage.

$60 GST discontinued 2001

Chalk/Bulletin Board Set

Only a week to go until the geography report is dues! Your American Girl and her classmates have everything they need to plan their presentation:

Two sided chalk/cork bulletin board, 5 pieces of chalk, felt eraser, pointer, pull-down U.S. map, 20 pushpins (the chalk came in a little blue cardboard box, and the pushpins came in a plastic container)

$28 GSAB discontinued 2001
(See appendix)

Cheerleader Outfit

Your American Girl’s got spirit to spare and a cheer to share! Dress her in a classic pleated skirt, shell top, ankle socks, white tennies, and a white ponytail wrap.

She’s wearing white briefs for cartwheels, and has pompons to lead the wave!

$22 GSOL discontinued 2001
(See appendix)

Softball Uniform

What a catch! Your American Girl will be the star of the team in her striped jersey, pants, knee-high socks, and cap. Toss her a few ground balls so she can scoop them up with her glove. Then pock up her wooden bat and show her how to swing for a grand slam! One ball included.

$24 GLOB discontinued 2001

Martial Arts Suit

Your American girl can earn a black belt! Dress her in the traditional uniform—crisp, white pants and a kimono style jacket—before she bows to her opponent. Don’t forget the sparring pad for blocking punches! Award her ten belts of different colors as she works her way up the ranks.

$22 GLOM discontinued 2001

Basketball Uniform

Swish! Challenge your American Girl to a game of one-on-one! Aim the basketball at the hoop—the shoot! She’ll be ready for the rebound in her mesh tank, shorts, socks, and high-top shoes. The terry headband will keep the sweat out of her eyes at the free-throw line. Ball pump included.

$24 GLOL discontinued 2003

Tennis Outfit

Game, set, and match! Your American Girl is ready for action in her white tennis dress, shorts, sun visor, striped socks, shoes, and terry wristband. She has her own tennis racket and a brand new can of balls so she can practice her backhand. (Shorts have a mesh pocket on each leg to hold tennis balls, can contains 3 tennis balls)

$24 GLOT discontinued 2002

Gymnastics Outfit

Your American Girl will perform graceful routines in her printed periwinkle leotard and matching hair band. Coach her in rhythmic gymnastics with her ribbon baton and hoop. Practice, practice, practice—then cheer when she receives a perfect “10” for artistic expression!

$22 GLOG discontinued 2001

Ballet Costume

Make sure your prima ballerina is on her toes—it’s opening night! Dress her in a raspberry red leotard and tulle skirt trimmed with rosettes, satin slippers, and a flowered pony wrap. Save the Coppelia program for her scrapbook.

$22 GPOB discontinued 2003

Karaoke Outfit

Your American Girl will look every inch the budding pop star in a butterfly-printed purple satin dress, silver necklace, and platform sandals. Add the toenail decals to her tootsies—or yours!
(includes purple and pink decals)

$22 GPOE discontinued 2003

Karaoke Machine

You and your American Girl can perform together with this mini karaoke machine. Tune the FM radio to your favorite station, plug in the microphone, and sing along! It really works!

$22 GPAK discontinued 2003

Recital Outfit

Your American Girl will take her bows in a silver satin skirt, velvet shirt jacket, black tights, headband, and shoes with bows at the toes. The musical note pin is for her to wear—or for both of you to share!

$24 GPOA discontinued 2002

Flute & Stand

A silver metal flute comes with everything your American Girl needs for band practice—a velvet-lined case, a fingering chart, and a metal stand to hold her Essential Elements of Flute book.

$24 GPAA

Dance Outfit

Whether your American Girl is studying jazz or modern dance, she’s sure to sparkle in a crushed velour leotard, chiffon wrap skirt, removable sleeve puffs, satin slippers, and chiffon hair scrunchie. Pack your American Girl’s duffel bag with a white towel and a water bottle so she can freshen up after dance class.

$22 GPOD discontinued 2001

Artist Outfit

Is your American girl the next Georgia O’Keeffe? She certainly looks the part in soft denim overalls, a lime T-shirt, a splatter-print overshirt, and paint-splotched tennies. Use the hair clip to keep the drips out of her do!

$24 GPOC discontinued 2001

Easel & Canvas

When inspiration strikes, three real canvas boards are pre-primed and ready for painting. The easel is the perfect place to prop your American Girl’s canvas while she works, and to display her mini masterpieces.

$18 GPAE discontinued 2001

Paint Set

Your American Girl can mix paint just like the real artists do. This set has everything she needs to create a rainbow of colors: five tubes of paint in primary colors, a palette, two brushes, and a color wheel with how-tos.

$14 GPAP discontinued 2001

Bean Bag Chair, Bear & Games

Your American Girl can snuggle into her beanbag chair to play cards with her pals. The mini Super Slumber Parties book has more fun party ideas. Later, she and mini Miss AG Bear can consult the Magic 8 Ball about all of life’s little mysteries.

$20 GTAR discontinued 2000

Year 2000 Doll Outfit

The future is here, and it’s all yours! Your American Girl shines as bright as the times ahead in a shimmery skirt topped with a sparkly knit tank top and matching cardigan. Glittery tights and platform shoes will keep her dancing ’till midnight when she welcomes in a new year, a new century, and a new millennium!

$25 GKO discontinued 1999
(See appendix)

Doll’s Celebration Kit

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, so celebrate in style! Year 2000 party accessories for your American Girl doll include a sequined purse trimmed in purple feathers, blow out, “2000” tiara, and noisemaker. Your doll’s kit also includes streamers and sparkly confetti.

$22 GKA discontinued 1999
(See appendix)

The sleeveless denim shirt included with the Plaid Skirt & Sweater outfit.
The purple socks included with the Blue Jean Basics Outfit.
The chalk box that comes with the Chalk/Bulletin Board Set.

The white briefs included with the Cheerleader Outfit.

The box containing the playing cards that are included with the Bean Bag Chair, Bear, & Games set.

The Millennium Outfit and matching accessories came in a special silver hologram box that has “Celebrate 2000 American Girl” printed on the front.