Urban Outfit

From school hallways to city sidewalks, your American Girl is confident and comfortable in a hooded stripped shirt, a cotton ripstop cargo skirt, and a quilted vest that reverses from red to navy. Her slouchy gray socks, Mary Jane shoes, and white cotton underwear give her great style from the ground up and the inside out!

$24 GMOE discontinued 2003
(See appendix)

Urban Accessories

Check your American Girl’s watch—it’s time to go! Her hair looks casually chic decorated with hair chopsticks. Sling her nylon purse, hung with a flower-and-dog-tag key chain, over her shoulder. It holds her library card and money for lunch. While she’s eating, she can read her copy of American Girl magazine!

$20 GMAE discontinued 2003

Varsity Jacket & Hat

Gray wool varsity jacket is embroidered on both front and back. Top it off with a cozy fleece hat with a star appliqué on and tassel.

$20 GSOBR discontinued 2002

Twilight Outfit

Your American Girl is dressed to dazzle in a velour jacket and skirt with furry trim. Add her blue knee-high stockings and matching velour shoes, and she’ll look perfect for any festive occasion!

$26 GKOB discontinued 2000
(See appendix)

Twilight Accessories

Add the finishing touch to your doll’s elegant holiday outfit. Dress up her hair with a glittery headband and stick-on jewels. Don’t forget her beaded shoulder bag, or her tiny blue gift box—it has a surprise inside! (surprise was a small blue beaded compact mirror for doll)

$22 GKAB discontinued 2000
(See appendix)

Poolside Plaid Outfit

Just right for a party by the pool—a pastel plaid jumper with shoulder ties over a purple T-shirt. Hair clips and faux-suede slide shoes help keep your American Girl cool.

$22 GBOJ discontinued 2003

Periwinkle Dress & Hat

Your American Girl will be picture-perfect in this floaty, floral-print dress. Top off her summery look with a straw hat and purse, a pearly necklace, and dressy white sandals.

$26 GBOE discontinued 2003

Dockside Outfit

Sunny shores await your American Girl in a striped skort and a yellow hooded shirt with a sailboat button. Her color-block sneakers giver her sure footing on slippery docks, and a white sailor hat keeps the sun out of her eyes!

$22 GBOK discontinued 2003

Breezy Day Outfit

If it’s cool by the pool, your American Girl will be glad to have a comfy cardigan to wear over her sleeveless knit shell. Help her kick off her sandals and roll up her drawstring pants so she can dip her feet in the water! A pearly barrette keeps her hair tidy.

$22 GBOG discontinued 2003
(See appendix)

Cabana Furniture

Your American Girl and a friend can lounge all day in two wooden Adirondack chairs. Drape and island-flower tablecloth over the round wooden table, and you have the perfect place to set up your party!

$68 GBF discontinued 2003

Tropical Table Settings

Set four places at your birthday girl’s table with plates, tumblers, forks, napkins, and napkin rings, then give each guest a pretend cupcake and melty mints. The star of the spread is a starfish cake on a glass stand. Scatter seashells and daisies on the table, then add a floral centerpiece of roses for a summery touch.(five daisies and 12 melty mints)

$22 GBATR discontinued 2003

Patio Decorations

Decorate your party zone with a woven straw mat, an aloe plant, a bucket full of real seashells, and a strand of lanterns that really work. Let your guests take turns flying the fish kite or whacking the star-shaped piñata, which comes with a blindfold, a wooden stick, and nine pieces of pretend candy.

$24 GBAER discontinued 2003

Beachy Party Gift Kit

The perfect birthday gift—a doll-sized picture frame to decorate with seashells, a starfish, and a sand dollar. It comes in a gift box wrapped in pink ribbon. Craft glue and photo included.

$14 GBAG discontinued 2003

Lazy-Day Hammock

What could be better than a summertime snooze under the sun? Your American Girl’s striped canvas hammock hangs from a weathered blue wooden frame.

$25 GH discontinued 2003

Velour Sweat Suit

Your American Girl can warm up and work out in a soft velour sweat suit and a knit tank top. It’s just right for lounging around, too!

$20 GTOS discontinued 2003

Downhill Ski Outfit

Whoosh! Your American Girl loves to ski till the sun goes down—good thing her jacket and pants have reflective stripes for safety! Her fleece hat and matching mittens keep her cozy in the cold. Make sure she wears her goggles to keep the powder out of her eyes!

$22 GWODR discontinued 2003

Downhill Ski Gear

Buckle your American Girl into her ski boots, fasten the bindings on her skis, and hand over her poles. She’s got her lift ticket, so she’s ready to fly!

$24 GWADR discontinued 2003

Nightshirt & Slipper Set

Your American Girl gets good ZZZs in a tie-dyed nightshirt sprinkled with stars. Matching pink slipper socks with nonslip bottoms will keep her toes toasty when the alarm clock rings!

$20 GTOM discontinued 2003

Stars & Stripes Sleep Set

At bedtime, dress your American Girl in an undershirt and striped boxers. Wrap her cozy waffle-weave robe around her and slide her into her slippers when she comes down for breakfast!

$20 GTOE discontinued 2002

Purple Eyelet PJ’s

A good night’s sleep is in the bag! Classic pajamas in soft eyelet cotton fit in a drawstring pouch for toting to sleepwear.

$20 GTOR discontinued 2003

Trundle Bed

Your American Girl and a friend can whisper late into the night in side-by-side wooden beds. The upper bed features a footboard and headboard with star cutouts and eight interchangeable shapes on the posts. The trundle bed slides underneath for storage. Both come with soft mattresses and pillows.

$65 GTBD discontinued 2003

Bedding Set

Your doll’s colorful bedding set comes with a plaid quilt, two sheets, and two pillowcases. Best of all, there’s a star-shaped pillow with a pocket that holds a dream journal and pencil—so she can record her dreams before they slip away!

$22 GTBB discontinued 2003

Nightstand Set

Your doll’s painted wooden nightstand has a storage drawer and a bookshelf. Five mini books stand between the star-and-moon bookends. Two multicolored fish peer out through a fishbowl adorned with rocks and a plant. You can really fill the fishbowl with water!
(Fishbowl was limited time offer: See Appendix)

$34 GTN discontinued 2003

Star Armoire

Your American Girl deserves star-quality storage for her special clothes! Her painted wooden armoire has three drawers with star and moon pulls. Behind the hinged doors are a large mirror and a rod.

$75 GTD discontinued 2003

Nighttime Treats

Staying up late makes sleepovers great! Your American Girl and her friends can share a bowl of popcorn and a plate of cookies and pretzels while they play with the Magic 8-ball, a teddy bear, and a deck of cards.

$16 GTAB discontinued 2003
(See appendix)

Room Decor

No wonder all your American Girl’s friends want to hang out in her room—it’s fun and funky! The foam chair flips out into a comfy single bed. Turn on the working floor lamp with paper shade to shine a little light on the moon rug.

$32 GTAD discontinued 2003


This pair of white briefs came with the Urban Outfit
Hologram box for the Twilight Outfit and Accessories
Pearl Hair Clip For Breezy Day outfit
Sleeveless shell for Breezy Day Outfit. Matches shell for Rootin Tootin and Play Outfit.
Fishbowl was originally released with the nightstand. However after a short time was discontinued.
The box containing the playing cards that are included with the Nighttime Treats.