GT21 Light skin, curly honey-blond hair, hazel eyes
added to the collection
Flower Power Outfit

Your American Girl can head to school in style in a tie-front crocheted sweater over and ivory T-shirt with a beaded flower and flower-trimmed jeans. Slip on her clogs, then send her on her way!

$24 GSOP discontinued 2003
Denim Jumper Outfit

Just right for a busy day: a dark denim jumper with satin, bead, and lace trim over a lavender T-shirt with floral-printed sleeves. Purple Mary Jane shoes make her outfit complete.

$22 GSOF discontinued 2003
Field Trip Outfit

It’s easy to stand out in the classroom crowd in a pretty faux-suede top embroidered with flowers, olive drawstring pants, and comfortable sandals.

$22 GSON discontinued 2003
School Accessories

A crocheted hat, fringed purse, three beaded bracelets, and two flower ponytail holders are the finishing touches for your American Girl’s inspired look.

$18 GSAF discontinued 2003
Petal Pink Outfit

Your American Girl is an elegant snow princess in a soft angora sweater, sparkly skirt and shoes, and pretty pink knee-highs. Hand a jeweled snowflake necklace around her neck!

$24 GKOH discontinued 2003
Ice Blue Outfit

Let it snow! Your American Girl is ready to celebrate in a soft and sweet wrap sweater and sparkly skirt. Put on her silver dancing shoes and white tights. Then dress up her hair with four glittery silver hair clips.

$24 GKOD discontinued 2003
Garnet Holiday Outfit

Your American Girl will sparkle all night long in this wonderful wintry dress trimmed in fluffy faux-fur. Bright white tights and velvety shoes add a sophisticated touch.

$26 GKOC discontinued 2001
(See appendix)
Garnet Holiday Accessories

Complete your doll’s radiant look with a stunning beaded barrette, then wrap the delicate straps of her beaded purse around her wrist. Her pretty gift box has a surprise inside! (surprise was a star shaped, beaded ornament for the doll sized tree)

$22 GKAC discontinued 2001
(See appendix)
Holiday Sparkle Tree

Light up the night with a traditional Christmas tree adorned with white lights. The sparkly branches have snowy tips, and the silver base has holographic polka dots.

$24 GKAT discontinued 2004
Sparkle Tree Decorations

Trim your tree with a white beaded garland, 12 sparkle drop ornaments, six raspberry beaded balls with star tops, 12 red bulbs, 12 pink glitter ornaments, and 12 frosted blue bulbs. Finish with a snowflake-shaped beaded tree topper with a bell base.

$28 GKAD discontinued 2004
Valentine Party Outfit

It’s Valentines Day! Your American Girl is dressed for sweet times in a fuchsia shirt over a pink tank top trimmed with heat-shaped beads, plus a stretchy printed skirt. Frosted sandals and iridescent hair ornaments keep her in the pink. She can share eight valentines with her friends. Help her seal the envelopes with stickers, then tuck them in a bag to tote to school!

$24 GVOD discontinued 2003
Spring Flower Outfit

On Easter morning, dress your American Girl in a flowery dress with a sheer printed overlay and decorative floral trim. Her matching purse has pink beaded handles, and she can tiptoe through the tulips in pearly blue sandals!

$22 GEOD discontinued 2003
Easter Basket

Celebrate Easter with treats for your doll! Her bow-tied basket holds two pretend marshmallow chicks, nine pretend candies, and a tiny bunny! Open the two plastic eggs to find a pretty bracelet, a beaded choker, and two barrettes.

$14 GEAB discontinued 2001
Picnic Time Outfit

Just right for picnicking or playing with pets: plaid capri pants with a white T-shirt and a turquoise tank. Multicolored sandals and beaded-flower pony tail rings add the finishing touch.
(tank top and T-shirt are two separate pieces)

$20 GDOB discontinued 2003

Soccer Outfit

Your American Girl is set to score in her striking new soccer jersey, shorts, and shoes. Tuck her soccer ball and towel inside her duffel bag so she’ll be ready to hit the field. Don’t forget her shin guards and socks to protect her in a tough game.

Blue $24 GSOSB discontinued 2004
Red $24 GSOSR discontinued 2003
(See appendix)

Gymnastics Set

Your American Girl is ready to wow the crowd—and the judges—in a stretch velour leotard with sequin trim. After she finishes her routine, pull on her nylon pants and zip her into her striped jacket. As she takes the winner’s stand, hand her a shiny trophy and a bouquet of silk flowers! Pony wrap, slippers, and wrist guards included.

$30 GLON discontinued 2004
Skateboard Outfit

Watch your American Girl twist out in a pair of long shorts with cargo pockets and fuchsia trim and a long-sleeved white tee with a pink T-shirt over it. Her faux-suede shoes keep her stead while she’s tearing up the concrete!
(long-sleeved tee and T-shirt are two separate pieces)

$22 GDOS discontinued 2002
**2004 Alternate Shoe Sold**
Skateboard Accessories

Your American Girl can practice her tricks on a working skateboard with Hawaiian flowers and a SK8 Girl logo. An orange helmet and knee and elbow pads protect her in case she takes a spill

$18 GDAS discontinued 2003
Doll Shoes & Socks

Includes a pair of white tennis shoes and a pair of white ankle socks.

Camping Outfit

Your American Girl can camp in comfort and style in a long-sleeved shirt and pocketed nylon shorts that buckle at the bottom. A fleece vest keeps her warm when the sun goes down, and a cotton kerchief holds her hair off her face. Her sporty sandals have a cute bug print.

$22 GAOT discontinued 2003
Tent & Chair

Find the perfect place to set up camp then pitch your American Girl’s dome-style tent. It’s easy to assemble and collapses for carrying, and comes with a folding chair trimmed with ladybug and firefly designs.

$32 GAAT discontinued 2003
Mummy Bag

When the night air gets colder, zip your American Girl into a cozy nylon sleeping bag with a hood for her head. The firefly zipper pull glows in the dark!

$20 GAAM discontinued 2003
Camping Utensils

Mmmm…s’mores! Your American Girl and a friend can make their favorite campfire treat with two sticks, marshmallows, and chocolate pieces, plus four graham crackers. Put them on enamel plates, then pour cocoa from a matching pot into two cups. A combination spoon-an-fork utensil folds shut and fits into its own pouch.

$18 GAAD discontinued 2003

Camp Survival Kit

This kit contains everything your American Girl needs to explore the great outdoors. Binoculars, a map, and a working flashlight and compass help her find her way through the woods. Back in her tent, she can record the day’s adventures with a journal and pen. Everything fits inside a mesh case!

Flashlight requires 2 AAA batteries, not included.

$16 GAAK

Fly-Fishing Outfit

Your American Girl is ready to take on the trout stream in a denim shirt, waders with suspenders and attached sock lines, khaki boots, and a reversible hat. Her fishing vest has lots of pockets for her gear and a tuft of pretend wool for her flies!

$24 GAOF discontinued 2002
Fishing Accessories

Wish your American Girl luck as she wades off in search of supper! Armed with a fishing license, fly rod, three flies, and a net, she can reel in three fish, then show them off on a stringer!

$14 GAAF discontinued 2002
Sugarplum Coat for Dolls

Your American Girl can greet the wintry weather in a long, Empire-waist wool blend coat with faux-fur trim and frog closures. Put on her furry black mittens and hat to keep her toasty warm on a special night!

$26 GWOG discontinued 2002


Shin Guards for the Soccer uniforms
Hologram box for the Garnet Outfit, Accessories and Sparkle Tree
In later years, I believe 2004, the skate boarding outfit was availabe as a "Purchase with Purchase" at American Girl Place stores. That year, this purple sneaker was included in that set.