Paisley Dress Outfit

Your American Girl is ready to take center stage in a paisley mesh dress with a sparkly dot pattern, shimmery faux-suede boots, buckle bracelet, and shiny hair clip.

$24 GPOF   discontinued 2004
(see appendix)

Glitter Jeans Outfit

Your American Girl will sparkle in glitter jeans and a ribbon-trimmed top with rhinestone graphic.  Finish her look with platform slides and a faux-suede newsboy hat.

$24 GPOG      discontinued 2005

Jacket & Skirt Outfit

This superstar outfit starts with a beaded tank top. Asymmetrical faux-suede skirt, and a vinyl jacket with removable faux-fur collar.  Leopard-print Mary Janes and two star hair clips add the finishing touch.

$26 GPOH   discontinued 2004

Talent Show Accessories

This stylish metal trunk contains a pretend headset with clip-on belt pack, fringed faux-leather belt, pink sunglasses, flower necklace, stick-on earrings, and toenail decals.

$28 GPAF      discontinued 2005
(Three Outfits and Accessories were $88.oo when ordered together. Included a mini Show Time magazine)

Sparkle Key Board

Help your American Girl play three preprogrammed demos on this working keyboard, or use the four music settings—piano, rock, reggae, and rap—to record and play back your own tunes!  Keyboard records up to 15 seconds of music.  Includes volume control.

$26 GPAB   discontinued 2005

Glitter Guitar

Your American Girl can press the strings of this guitar to play three preprogrammed songs at her own pace, or press the demo buttons to hear them play automatically!  Comes with a removable vinyl strap and a vinyl carrying case.  Includes volume control.

$26 GPAG   discontinued 2004

Radiant Rhinestones Outfit

Your American Girl will light up the night in an empire-waist velvet dress with snowflake embroidery and a rhinestone buckle, tights, and red velvet mules.  Her fancy white coat has faux-fur trim and snowflake embroidery trimmed with rhinestones.  Comes with a special dated hanger.

$30 GKOM   discontinued 2003

Radiant Rhinestones Accessories

Crown your American girl with a sparkly rhinestone tiara, then complete her look with a pearly triple-strand choker and six pairs of stick-on earrings.  Her velvet clutch purse matches her dress.  Includes a Coconut ornament in a pretty gift box!

$24 GKAM   discontinued 2003

Shimmery Gold Dress

Your American Girl will dazzle and delight in her holiday dress with a sheer golden overlay dotted with rhinestones.  A ribbon and two sparkly bows highlight the Empire waist, and tights and golden slippers pull it together.  Add pretty hair clips, a faux pearl-and- rhinestone necklace, and rhinestone stick-on-earrings—your golden girl will be a sight to behold!

$24 GKOG   discontinued 2004
(Only available on-line and at American Girl Place—not in catalog)

Fancy Flowers Outfit

Spring is in the air!  Dress your American Girl in a ruffly skirt, a top dotted with sequins, and fancy shoes.  Pearly blue clips light up her hair, and the beaded necklace and bracelet add sparkle to her springtime look!

$24 GEOG   discontinued 2004

Egg Hunt Accessories

Your American Girl is on an Easter egg hunt!  Line her painted metal basket with pink grass to cushion her three Easter eggs.  The sparkly purple egg has a tiny Coconut inside!  There’s also a pretty purse for your doll and adorable bunny ears for Coconut.

$22 GEAG   discontinued 2004

Birthday Party Outfit

Your American Girl is the guest of honor in this pretty lavender birthday dress.  Slip on her matching sandals and bracelets, and do her hair with two beaded ponytail holders.  She’s ready to celebrate!

$22 GBOL   discontinued 2005

Birthday Party Accessories

Your American Girl will feel like a queen in this glittery birthday tiara.  Arrange her pretend cake on a plate with a doily, and decorate the table with balloons and a party blowout.  Her favor bag holds stickers and a magic sketch pad and pen that you can use!

$22 GBAL   discontinued 2005

Coconut’s Best Friend Outfit

Did someone say W-A-L-K?  Your American Girl is ready to go in this smart jean jacket, glittery Coconut tee, and khaki capris.  Tie her hair back with the pink ponytail holder, slide her watch over her wrist, and slip on her embroidered denim sandals.  She’s ready to head for the park with Coconut!

$22 GDOT
(see Appendix)

Rock Climbing Outfit

Your American Girl can head for the summit in her orange tank top, stretchy black shorts, and purple faux-suede climbing shoes.  Add a fleecy jacket to keep her warm on the breezy mountain-side, and ponytail holders to keep her hair out of her eyes.  Then put on her harness and attach the three carabineers—there’s one each in silver, purple, and red.  Clip her chalk bag to the harness, and she’s ready to climb!

$24 GDOM     discontinued 2004

Beachside Outfit

Your American Girl will look shipshape in a striped jersey tee and cropped lace-up pants.  Canvas shoes are great for slippery decks, and the hairbow keeps her ’do like new in high winds.  Put on her sunglasses and she’s all set to sail!

$22 GDON discontinued 2006

Bowling Party Outfit

It’s a strike!  Your American Girl will have a ball in her bowling shirt, pleated plaid skort, ankle socks, shimmery bowling shoes, and two glittery ponytail holders.  Her glove keeps her magnetized bowling ball right in the palm of her hand as she takes aim at three pins.  When the game’s over, she can store her ball in a sparkly bowling bag.

$26 GDOH   discontinued 2005

Cheerleader Outfit

Let’s go, American Girls!  Dress you doll in a pleated skirt, a shell top, briefs, ankle socks, sneakers, and a pony wrap—then let her wave her pom-poms to get the crowd loud!

$22 GSOL2 discontinued 2005
(See appendix)

Purple Soccer Outfit

Your American Girl is set to score in her soccer jersey, shorts, and cleats.  Tuck her soccer ball and towel inside her duffel bag so she’ll be ready to hit the field.  Don’t forget her shin guards and socks to protect her in a tough game!

$24 GSOSP   discontinued 2004
(See appendix)

Light-Up Embroidered Mules

Your American Girl’s toes will twinkle in these embroidered mules—they light up whenever she takes a step!  Nylon with flower embroidery.

$10 DFAC   discontinued 2004

Blue Floral Nightgown

Your American Girl’s pretty flowered nightgown is perfect for spring nights.  Slip on her satin sleep mask and kick off her matching fuzzy slippers, and she’s off to dreamland!

$18 GTOF   discontinued 2004

Flower Sleepover Kit for Dolls

A perfect slumber party is in the bag!  You American Girl’s blue carrying case holds everything she needs for a night away from home.  Help her wash her face with the flower-shaped sponge and pretend soap in a pretty blue soap box, and put pretend toothpaste on her toothbrush.  Then blow her a kiss in the sparkly mirror!  Includes a tip sheet filled with ideas for slumber party fun.

$14 GTAK discontinued 2005

Heart-Print PJ’s & Backpack

Have a heart! Your American Girl is ready for sleepover fun in her three-piece PJ’s, feather-trimmed slippers, and ponytail holders.  Her PJ’s tuck into her shimmery heart backpack.  The backpack has detachable feather wings—your American Girl can wear the wings alone if she feels like playing Cupid!

$24 GTOVB   discontinued 2004

(The heart backpack and wings were no longer included with this outfit in February 2004.  New price and product code are GTOV $18)

Warm Up Outfit & Mat

What’s your American Girl’s favorite way to exercise?  She has plenty of choices with her hooded jacket, tie-dye-print tank, velour pants, sporty sneakers, and headband.  She can practice her yoga poses or just warm up before a jog on her foam mat—it rolls up into its own bag.  Includes a yoga tip sheet.

$24 GTOJ   discontinued 2004
(See appendix)

Hair clip included with the Paisley Outfit.
Watch included with Coconut's Best Friend Outfit.
Watch does not actually work.
Briefs included with Cheer Outfit.
Shin guards with Purple Soccer Outfit
Yoga mat included with Warm Up Outfit & Mat.