GT22  Light Skin, Light Blond Hair, Blue Eyes
GT23 Light Freckled Skin, Brown Hair, Blues Eyes GT24 Light Freckled Skin, Curly Blond Hair, Brown Eyes
Added to the Collection

GT9 Light Skin, Light Brown Hair, Hazel Eyes
GT10 Light Skin, Dark Brown Hair, Green Eyes
GT20 Light Skin, Blond Hair, Grey Eyes

Ready For Fun Outfit

Your doll is ready for anything in these comfy, adorable jeans sprinkled with beads, sequins, and embroidery. A colorful zip-up hoodie covers a rhinestone-studded tee. Includes tennies, socks, underwear, and a ponytail holder.

$26 GMOG
Discontinued 2006
(see appendix)

Ready For Fun Accessories

Your American Girl’s vinyl purse holds everything she needs: a vinyl bracelet with AG logo, Coconut keychain with two charms, a library card, and some pretend lunch money. Even includes a mini American Girl magazine.

$18 GMAG
Discontinued 2006

Memorable Moments Outfit

For special occasions, dress your American Girl in this ivory chiffon wrap dress.  It ties at the waist with a ribbon and has a removable waist corsage, plus a hair wreath with detachable veil, dainty beaded shoes, a flower purse, and a crystal drop necklace.  Comes with a tip sheet on good manners.

$24 GPOK  
discontinued 2005

Garden Party Outfit

Stop and smell the flowers! Your American Girl is ready to enjoy the warm weather in a flowered two-layer dress with matching sandals and a choker.  Her wide-brimmed hat keeps the sun out of her eyes.

$24 GEOS  
discontinued 2005

Egg Tree Accessories

Help your American Girl decorate her Easter egg tree!  Take her 12 sparkly eggs out of their carton and hang them on the tree, then add four carrots and a bunny tree topper.  There’s even a tasty surprise—a pretend chocolate bunny!

$14 GEAS   
discontinued 2005

(chocolate bunny comes in a pink cellophane wrapped box—see appendix)

Weekend Fun Outfit

Your American Girl’s sleeveless side-tie top, sporty cropped pants, and sandals are just right for relaxing with friends. Her fringed hat has pretty embroidered flowers on it, and two bracelets and a necklace add the finishing touch.

$22 GDOF  
discontinued 2005

Tropical Breezes Outfit

Your American Girl is ready for a party on the beach in her embroidered halter top, flowered shorts and matching kerchief, and sunglasses.  Get her in the spirit of the tropics with a cute pineapple purse and sandals!

$22 GDOP
Discontinued 2006

Bell Sleeve Flower PJ’s

Your American Girl’s colorful flowered PJ’s have stylish bell sleeves and lettuce edging. Her embroidered slippers are perfect for lounging in her bedroom—or padding downstairs for a yummy breakfast!

$16 GTOG
Discontinued 2006

3-in-1 Bed

This wooden bed has a roomy closet on one side and a dressing table on the other.  The set includes:

▪ fold-out bed with a soft mattress and pillow
▪ closet with clothes rod, shelves, a drawer, a mirror, and a hatbox
▪ lighted vanity with dressing table, stool, drawer, and mirror, plus accessories—tray, brush, hand mirror, compact, and powder puff, perfume bottle, and framed Coconut picture
▪ lights on front of armoire and above bed
▪ bookshelf with three mini books and bookends
▪ storage drawer below bed
▪ curtain hooks above bedDimensions when closed: W: 27”, H: 20 Ω”, D: 9”

$160 GTMB
Discontinued 2006

Dream Big Bedding Set

Reach for the stars!  Your American Girl’s reversible bedcover has printed stars and quilted moons on one side and inspiring words on the other.  It comes with a matching sheet and pillowcase, plus a reading pillow with pockets inside.  Her curtain hangs on hooks above her bed and you can decorate her armoire with two sheets of stickers.

$26 GTMA discontinued 2005

Dream Big journal Pillow & Rug

Your doll can lean back on this comfy pillow and record her drams in her journal with her gel pen.  Includes a two-tone shag rug.

$20 GTJP   discontinued 2005

Jacket & Cap Set for Doll and Coconut

Dress your doll in a sporty zip-front jacket and denim baseball cap featuring embroidered Coconut logos.  Includes a printed T-shirt, denim cap and magnetic ball toy for Coconut and an embroidered sew-on patch for you!

$26 GDOK   discontinued 2005

Starflower Outfit

Create a cute layered look with this lavender split-sleeve blouse, turquoise crossover cardigan, and corduroy skirt with unique two-layer removable ruffle hem.  Stitched star-shaped pockets and a matching ponytail holder add just the right touch.  With lilac tights and navy faux-crocodile clogs

$24 GSOM   discontinued 2005

Sparkly Sport Outfit

Let your doll show her soft-but-sporty side in cargo pants that can be rolled up to reveal pretty camouflage cuffs.  The knit top is generously accented with glitter and rhinestones.  Hot-pink sneakers with metallic details and a pink camouflage headband complete the look.

$22 GSOR   discontinued 2005

Reversible Schoolbag

Do you prefer a sporty gray shoulder bag or cute blue backpack?  How about both!  This reversible bag gives you two styles in one.  Inside you’ll find a box lunch with a wrap sandwich, drink, cupcake, and yogurt.  Also includes a doll-sized faux-suede and denim watch and a mini Writing Smarts book.

$20 GSAN

2-in-1 Gymnastics Outfit

Your American Girl will score a perfect 1o in this patriotic leotard, complete with hand grips, beam shoes, and a scrunchie for her hair.  After performing, she can cheer for her team in nylon pants and a sip-front jacket.  A bouquet of silk flowers and a shiny gold medal await her on the winner’s platform. 

$30 GLOD

(see appendix)

Go USA! Soccer Outfit

Your American Girl shows her team spirit with this patriotic soccer uniform!  The sporty shorts and star-studded jersey match her colorful soccer ball.  Her footwork looks fancier in red knit soccer socks, shin guards, and lace-up soccer cleats.  After the game, she can store her gear in her mesh drawstring bag.

$24 GLOC
Discontinued 2006

(see appendix)

Equestrian Outfit

Your American Girl is ready to put her horse through her paces in this tailored riding outfit.  Her wool-blend riding jacket looks smart over her white cotton blouse and white breeches.  A black riding hat and zippered boots complete the outfit.

$ 26 GAOR2

Palomino Horse

Prepare to win with this beautiful palomino horse.  Position her cream-colored saddle blanket beneath her leather saddle, adjust the bridle, and ride to victory.

$60 GAAH2

Grecian Princess Costume

Your American Girl is an ancient Greek beauty in this pleated, asymmetrical dress.  Her delicate headpiece, chocker, and sandals are sprinkled with shiny gold-colored coins.  An embroidered arm cuff completes the outfit.  Comes with a special treat bag you can decorate with stickers!

$24 GHOG
Discontinued 2006

Grecian Unicorn Costume

Fancy wings and a special unicorn bridle (with horn) transform your American Girl’s horse into a winged wonder!  Add a turquoise- and gold-trimmed saddle and collar, gather up the reins, and gallop off to a distant cloud.

$16 GAAW
Discontinued 2006

Spider Witch Costume

This black dress adorned with sparkly purple spider webs comes with black mesh tights, shoes, a spooky purple collar, and detachable spider legs! Removable mask stickers hide her identity. Includes ponytail holder, silver pendant, and treat bag with stickers.

$24 GHOS discontinued 2005

Doll Backpack

Send your doll back to school in style with this hot pink fuzzy backpack.  Includes a miniature Little Book of Notes book.

$6 DBP   discontinued 2004

Bubble Robe Outfit

This belted terry robe with matching slippers and headband comes with special stick-on braces for your doll’s teeth! Satin bath tote holds a bejeweled toothbrush, braces case, and tips for caring for your braces.

$24 DKOT
Discontinued 2006

Ultimate Bubble Bath Set

Dolls need to relax, too! This tub has realistic details, including faucet and soap dish. Place the plastic bubble clusters over your doll to create a bubble bath look. Clever tub caddy stretches across tub to make room for her soap, shampoo, bubble bath, and back brush. Includes a book holder and mini True Stories book.

$48 DKAA

Hair Style Center

Create the latest doll hairstyles with help from this complete hair-care and storage center stocked with:
• 5 mini hair clips
• 2 butterfly clips
• 2 glittery barrettes
• 6 snap clips
• 8 colored ponytail holders
• 25 elastic bands
• 8 bobby pins
• 2 stylist clips
• 6 rollers
hair pick
• pretend perfume
lip gloss
• styling tips
Even has a special hook for your doll hairbrush.

$30 DKAB

Vanity Set

Sleek bathroom vanity has washbasin-style sink, adjustable mirror, and built-in hooks just perfect for hanging doll jewelry. Comes with matching bath and hand towels.

$30 GDAE

Snowboard Outfit

Get your doll geared up to cruise the powder in this colorful jacket, snow pants, and snowboarder boots. Lavender hat and mittens finish the look. Includes fun snowboarder lingo sheet.

$24 GDOD discontinued 2005

Snowboard Gear

Slide her boots into the bindings on her painted snowboard, and she’s ready to hit the slopes! Don’t forget her helmet, pretend lip balm necklace, and snow goggles.

$22 GDAD discontinued 2005

Lilac Glasses

Pretty lilac glasses feature unbreakable lenses and will fit your 18" dolls. Comes in a case.

$6 GLD

(see appendix)

Rectangle Glasses

Rectangular tortoiseshell glasses feature unbreakable lenses and will fit your 18" dolls. Comes in a case.

$6 GLC

(see appendix)

Black Logo Tee

Your doll can also celebrate being an American Girl in this matching black tee with logo printed in berry.


Winter Magic Outfit

Create a little winter magic when you dress your doll in this beautiful stretch-velvet top with delicate sequined embroidery on the front. The cuddly faux-fur collar is removable to create two different looks. The layered ballet skirt drapes lightly over textured tights, and the patent Mary Janes have a pretty rhinestone detail.

$26 GKOP
Discontinued 2005

Winter Magic Accessories

 Put the finishing touches on your doll’s winter look with matching faux-fur muff and earmuffs. She’s ready to share her holiday joy with a mini gift box and four greeting cards. It even includes a jingle bell ornament with etched AG logo that you can hang on your tree!

$20 GKAP
Discontinued 2005

Merry Moonlight Outfit

This dramatic ensemble is a special offering, not available in our catalogue. It features a velvet dress with glittery tulle skirt over platinum thigh-high stockings and Mary Jane shoes. The silver opera cape with snowflake embroidery and sparkly brooch clasp keep things merry and bright. Matching evening gloves, a purse, and six rhinestone hair clips complete the look. It’s the ultimate in holiday glamour!

$30 GKOR   discontinued 2005

(see appendix)

Ice Skates

Help your doll slip on these pretty white skates and become an ice-dancing sensation! The faux-fur cuffs have shiny accents that catch the light like tiny icicles. Don’t forget her glittery skate guards to help her walk into the warming house for a hot cup of cocoa!

$12 GLAT
Discontinued 2006

Coconut PJ’s

Send your doll off to dreamland in cute Coconut-print pajamas! Includes top and pants, slippers with adorable Coconut embroidery, and ponytail holder. Even includes tips for throwing the perfect slumber party!

$22 GTOW   discontinued 2005


For the American Girl who needs her own wheels, this wheelchair is just right. It comes with adjustable footrests and a side pocket for important stuff.

$30 GWC2

Striped Socks included with the ready for Fun Outfit.
Ready for fun underware for dolls.
Chocolate Bunny included with Easter Tree.
Leotard with 2-in-1 Gymnastics Outfit
Shin guards with the Soccer USA uniform.
Eye glass case included with square framed glasses and lilac glasses.
Platinum stockings included with the Merry Moonlight Outfit.