GT 27 Layered blond with blue eyes and star earings

GT 28 Medium skin with brown shoulder length hair
and brown eyes

(Note Blond looks like 22 only with ear rings and 28 is like Marisol only with shorter hair.)

Embroidered Party Dress

Looking for doll clothes that will be the prettiest at the party? This pink dress with asymmetrical flutter sleeves, handkerchief hem, and dyed-to-match lace is sure to get noticed. The bodice and tiered skirt are embroidered with metallic gold flowers and sprinkled with sequins. Matching metallic sandals and set of six star-shaped hair clips put the finishing touches on this festive dress.

$26  GEOJ

Kickin’ Back Outfit

Get clothes any American Girl can relax in. The cropped pants showcase contrast stitching and buckle detail. Embroidery and sequins dot the diagonal-striped tank. Green hoodie jacket has piping down the sleeves for a cool look on chilly spring mornings. Includes metallic sandals and matching ponytail holders.

$26  GSOV

Blue Glasses for Dolls

Everything’s clearer with this fun pair of glasses, featuring metallic-blue, folding frames and clear lenses. Includes a purple felt pouch for safekeeping.

$6  GLPC

Purple Sunglasses for Dolls

Dolls have it made in the shade with this sleek pair of sunglasses. The purple-tinted lenses and endcaps are supported by a folding gold frame. Includes a purple felt pouch, plus alphabet stickers for personalizing!

$6  GLS

Coconut Play Outfit for Dolls & Book

There’s no question she’s a dog’s best friend in this long-sleeved tee with a silver-studded silhouette of Coconut! Help your doll convert her pants to Bermuda shorts when the weather turns warm, then slip on her sneakers and go. Includes four hair clips and Coconut’s Fun Book, which is full of games to play all day!

$24  GDPO

Petals and Plaid Outfit for Dolls & Book

Dress your doll for back-to-school success! Pair this long-sleeved, pink tee, featuring a printed and embroidered flower, with this fun, pleated, plaid skirt. Her two-tone tennies, cropped corduroy jacket, and pair of hair clips add style, and The Good Vibes Club book will make you both smile.

$26  GSPP

Sparkly Tunic and Jeans Outfit & Book for Dolls

Whether she’s a little bit country or a little bit rock ’n’ roll, she’ll look a lot like a star in this set! Embroidered tunic has sequins and rickrack trim that crosses in front and ties in back. Help her rock out in her worn-in denim jeans; faux-suede, embroidered clogs; and set of six glitter-filled hair bands. Includes Show Time book with a story about real kids who become pop stars.

$26  GSST

Backpack Set for Dolls

The perfect pack for American Girls on the go! Nylon backpack has zippered pouches to store everything from her Math Smarts book to her planner. Includes a cell phone with a clock that works, plus a pretend apple.

$26  GSBP

Guitar Set

Honey and rosewood-colored acoustic guitar features faux-tortoiseshell pick guard, fret stops, and a satin clip-on strap. Help your doll spin the tuning pegs before playing from the music book and chord book. Store everything in the felt-lined guitar case.

$30  GCAG

Rhythmic Gymnastics Set for Dolls & Book

This set is perfect for dolls who dream of going for the gold. Long-sleeved leotard has a delicate skirt and star appliqué. Put your American Girl’s hair in a scrunchie and unfold her mat so she can practice her routine using the ribbon wand, plastic hoop, pair of clubs, and foam ball. Includes Fantastic Gymnastics book.

$26  GLOF

Cheerleader Outfit for Dolls & Book 

Your American Girl’s got spirit to spare in this “cheer” top and pleated skirt with bloomers underneath. Her sport shoes and striped socks add a spring to her step, and with a ribbon ponytail holder for her hair she’s ready to go! Help her get the crowd fired up using the blue-and-purple pom-poms, Go Team! book of cheers and chants, and megaphone that you can personalize with stickers.

$26  GSOL3

2-in-1 Soccer Outfit for Dolls & Book

Get your American Girl ready for the big game in nylon shorts and her white “home” jersey or the teal “away” jersey if she’s on the road. Includes headband, two ponytail holders, socks, cleats, shin guards, a ball, and a ball bag. The Venus, Tara, and the Big Game book is a story about girls who love soccer just as much as you do!

$34  GLOE

Ballet Recital Outfit for Dolls & Book

When the curtain goes up, your doll will shine in the spotlight. Ice-blue ballet gown features a satin bodice and layered skirt with silver embroidery and gold sequins. Before the show, slip on her toe shoes, fasten the floral hair clips, and grab a program (not shown). Includes Angel in Training book with a section on “tryout tips” for you.

$28  GLBO

Reversible Robe Outfit for Dolls & Book

Another perfect way to pamper your American Girl. Reversible robe can be worn with the floral print or solid orchid side out, depending on the day. Hold her hair in a turban while you apply toenail stickers. Then, put on her slippers and read Stories You’ll Love, together while you wait for her manicure or massage!

$24  DKRO

Retired 2007

Hairdo Helper

Give your doll the latest ’dos. Includes 25 multi-colored rubber bands, 6 ponytail holders, 10 covered elastics, two faux-fur pom-pon clips, 8 rubber rollers with instructions for cascading curls, one big claw clip and a vinyl case that matches the salon chair and keeps everything together.

$16  GTAV

Hair-Care Kit for Dolls

Includes everything you need to keep your doll’s hair looking its best. Start by putting on the styling cape and brushing out tangles with the doll brush. Then follow the roller instructions to give her “American curls” using the 12 “perm” rods, end papers, and misting bottle. When you’re done, use the hair pick and set of 10 hairpins to help put fancy styles in place!

$14  DKHC

Salon Chair

Your American Girl can sit for hours in this salon chair with a comfy puffy seat in shimmery salmon vinyl. Go ahead—pump the lever, fasten the seat belt, and tilt her chair back for a pretend wash. The sturdy metal base suctions to the floor to keep her secure while you style.

$49  DKSC

Salon Accessories for Dolls & Girls

American Girls with a flair for doing hair will love this kit! Help your doll hold the pretend hair dryer (it makes a real dryer sound!) and use the set of four stylist clips to secure hair in sections while drying. Pretend curling iron also fits in her hand, and the set includes a doll stylist apron and a girl stylist apron that match.

$28  DKSA

"I Like Your Style" Outfit for Dolls

Your American Girl will have flower-power style to spare in this long-sleeved tee with a flower graphic, periwinkle skort, and silver-trimmed boots with a bow in back. Outfit includes underwear and a ponytail holder.

$26 GMOH

"I Like Your Style" Accessories

Your doll can keep all her necessities in her drawstring bag. Includes a Coconut charm keychain, pretend spending money, a library card you can help her sign, two beaded ponytail holders, and a mini American Girl magazine.

$20 GMAH

Sweet Sequins Party Outfit for Dolls & Book

Is your American Girl ready for a party full of glitter and fun? She’ll be thrilled to wear this beaded and sequined faux-wrap sweater top, crinkle skirt with lace- and sequin-trimmed mesh ruffle, tights, and embellished ballet flats. Outfit includes Friends on Thin Ice, a book about best friends from different worlds.

$28 GKOF

Sweet Sequins Party Accessories

Let’s get this party started! Embellish your doll with a curly faux-fur collar with a wide bow, a holographic tiara, stick-on earrings, an engraved, pretend locket watch that comes inside a candy wrapper, and a spinning noisemaker.


Wintry Weekend Outfit for Dolls & Book

Help your American Girl celebrate the beauty of winter in this eye-catching outfit! Slip the brocade vest with faux fur trim over her ribbed, mock-neck bodysuit, sequined velvet shorts, and patterned knit tights. Outfit her in boots and a furry headband with pom-poms, and she’ll be ready to explore her very own winter wonderland. Includes the Holiday Stories book with two American Girl magazine short-story contest winners.

$26 GKOE

"Let It Snow" Sleep Set for Dolls & Book

Let your American Girl wake up to fresh snow in her studded snowflake tee, gaucho pants with cut-edge hem, oh-so-fuzzy embroidered slippers, and a sleep cap. She can drink from her Coconut mug while you read her the mini Mini Mysteries book with three tricky tales to untangle.

$24 GVOY

Curlicue Daybed

Perfectly pullout-able for slumber parties, and oh-so-elegant for everyday! Your American Girl will count the minutes till she can snuggle into this blue metal daybed with a pillow and mattress. When a friend stays over, help her pull out the wooden trundle with a second mattress. W: 21.5”, H: 10.5”, D: 11”.

$68 GTDB

Butterfly Bedding

Beautiful, breezy butterflies have landed on your doll’s bedding! Spread the two cotton top sheets on the top mattress and trundle mattress. Cover the pillow with the pillowcase, then tie the ruffled bedspread trimmed with satin ribbon onto the foot of the Curlicue Daybed. Add the satin bolster pillow and the butterfly toss pillow, and your American Girl’s bed will be aflutter in color!


Curlicue Vanity

Your American Girl can get ready for her day at this beautiful blue vanity that matches the daybed. An oval mirror sits on top, a drawer holds her little things, and an upholstered stool is as comfy as a cloud. Includes a genie perfume bottle, a clamshell compact with mirror, and a powder brush. W: 8.5”, H: 8.5”, D: 7”.

$42 GTDD

Computer Set

Get ready for lots of computer fun—for you and your doll. Includes doll-sized monitor, keyboard, mouse, computer tower, and two pretend disks. You can play three real computer games (with sound!), use the built-in calculator, check the time and day of the week, or store important names and numbers. Monitor: W: 4”, H: 5”, D: 2 1/4”. Keyboard: W: 5 1/4”, D: 2 1/4”. Includes instructions.

Requires 3 AAA batteries, not included

$35 GSCS

Computer Armoire

Your doll can study and show her style at the same time with this wooden computer armoire. Open the double doors to reveal a desk with a pullout drawer, a shelf, and three cubbyholes. Also includes:
• Removable stickers to decorate her armoire
• Elastic ribbon board and 6 Coconut postcards to display
• Framed certificate
• Mini Quiz Book 3 book
• Mini Room Crafts book

W: 12”, H: 25”, D: 6”

$78 GSAA

Berry-Stitched Tennies for Dolls

If your American Girl likes to stay active, make sure her shoes keep her comfy. These sweet sneakers will look good in the classroom or on the run. They arrive in an adorable shoebox that you can use for storage.

$10 DFAW

Casual Clogs for Dolls

Casual days call for easy-on, easy-off shoes—just ask your American Girl! She’ll love these woven clogs with a fuzzy flower and rhinestone appliqué. They arrive in an adorable shoebox that you can use for storage.

$10 DFTC

Metallic Sport Shoes for Dolls

These faux-suede mule sneakers will keep up with your American Girl every step of the way! They arrive in an adorable shoebox that you can use for storage.

$10 DFSS

Strappy Flats for Dolls

These sequined, embroidered ballet flats with crisscross straps can be dressed up or down. They arrive in an adorable shoebox that you can use for storage.

$10 DFMJ

Tights & Socks Set for Dolls

Pick a pair for every occasion! Set includes sparkly tights, blue argyle knee-highs, and white ankle socks with pink trim.

$10 DFST

(Note tights are the same as the set with the 2000 millenium outfit.)

Birthday Girl Outfit for Dolls

Everyone will know it’s her special day when your doll wears this glittery birthday cake tee! and layered skirt! Add her shiny purple sandals and bracelet for a sprinkle of color. Comes with a mini booklet, What does your birthday say about you?

$22 GBOM2
(Set originally released 2005 with a tiara which is now discontinued)

Retired 2007

Doll Tote
Item# 7117

For double the fun, choose this nylon tote to carry two dolls along. It features a star-print pattern and an embroidered American Girl logo. Bottom zipper compartment and interior zipper pouch are perfect for holding extra outfits, shoes, and more. Nylon. Imported. Blue/Silver. W: 17" x H: 12 1/2"

Storage Caddy
Item# 7116

This storage caddy with silver trim and silkscreened stars holds up to eight doll outfits when hanging. It also has pockets for books, accessories, and many other treasures. The hanger with a sparkly American Girl logo allows her to place it on the wall or in a closet. Or, she can simply tuck it under the mattress as a bedside caddy. Cotton. Imported. Blue/Silver. W: 15" x L: 33 1/2"

Doll Storage Cabinet
Item# F5118

Girls can organize all of their American Girl dolls and accessories in one unique place with this special cabinet.This attractive storage cabinet is sized like a nightstand and provides plenty of storage for American Girl dolls and accessories. The top offers space for display of dolls, books, and more. The silver-metal star pulls make it easy to open the doors, revealing two removable soft drawers, two removable hanger rods, a fabric shoe-storage system, and a ribbon board to hold trading cards and other mementos. The cabinet features high-quality wood construction with painted ash veneer that matches a wide range of room decors. Side handles allow an adult to position it easily. It holds up to three dolls with stands or more dolls without stands. W: 26" x H: 31 1/4" x D: 14 1/4"