Spring Party Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# F9378 $28

American Girls can celebrate springtime in this special outfit, featuring:
A sleeveless floral-print dress with a flouncy, asymmetrical hem
A matching cropped shrug
A beaded necklace
A pair of open-toed shoes
Includes the Poetry Potpourri book, filled with poems written by real girls

Heart Dress for Dolls + Book
Item# F9278 $24

American Girls will look sweet for springtime in this outfit, featuring:
A heart-print dress with a shirred bodice, a white ribbon sash, and a ruffle at the hem
Pink ballet-flat shoes with white trim
A faceted pendant necklace to sparkle in the sun
Includes the Ally Ackerman book for girls

Softball Set for Dolls + Book
Item# F9384 $34

Every American Girl can be part of a team with this softball set, featuring:
A softball jersey with a screen-print on front and embroidery on the back
Striped knicker-style pants so she can slide without skinning her knees
White athletic socks and black shoes with “cleats” to help her run the bases
A matching cap to shade her eyes
A bat she can really hold
A softball with red stitching
Includes the Home Run Secrets book for girls

Yoga Gear for Dolls + Book
Item# F9386 $30

Whether practicing poses or finding inner balance, her American Girl will love this comfy set. This comfy outfit is perfect for yoga class. It features:
A sleeveless tank with a squiggly screen-print on the front
Wide-leg yoga pants with a crossover waistband
A cropped, zip-up jacket that’s sprinkled with embroidered flowers
A matching yoga mat for a safe and refreshing workout
Includes the Yoga for You book, with tips and yoga poses girls can try.

Outdoor Play Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# F9388 $24

American Girls can’t wait to wear this outfit to summer camp! It features:
A hoodie sweatshirt with blue sleeves and a “Pine Lake Camp” graphic
Twill shorts with patch pockets and adjustable cuffs
Sporty sandals for exploring the outdoors
A bandanna to sweep back her hair while she plays
Includes the Camp AG book, filled with ideas for summer fun.

Wildflower Pajamas for Dolls + Book
Item# F9394 $24

Our comfy pajamas are in full bloom! American Girls can dream of sunshine in this outfit, featuring:
A ringer tee with a botanical graphic at the chest
Knee-length shorts printed with strings of wildflowers
Fuzzy green slippers to keep her toes toasty
Two pony-os to keep her hair neat while she sleeps
Includes the Summer Slumber Party book for girls

Camp Bunk Bed Set
Item# F9400 $145

At the end of a fun day at summer camp, American Girls can rest on this bunk bed.When it’s time for “lights out,” this bunk bed is perfect for a good night’s sleep. It features:
A green bunk bed with enough room for two
Two soft mattresses for a restful night
Two reversible pillows: one side is solid, the other has a dot graphic
Two reversible bedspreads with paisley print on one side, polka-dot on the other
Two name boards to show who’s in which bunk
Two bins for plenty of storage
Two bed caddies with an embroidered American Girl logo
Four doll-sized sets of stationery
Four doll-sized postcards
A pennant that ties onto the bunk bed

Dimensions: W: 11 1/2" X H: 17" X L: 20"

Extra Bunk & Bedding
Item# F9402 $85

American Girls can rest easy on this camp bed! It can also be attached to the Camp Bunk Bed Set to create a triple bunk.
A green bed with a slotted head and footboard
A soft mattress for a good night’s sleep
A reversible pillow: one side is solid, the other has a dot graphic
A double-sided bedspread with paisley print on one side and polka dots on the other
A bed caddy to hang over the side
Two doll-sized sets of stationery
Two doll-sized postcards
A name board with a pull-out sheet girls can write on
A bin for under-bed storage

Dimensions: W: 11 1/2" X H: 8" X L: 20"

Campfire & Treats
Item# F9404 $36

Telling stories around the campfire is the perfect way to end a summer day. American Girls can make sweet treats under the stars with everything here:
A pretend campfire that really lights up and plays four classic summer camp songs
Two sticks with faux marshmallows to “roast”
Pretend packages of graham crackers and chocolate
Two faux treats for American Girls to enjoy

Campfire Accessories
Item# F9406 $24

American Girls will love singing songs and sharing stories around the campfire with this set! American Girls can make sweet summer memories with everything here:
A bandanna-print sit-upon to stay dry on the ground
A lantern that really works
A music book for fireside sing-alongs
A book of spooky (and silly) ghost stories to tell
A can of pretend bug spray to keep pests away
Two camp patches.

Camp Chair for Dolls
Item# F9408 $28

This chair is the perfect way for American Girls to relax in the great outdoors. It folds up for easy storage and features an all-over Inner Star print. Includes a doll-sized travel cup.

Kayak & Gear
Item# F9410 $36

Exploring the outdoors is an adventure in this inflatable kayak! It’s big enough to seat one doll, and features a paddle that makes rain stick sounds. Includes a life jacket for safety, and when the adventure is over, the kayak can be deflated and stored inside a drawstring bag.

Dimensions: W: 8" X H: 5" X L: 26"

Heelys® for Dolls
Item# F9412 $18

American Girls can’t wait to zip around in our doll-sized Heelys! These sporty roller shoes feature a sparkly Heelys logo on the side and plastic wheels in the sole. They arrive in an adorable shoebox that’s perfect for storage.

Wilderness Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# F9992 $30

This comfy outfit is perfect for a day in the great outdoors! It features:
A fleece vest with contrasting side panels
A thermal-knit tee with thumbholes
Hiking pants that are sprinkled with butterflies
Hiking shoes with elastic cord laces
Includes the State to State book, with fun facts about each of the 50 states

Tap Dance Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# F9994 $34

American Girl dolls can really shine in this performance outfit! Your favorite girl can imagine she’s in this spotlight with this dance outfit, featuring:
A black leotard with sparkle at the collar and cuffs
An asymmetrical fringed skirt that’s perfect for twirling
A sparkly bowtie on satin ribbon
A glittery top hat and cane
Black patent tap shoes and fishnet tights
Includes the Just Dance! book for girls

Jazz Dance Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# F9996 $24

Perfect for a pretend dance class, this outfit features:
A velour top that’s trimmed with sequins
Matching pants with a sparkly waistline
Two hairbands to keep her hair styled while she dances
Soft-soled jazz shoes
Includes the book A Time to Shine, filled with tips from real girls for beating the pre-show jitters

Soccer Star Set for Dolls + Book
Item# G0000 $34

She’ll get her kicks in this sporty set! When it’s game time, your favorite girl can help her doll gear up with everything here:
A white soccer jersey with contrasting sleeves
Black-and-green sport shorts
A pair of shin guards with elastic backs that slide underneath her knee-high socks
A doll-sized soccer ball
Athletic shoes with “cleats” to help her run on the field
A pair of hairbands for her ’do
A customizable certificate and a trophy to show she did her best
Includes the book Venus, Tara, and the Big Game, a story about playing with heart

Photographer Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# G0002 $30

When it’s time to get creative, she can dress her doll in this outfit:
A corduroy jacket with a button front and ruffled cuffs
Wide-leg pants with embroidered details
A wool beret with an embroidered flower in front
Clog-style shoes to match
The Petty Cash book, filled with tips for making and selling crafts

Honey Puppy PJ's for Dolls + Book
Item# G0004 $24

American Girl dolls can show their love for animals with these pajamas:
A cozy tunic featuring a silhouette of the lovable puppy, Honey®
Pet-printed leggings to layer underneath
Terry slippers to keep her toes toasty
Includes Pop! A Popcorn Party book, filled with slumber party tips for girls

Petal Hoodie Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# G0006 $24

American Girl dolls can get set for playtime with this casual outfit. It features:
A hoodie sweatshirt with a kangaroo pocket and a pretty butterfly graphic
Pull-on knit pants have a faux tie in front and a sporty stripe down the leg
Canvas sneakers with butterflies at the toes
Includes The Good Vibes Club book, the story of a girl who stands up to school bullies

Flutter Flower Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# G0008 $24

American Girl dolls will love this fresh-and-fun look! Perfect for a casual day, this outfit features:
A cropped-sleeve tee with a pretty butterfly garden graphic
A turquoise cotton skirt with gathered details for a fluttery look
Mary Jane shoes and a barrette for her hair
Includes The Mummy’s Secret book, a story about a girl who gets a surprise when she pairs up for a class project

School Lunch Set for Dolls
Item# G0020 $28

At lunchtime, American Girl dolls can enjoy everything here:
A pretend croissant sandwich, raisin box, and container of applesauce
A sheet of allergy stickers your girl can use to help her doll stay safe while she snacks
Healthy lunch tips, plus a sturdy lunch bag with a zippered compartment to hold it all

School Desk Set for Dolls
Item# G0022 $42

When the bell rings, her American Girl doll can take a seat in this school desk. It features:
A sky-blue chair with a star cutout, a green desktop, and a storage rack to hold her supplies
A doll-sized math book and a pencil case
A homework project inside a yellow folder for her doll

Salon Chair for Dolls
Item# G0024 $58

American Girl dolls can enjoy a “spa day” in this doll-sized salon chair, featuring a comfy seat in holographic blue vinyl. It has an adjustable footrest, a lap belt that fastens to keep her secure, and a seat that tilts for comfort. The sturdy metal base can suction to a hard surface for stability.

Hairstyle Helper for Dolls
Item# G0026 $20

Your girl can create a fun new doll ’do with these styling essentials. This set includes lots of clips and elastics for super doll hairstyles:
Four medium clips
Six heart clips

Six fabric-covered hairbands
10 colorful elastics
25 clear elastics

A carrying case that stores everything inside

Hair Care Kit for Dolls
Item# G0028 $20

This styling set has everything she needs to keep her doll’s hair looking great:
A salon cape to protect her doll’s clothes
A misting bottle and doll brush to work out tangles
12 perm rods and a package of curling papers, complete with roller instructions for giving a doll “American curls”
10 hairpins to keep fancy styles in place

Salon Station for Dolls
Item# G0030 $85

She can treat her American Girl doll to a pampering session with this salon set! This set features everything she needs for make-believe spa treatments and salon styles:
A spa table with space for manicures and hairstyles, a mirror so she can check out her ’do, plus plenty of drawers and shelves
A chrome salon stool for her doll to perch on while she primps
Plenty of pretend salon supplies: five nail polish bottles, three flower-shaped nail files, and a nail clipper
Includes five sheets of doll-sized nail stickers for a manicured look

Dimensions: W: 12” x H: 18” x D: 14 1/2”

Starry Doll Carrier for Girls
Item# G0032 $58

Perfect for sleepovers or vacations, this girl-sized carrier has room for a favorite American Girl doll, plus plenty of her outfits and accessories. It features a fabric exterior with Inner Star print, a zippered closure, and interior pockets for storage, plus hand and shoulder straps for easy travel. Her doll can stand inside the carrier and “peek out” the window.

Dimensions: W: 8 1/2” x H: 19” x D: 5 1/2”

Clean Skin Kit for Dolls
Item# G0033 $18

She can pamper her American Girl doll with this skin-care set! It features:
Two doll-sized washcloths and a sponge for “spa treatments”
A stretch headband to sweep back her hair
A carrying case for pampering on the go
Easy-to-follow doll skin-care instructions

Sporty Scooter for Dolls
Item# G0037 $49

This scooter is just for American Girl dolls on the go! When it’s time for a ride, her doll can stand on the footpads and “hold on” using elastic hand-straps. Features a turning handlebar, a pretend hand brake, and three working wheels.

Pet Portrait Set for Dolls
Item# G0039 $38

Your favorite girl can pretend she’s a photographer with everything here:
Four fun backdrops and an easel to change the scenery
A pedestal that’s just the right size for an American Girl pet
A pretend camera to capture the moment—she can press a button to see the “photos” change inside!
Includes photo tips, plus a sticker sheet filled with miniature pet protraits.

Sparkly Angel Costume for Dolls + Book
Item# G0041 $30

This angelic outfit will let her spirit sparkle! It features:
A flowing, iridescent dress with pale ribbon trim, sheer sleeves, and permanently attached organza wings
A sheer ribbon halo and matching slippers for a perfectly sweet look
Includes the Angel in Training book, the story of a girl who wants to be the angel in the school play

Sporty Riding Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# G0273 $34

When it’s time for riding practice, your favorite girl can dress her doll in this sporty outfit:
A button-front polo shirt with a diagonal band across the chest
Belted pants with contrast stitching
Black riding boots
A pink helmet to keep her safe on horseback
Includes the Saddle Up book about horses

Bowling Team Set for Dolls
Item# F9998
Just right for a day at the lanes, this outfit features:
A short-sleeved shirt with a bowling graphic on the back
Cropped twill pants
A pair of hairbands for her ’do
A shiny doll-sized bowling ball and three pins
A “Strong” square charm for the doll’s charm-keeper necklace.

2010 Book removed and "Strong" heart charm added

Bloom Bed & Bedding
Item# G0281 $85

When it's time to dream, American Girl dolls can get comfy in this beautiful bed. This bedroom set is bursting with blossoms! It features:
A bed with an upholstered headboard that’s embroidered with flowers
A reversible quilt—one side has a bold floral pattern, the other is printed with polka-dots
A soft pink mattress to sleep on
A lime-green bed pillow
A flower-shaped throw pillow to match

W: 10” x H: 10 1/2” x D: 19 1/2”

Floral Flip Chair
Item# G0275 $22

American Girl dolls will love to lounge around on this chair. Printed with bright blooms, the canvas-covered foam seat flips out for lounging and folds up for easy storage.

Winter Pajamas for Dolls + Book
Item# G0302 $24

She’ll dream of frosty fun in these cozy PJ’s! Perfect for snuggling under the covers, they feature:
A long-sleeved knit top with gathered detail and a cute penguin graphic
Matching pajama pants with allover penguin-and-snowflake print
Plush penguin slippers to keep her toes toasty
Includes the Give the Gift of Green book for girls, filled with eco-friendly holiday ideas

Hooded Robe & Penguin for Dolls + Book
Item# G0279 $24

She'll stay cozy on cool nights with this hooded terry robe, featuring a belted empire waist and jersey ruffles at the sleeves and pockets. Includes a plush doll-sized penguin and the Favorite Feelings book filled with ideas from real girls.

Sweet Melody Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# G0288 $24

She can be a pop star in this rockin’ outfit! It features:
A purple tee with a fun music graphic
A three-tiered mesh skirt with a ruffled hem
Sparkly pull-on sneakers just for fun
Includes A Perfect Melody, a book for girls

Sparkly Plum Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# G0277 $36

When it's time for a holiday party, her American Girl doll can get set to celebrate in this special outfit:
A party dress with a stretch-velvet bodice, a satin ribbon sash, and a sparkly skirt made from layers of mesh and satin
Plum-colored opaque tights and sequined shoes to match
A sparkly rhinestone hairband for the finishing touch
Includes the Holiday Stories book for girls.

Sparkly Accessories
Item# G1183 $24

She can sparkle with her American Girl doll for the holidays! These fancy girl- and doll-sized necklaces are made to match, with rhinestone-covered flower pendants that add a little shine. Plus, there’s a doll-sized satin purse with sequin details to complete the festive look.

Holiday Treat Set
Item# G0296 $20

American Girl dolls can celebrate the season with this festive set:
A cookie tin that opens to reveal pretend treats
A cocoa mug that fits in her hand
Sheet music with the lyrics to “Deck the Halls” and “Jingle Bells” so girls can sing along

Dancing Star Outfit for Dolls
Item# G0286 $30

When it's time to take center ice, American Girl dolls can really shine in this special outfit. It features a golden dance dress, and long satin gloves.

2010 Book removed and “Brave” square charm added

Fancy Ice Skates
Item# G0284 $16

These fancy white skates with gold laces and stitching detail are perfect for any ice-skating performance. Includes a pair of glittery skate guards.

Fancy Flower Outfit for Dolls + Book
Item# G0298 $36

American Girl dolls can shimmer and shine in this fancy outfit:
A silver-taffeta party dress with allover ribbon flower embroidery, a bow at the waist, and a fancy layered skirt
A white faux-fur shrug trimmed with a sequined flower
Embroidered taffeta shoes to match
Includes the Double Trouble book about a winter storm that brings surprises

Frosty Fun Set + Book
Item# G0310 $28

American Girl dolls can stay warm and cozy in this outfit, featuring:
A hooded jacket with an embroidered star on the sleeve
A striped knit scarf with an embroidered paw print
Furry boots to match
Includes a miniature version of the Mini Mysteries 3 book

Holiday Shoe Set for Dolls
#G0348 $14

American Girl dolls can add a little sparkle to any outfit with this festive set:
Red ballet shoes sprinkled with metallic dots
White tights with allover siler star print
A pretty bag tied with satin ribbon to hold it all

Holiday Sweater Set

Your american Girl can be cheery and bright in this sweater set for dolls:

A bright read sweater with snowflake embroidery and sequins, snowflake mittens, and a pretty knit headband.