These are that never made it past the initial single production. Outfits are well made and were only offered to AG Employees and some straglers were at MCM. All outfits come with AG tags fully present.
Many outfits make it to this stage but never to general production.
It is unknown how many are available of each type.
These are authentic AG outfits!
Reportedly, there are authentic prototypes for ALL of the historical characters. There are also prototypes of dolls that were never placed into main line production.


Bitty Baby Purple Toggle Coat and Mittens-

This version of the coat came in a beautiful purple instead of the pink that was available main line.

Bitty Twin Bunting-
Cream with purple trim and a star on the tip of the hat. Has pink and purple heart print.

Bitty Baby 2003 Holiday Swing Coat
Slated for the 2003 holiday season this pink velour coat is adorable with a red rose ribbon embroidery with sequin accents.

Bitty Baby 2003 Beautiful Blooms
Created for Spring 2003 this dress is an alternate to the teal that was actually produced.

Thanks Shanda!

AGoT Skate Boarding TShirt
An alternative Black Tee.As upposed to the pink version sold. This was purchased at MCM.

Thanks Kit_Girl!

Kailey's Boogie Board Bag
This bag was purchased at the MCM sale. The bag is blue with pink netting, instead of the mainline purple.

Thanks Kit_Girl!

Addy's Meet Dress Prototype
Different than the current meet dress that is striped this version features a floral pattern.

Thanks Sarah!