Blonde Bitty Twins were a welcome addition to the American Girl Family in Spring of 2003. Dolls came with the Moon and Stars sleeper and a flannel diaper for each. Sister also had an adorable pink bow in her hair.

In Fall of 2004 the Brunettes rolled into our lives with an adorable red wagon. The brunette twins used the same head molds. The difference being that they switched the girl to having a closed mouth mold and the boy to the open mouth mold. The following Fall of 2005 the meet sleepers were changed from the Moon and Star sleepers to the new Color Block Sleepers.
June 27th 2006, we saw a change in the Bitty Twins line. Gone were the babies of 2005. The Bitty twins were growing up and off to preschool. With that comes toilet training and all those little things that toddlers are growing into. A new line of products were more purchaser friendly allowing collectors and customers to pick their pair and their outfits. Girls now had long hair in pigtails!

A matching line of clothing for young girls also became available. The complete collections that once were available were gone from the website and no longer available. A set of twins cost $87 dollars.
Summer of 2008 saw whole new additions to the Bitty Twins nursery. African American, Asian, and Medium Skin Tones were added. Now multicultural families could celebrate their diversity along with the original bitty twin sets.
Set prices incresed to $95 dollars.


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